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This category is reserved for main category for Alternate Universes in which fans have produced their own Battletech themed Science Fictional Stories and related products such as Field Manuals, Technical Read Outs and associated story base information to.


This category is for if a editor is adding a large or even small Fan-Fiction Battletech genre to the wiki, that their main category should be placed here. Such as Category : Outsiderverse, so anything related to the Outsiderverse is put in that category, while main category name is placed here. This is to keep things neat. When creating new articles for the wiki if they are their own universe (multiple articles, large fan story, make sure the universe as abbreviation and added it to the name of the article. Example: Foresight (ATwT) - ATwT = Alternate Timeline with Thanks AU. This so we know what story universe it belongs to. To create a category, please write in the Category slot at bottom of the page your tag for your AU. ''Remember:" You must edit the category name / tag for it be active and appear here.

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