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Chapter 70[]

Can you tell me where can we start over?[]



The Melissia theater's declaration of neutrality, followed by the attempt to disrupt that by the Regents on Tharkad, has had an impact.  In a sense, the political map of systems loyal to the Katherinists has contracted violently in the wake of a series of counterattacks throughout the year 3066, while the bulk of Kathrinist units were busy in the Federated Suns state.  The state of affairs is very much like the fragmenting of a nation, especially after a series of assassinations launched at suspected Victorist leaders netted dozens of dead leaders but did NOT result in netting a shift toward popular support for the regime on Tharkad.

Nondi Steiner's decision for an 'all or nothing' approach has crippled the realm's government and made enemies that weren't necessary, the series of brutal defeats delivered in the wake of that, demonstrated how Katherine's 'political reliability over martial skill' policies have crippled the units loyal to her.

By the beginning of 3067, effectively the loyalist forces don't have a fleet left in the Lyran state command.  Strikes at Kathrinist helmed Warships by the Coast Guard, and the impact of constant commerce raiding being the chief culprits, followed closely by the shifting of most of the fleet to the Federated Suns state to support Kathrinist efforts there.

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