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Chapter 96[]

Can you tell me where can we start over?[]


Blakist War Update[]

The Word of Blake's Operation:Steel Hammer went a bit differently than they had expected, with the full reveal of the LCN's true capabilities.  The Blakist simulations and planners dismissed the Kowloon Coast Guard's signature designs, crediting their successes during the Civil War to general Lyran lack of preparation and Kathrinist incompetence.

They had good reasons to do so-they had the technical specifications for the Sampan II and block 1 Landmark classes loaded with and both vessel types in simulation showed a tendency to brew up on a good hit to the pressure hull. Having being only moderately protected with relatively cramped conditions and internal systems, and the all-or-nothing armor schemes did not appear to be a significant problem once known secondary effects of weapons fire were added to models.

After all, the running of Warships wasn't something that can ever be termed 'new' after about the 23rd century.  You hit a pressurized container with enough force and it will crush the contents. Even if you don't breach the hull directly, and those ships were perfectly configured to transfer force from such a hit, with internal layouts that would make fires spread quickly.

It's so established, in the Human universe, that even the Clans don't bother with pressure suits on combatant ships except for dedicated Marine and Damage Control parties.  The sum result being that the models turned out to be completely wrong because the Word of Blake didn't account for the doctrine in their simulations or their planning.

This is compounded by the fact that Coast Guards didn't use nuclear missiles or ordnance during their interventions. With either with the Clan assault they repelled early in the conflict, nor with Kathrinist forces later on.  It was presumed those would be restricted in the same manner as other forces, and that launch authority would require at least O-7 (General) or higher authorization, would be relatively rare, and would be used sparingly.

None of these turned out to be the case.  Instead, the Word's great advantage in naval power-the Pocket Warships, reconditioned ACTUAL warships, and such were presented with an enemy in greater numbers than they anticipated. With a more flexible engagement doctrine than anticipated, using more powerful weapons than anticipated, that absorbed more damage than the models taught them was even possible.

Coventry would be occupied for less than 48 hours.  Donegal less than 72.  Hesperus II less than a month.

Apollyon and The Master did not respect the Lyrans, and in the opening year of the Jihad, paid for it repeatedly.

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