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The Charon areospace fighter was designed primarily as a harraser, however it does quite well in an anti mech role aswell. The Charron mounts jump jets for fast takeoffs and landings, its only defence is 1 ton of stealth armour. The Charron is one of the heaviest aerospace fighters in production thought this is largly due to the fact that it has an engine og equivelent weight to the rest of the entire vehicle.


The Charron was involved in the defence of VT's main base from clan HellHorse and helped bring down the first dropship.


The Charron,s simple weapons load is 1 Lincked Cappacitator PPC, ECM and 4 heat sinks. This gives it massvie staying power,


Varient1 - This varient removes the ecm and 1 heat sink, replaces the stealth armour with ferro fiberous and replaces LCPPC with a plasma cannon.