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Chapter 99[]

Can you tell me where can we start over?[]

Donegal, Lyran Commonwealth

[Donegal's Surface, 171st Kowloon Volunteers plus Omicron Galaxy...]

The Baron Star Colonel Nathan Roshak  had seen the aftermath of the 'clearing' of Donegal's spacelanes by Task Force Green on the way in.   Tenders were deploying field-ready repair structures while cargo ships stood by, loaded with modular replacement parts for the damaged ships from the task force-and there were a lot of damaged ships.

They were damaged instead of destroyed.  The Blakist naval forces had not been so fortunate.

Now, it was up to I Corps, Joint Forces, to retake Donegal.

Force Breakdown, I Corps...

  • 171st Kowloon Volunteer Brigade; 2nd Regiment
  • 4th Marine Expeditionary Unit, 14th Squadron, 5th Division, Kowloon Marines.
  • 555th Field Artillery BDE (Winter)
  • 1122nd Support Brigade (LCAF Regular, surface logistics, corps medical and military police battalion)

The plan was overkill for a reason.  Blakist forces like to leave a lot of armed, but unexploded, ordnance.  The Marines were specifically being provided to the other field forces for their expertise in disarming and disabling thermonuclear, biological, and chemical munitions.

The 4th MEU's mission profile was essentially as sappers.

The total landing force would have been seen as grossly oversized even as recently as the Civil War, much less Operation: Revival.  the weight of shipping to deliver them would have been lavish, even in the days of Operation: Klondike.

By Star League Era standards, it was a small continental force by comparison.

By Elizabeth's accounting it was, Nathan knew, 'just about the right size to do this economically'.

The intent wasn't to have a prolonged and glorious series of battles, but to run the enemy down and hunt them into the ground, annihilate them, and move to the next target world.  No hesitation, no half measures and no mercy.

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