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Can you tell me where we can start again (cover art) Chapter Art

Chapter 83[]

Can you tell me where can we start over?[]

The Fox's Den
New Avalon, Federated Commonwealth

[...Fall of New Avalon]

Simon Gallagher checked the locks-the facility was locked down, he was isolated, nobody could stop him now..."It's all failed, all fallen down..." he drew his sidearm as monitors showed Victor's army moving triumphantly through streets that should have been kill-boxes, but weren't.

He chambered a round.

"Simon Gallagher, stand down, you are bound by law."  a woman's voice spoke, and he looked back at the doorway.

She stood there, a junior officer, no...a cadet! holding an MP's 'stun broom' sonic weapon in too-small hands.

"NO." he said, "Don't you understand?? It's over, all is lo-"

The taser teeth snapped through his dress tunic, as the sonic weapon's emitter let out a brutal sub-sonic THRUMMMM. Upsetting his equilibrium and dropping him to his knees as his stomach vented backward and his bowels released simultaneously-totally debilitating him and preventing him from his final gesture of honor.

Surprisingly, he wasn't deaf.  "You're not getting away that easily, sir." the girl said, "You're going to stand trial ******, you're going to be made to answer for your crimes."

"Who are you?" demands Simon

"My name is Cadet Stephanie Synthie Gilmour, Sir.  Stand down, you are bound by law."

"Whose law?" he scoffed.

The girl sneered back, "In the name of the Lawful Princess Regent, Yvonne Steiner-Davion, shithead."  she reached behind her, and unlocked the door.  "If I have to gather every descendant of the Tigers to make this official. I will, but you don't get to take the easy way out, ******, not after what you've done."

Behind her a group of cadets from NAIS and other academies were securing the grounds. He could see it, he just couldn't quite make himself believe it.

His disbelief began to fade. When a group of young boys, second year cadets maybe? Secured his hands with looks of disgust. he thought
"You're going to testify, because this has to end."

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