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With the introduction of Battle Armor to the Magestracy of Canopus via their Trinity Alliance with the Capellan Confederation and Taurian Concordat, the Magistracy Armed Forces saw a need for a durable, high-speed transport for getting their new formations into and out of trouble quickly and safely, while also being capable of providing at least some measure of fire support to the troops on the ground. Majesty Metals and Manufacturing won the contract with the CCT-1 Caballo, however, the "production delays" in the Confederation for their allies' Battle Armor led the MAF to adjust their requirements to a more flexible vehicle, capable of carrying more conventional infantry as well. MMM redrafted their new transport to include a modular infantry compartment and began production in 3057. Every Battle Armor unit in the MAF now maintains sufficient Caballos to transport their entire force, and the Canopians have approved export sales of the design to both their Trinity allies and a number of mercenary commands in good standing with the Magistracy.

Weapons & Equipment[]

The Caballo is something of an odd design for VTOL craft in that it uses directed jet thrust provided by a set of four pivoting turbines rather than a rotor for lift and movement. While less fuel-efficient than rotors, the vectored jet engines are more rugged, as they can be armored in a way that rotors cannot (with the added benefit of better performance in thinner atmospheres). In the Caballo, fuel concerns are somewhat lessened by the use of an XL fusion engine, which also allows the VTOL to carry an impressive offensive and defensive loadout for an infantry transport. A pair of forward-mounted two-tube SRM launchers allows the Caballo to soften up opposition on approach and clear a landing zone, while a sponson-mount small pulse laser on each side of the craft provides cover while disembarking. The launchers are fed from a pair of shared CASE-protected ammunition bins, with the capability of quickly switching inputs to allow for multiple ammunition types, typically a combination of standard and inferno missiles. For protection, the Caballo sports an impressive six tons of standard armor and a Guardian ECM Suite; in the hands of a skilled pilot flying nap-of-the-ground, by the time the enemy realizes they are under attack, it is often too late to bring enough firepower to bear to bring it down. The infantry compartment can be configured to carry a full platoon of traditional infantry, or a squad of Battle Armored troops, with side and rear doors allowing for rapid deployment.



The Dust Devils mercenary command purchased a number of Caballos for the transport of their infantry forces. Drawing from their Clantech stockpiles, the Devils' technicians replaced the weaponry and Guardian ECM suite with lighter, more powerful versions, freeing up space for an additional two tons of armor protection.


The Dust Devils' Battle Armor transport version of the Caballo has received the same upgrades as their marine commando variant, but reduces the SRM ammunition to a single ton to allow space for a modified Battle Armor bay to support a full Point of Battle Armor, rather than the standard four-warrior squad configuration used by the Trinity Alliance.