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Chapter 88[]

Can you tell me where can we start over?[]

Whitting Confereance
Tharkad City
Tharkad, Lyran Alliance

[...Council of the Second Star League continues]

If formal recognition and a sponsorship into the Star League drew consternation from the Federated Suns, Free Worlds League, Capellan Confederation, and Word of Blake?  The reactions on the Grand Council itself were outright infuriated.

Several Warden aligned Clans were upset by the offer being extended to not just any Clan, but the MOST Crusader Clan in the Council.  The traditional rivals of Clan Jade Falcon were infuriated even more so (See: Clan Steel Viper, Vlad's Wolves) because the move was essentially short-cutting the competition to the IlClan. If the Jade Falcons become part of the 'false' Star League, they gain leverage to achieve the status without having to conquer the barbarians with fire and sword. This move would allow them to do so without weakening themselves through material losses.

Effectively, 'cheating' to win.

Among the Crusaders, this was also unpopular. As it was not gained by absolutely destroying all resistance, but instead by invitation.  Old grudges about being excluded from the initial invasion explode into new grievances over being excluded from the invite. Being told to stay behind, and so on.  The sense of being unfairly denied access and denied a chance to work a similar trick. Sets off a storm of controversy in the Grand Council, with accusations of unfairness, cheating, even unClanlike conduct. This was exacerbated by the revelation that the Goliath Scorpion Khan had visited a world in the Inner Sphere and returned with documents from before the Exodus. A recording-of sufficient historical value and significance that that Clan had shifted from Warden to Crusader political camps, and aligned with Clan Jade Falcon in a sudden and jarring turn of events.

The vote to expel Clan Jade Falcon, was deadlocked with the revelation that Clan Ghost Bear had come to their own arrangement with Rasalhague. They had already commenced moving their forces and population into the Inner Sphere as another sponsored ally to the Inner Sphere's 'Star League'.

The vote to annihilate was also deadlocked, creating immediate political chaos and confusion.

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