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Chapter 93[]

Can you tell me where can we start over?[]

Hue Advance Medical Center
Hue City, Kowloon
Lyran Commonwealth

Elizabeth signed the order between contractions.  This might be interpreted as signature under less than ideal psychological and physical conditions, given that her water broke on the news of the attack on Tharkad by the Word of Blake which was working with radical elements within the Lyran Government itself.

The first child born was named 'Patrick' and the second, was given the name 'Amanda'.  A son, and a daughter.

The memorandum pre-empted Archon-Designate Adam Steiner's own declaration of war against the Word of Blake by some 22 hours. That pre-empted the archon-designate's seizure of command authority over the Kowloon Coast Guard as a Naval Reserve unit of the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces, by approximately 59 hours.

His appointment of Rear Admiral Alicia Li as Commander in Chief of Lyran Naval forces was more or less merely an acknowledgement that the largest effective force in the LCN was the Kowloonese LCN reserve formations.

Boojum Shipyards - Production status

Slips 1-18:  75,000-98,000 Hydrogen Ton Capacity gantry structures

Capability:  Capable of handling vessels up to 500 meters length with a beam of 70 meters in each slip. Simultaneous build capacity: Yes.

Slips 1-12:  Sampan-III Cutter production  (average time from keel to completion/launch 18 months peacetime, 9 months wartime)

Slips 13-18: Invader or Tramp production (average 7 months from keel to completion)

Slips 19-24: Merchant Class production

Slips 25-28: Star Lord C production (wait time 9 months from Keel to Launch)

Boojum Facility 2 (Boojum 5 orbital)

Slips 29-32: Compact Core Warship production (Landmark Class)  24 months from Keel to Launch.

Slip 33: Compact Core (Large) production slip.  1000x200 meter capacity frame.  Currently holding the Keel for a battleship class vessel designate Contract number RX-401 (tentative name: LCS Frederick Steiner)  Completion date: extended.  Contract projected date October, 3073.

Slip 34: Under Construction

Slip 35: Under construction

Slip 36: Under Construction

Facility 3: Snark orbital

Projected capacity mirrors Facility 1, current status of construction (3067): Facility operational by August, 3070.

Comparison with similar facilities in the Lyran Commonwealth:

40% of build-era capacity for Ioto's Alarion shipyard

51% of build-era capacity for Ioto/Lockheed yards at Gibbs.


Kowloon yards are heavily dependent on asteroid mining and null-gee suppliers, with less than 1% of produced materials coming from planetary surfaces. over 60% of the workforce are from 'Rockjack' or Belter backgrounds in the Commonwealth, and service to facilities is by a combination of 'Ferry' jumpships with ranges equal to or less than 5 light years range.   Supply chains show no available single point of failure and yard facilities will have to be eliminated individually through direct attacks.  Defenses remain uncertain as documentation of said defense arrangements have not been on available media, nor transmitted through classified or unclassified military HPG traffic.

Our blessed order have been unable to penetrate operational security thus far, and observations only indicate activity is very high with some contracts for transport jumpships clearly being earmarked for Clan users/customers.

Dropship production numbers are almost a non concern, with some production occurring at the Ia Drang Aerospace yard on Kowloon, and some production occurring on dropship yards in the belts, hard numbers are unlikely without a more devoted effort to ascertain the scale of production and training going on in the Kowloon system, however it is notable that Production licenses have been applied for the Fortress, Overlord, Behemoth and Mammoth dropship classes, as well as the ubiquitous mule.

How in Blake's Name did we miss this??

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