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Chapter 87[]

Can you tell me where can we start over?[]

Whitting Confereance
Tharkad City
Tharkad, Lyran Alliance

[...Council of the Second Star League]

...went over like a bomb in a sewage plant.  Peter's opening statements went well enough, his flat statement regarding Victor's status as former Archon-Prince, statement acknowledging Yvonne as the Current First Prince of the Federated Suns, formal relinquishing of contested territories in the Bolan Thumb region, and congratulations to the other House Leaders and Star League Members went well enough.

The change from "Lyran Alliance" to "Lyran Commonwealth" drew some raised eyebrows among the provisional member states, but his pre-emptive support for full member-state status to all whom were currently provisional was fairly popular. Though it did draw some objection from Comstar, as it meant that the Word of Blake had two co-sponsors for full membership (The Free Worlds League and the Lyran Commonwealth).

That where the good vibes ended, because Peter Steiner-Davion formally recognized the Clan Jade Falcon occupation zone as a separate nation. He then proceeded to sponsor them to the Star League as a potential member state with military standing and participation in the Star League Defense Force.

This had the sum effect of tossing a burning stick of dynamite on an ant hill, of running through a copse of trees inhabited by wasps nests swinging an extra-long stick, of dropping a Deuce in the punchbowl of a high-class party.

Notably, the Rasalhague members, on the verge of announcing their own integration of a Clan into their state, managed to get their neutral reaction recorded before all hell broke loose and the storm of shouted condemnations began.

Peter's move had one other effect;  It upstaged Sun Tzu's intended announcement to break away from the Star League, causing the former First Lord to pause for a moment and consider the ramifications if the League remained in existence. Especially with Clanners in the military, after the Confederation has broken away and made itself a target.

The voting deadlocked.

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