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Can you tell me where we can start again (cover art) Chapter Art

Chapter 71[]

Can you tell me where can we start over?[]

KCGS Golden Lake
Landmark Class Heavy Destroyer
Arluna, Lyran Alliance

One fourth of their main guns was still out of action, along with the forward flight deck was permanently depressurized. One of the propulsion nacelles was blown off during the fight with LAS Yggdrasil.

One destroyer and three Cutters is still more warship than Duke Hernan Diego could muster.  The orders were simple show-the-flag stuff, taking a look at some allegations from the Organized Crime Bureau and Heimdall.

Essentially, the Arluna mission was cleanup for a problem that manifested shortly after secession from the Federated Commonwealth, that had been permitted to fester.

At Arluna's L1, a group of Invader class Jumpships were arriving one by one, they would release their dropships, and begin slow-burning for the Zenith point, to make room for the next one.  Nicole's battle group was here mostly as a sort of 'moral support'-as in, enforcing morality with the threat of orbital support and the fact of air support.

The troops landing weren't Kowloonese, but instead a collection of 'rescued' mercs who'd signed on with Adam Steiner after being betrayed by the Kathrinist LAAF, but they were working under Coast Guard Marine supervision and Liaison.  The mission was simple: Secure the planetary governor and most of his cronies, including most of the leadership of the planetary Militia.

"The first wave are making Landfall, Mum."

"Keep me updated." she said.

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