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Can you tell me where we can start again (cover art) Chapter Art

Chapter 79[]

Can you tell me where can we start over?[]

Thardad City
Tharkad, Lyran Alliance

A burst of fire cut down two police from inside the half-charred apartment building, and Sgt. Edward Vanh dove forward, grabbing one of them under a streaking storm of needles as something shifted in the ruins.

The cop's screams continued as he tore the man's ruined soft armor away using his fighting knife.


Corpsman Vien was groaning nearby, and it crystallized-the burst of needler fire had been wide.

The son of a bitch had laid there in wait... Vien began to think.

Eddie low-crawled up to a break in the wall, and raised a shaving mirror.

the shape inside was armored, a quad, damaged,the rear legs looked trapped.

This ****** dies.

He rolled over and then sprinted to the patrol vehicle. He then pulled out a VLAW from the stowage under the troop compartment floor and a satchel charge.

The Rottweiler suit was still struggling to get its rear half free of the collapsed floor when Eddie bounded through a side window, ran up, and snapped the adhesive open on the charge.  "Hey, Scheisskopf!!" he snarled, the armor operator managed to twist enough to see him as he showed the man the arming ring.  "Say hi to Satan for me you sack of shit."  He held up the detonator and squeezed while he fell backward through the window, a tracery of white-hot needles barely missing his legs.

The Whumph was palapble, and he scooped the anti-tank rocket launcher, running to the next window.

He stepped sidewise, and triggered it into the damaged side of the suit, turning the man inside into chunky salsa.  "That's right mother ******, that's what you get for being a murdering piece of shit!!"

The immediate threat neutralized, he hurried back to his corpsman and started applying emergency aid...

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