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Can you tell me where we can start again (cover art) Chapter Art

Chapter 97[]

Can you tell me where can we start over?[]

Melissia Command Base
Melissia, Lyran Commonwealth
Late 3068

"Where are the kids?"  Adam Steiner asked lightly.'

Elizabeth frowned, "Oh, I forgot the kids!!" she made a gesture of alarm, then chuckled.  "Amanda and Patrick are currently being babysat by Aunty Lenny and Aunty Sophie. God help anyone who somehow gets past Nathan's assigned bodyguard detail or the Marines to try and snatch you think Peter might still be alive?"'

"I'm counting on it." he said.'

"You summoned me, Oh Substitute Highness, you want something." asked Liz.'

"How long before the Frederick Steiner can put to sea?" he asked.

"I thought you'd be more interested in how long before the Katrina Steiner is ready, seeing as you know my rule-"' said Liz

"-if you can't afford to lose it, you can't afford to use it...okay, how long?" asked Adam'

"The Fred can go as soon as you sign off on a captain." she told him, "The Kate and the Robert can be ready in six months.  Ioto's told me they've got Fylgia and Heimdall almost ready for trials, but those guys rush everything.  The ships might fly, but they'll be nightmares to keep flying once they leave the slips."' commented Liz

"We need them." he stated

"I didn't say we didn't, and Ioto's lads do good enough work. When they are allowed the time to do it. You're pushing the fleet faster than we can build it, sir." she told him, "Errors are going to work in.  Fox Corvette production's almost back up to speed at Gibbs, by the by.  I need to hear you tell me you'll have crew for the ships we're building when those ships are ready to go, and I need to hear you say you understand there are going to be issues...and I need you to have a plan to deal with 'em, sir, or permission to have that plan ready for you when you need it."

"I trust you to have some of the contingencies covered, Liz.  That's what 'Minister for the Economy' means." he said

"I have a plan." she told him, "To deal with shortcomings and maintenance issues on the new fleet vessels. I do, you can trust me...but you need to know that plan to make your strategic moves...and you do not need to let Comstar or their Cousins in the Word know what those plans are. That's because if you do, they will ****** those plans up."

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