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KCGS Golden Lake
Landmark Class Destroyer
Ender's Cluster, Lyran Alliance
March, 3066

The broken wreck of LAS Yggdrasil tumbled in the distance.  "Damage report?"

"We won't be able to pressurize ahead of frame 204, Mum. The Aviators will have to use internal airlock protocols and they'll have to double up stowage on the fighter wing in what's left of the hangar decks. We've lost the secondary tankage for the smallcraft and fighters, and we'll have to shift at least six fighters to one of the Cutters."

"X turret's going to need yard time" he also reports

"Thrust pod two is...well...gone, along with Delta turret."

Pod two meant a 25% reduction in cruising thrust plus additional heat strain on the remainder in overthrust. By losing X turret and D turret meant fifty percent reduction in main gun firepower.

"Can you fix any of it?" she asks

"We can get X turret back up temporarily, Delta's a total loss."

"Plate over the hole then?" she asked.

"We have the materials in stores, mum, should take about a week. Unless if we can find a friendly yard."

"Okay.  CAG, what's our SAR looking like?"

"The Iggy's CO didn't order an evac before that last strike. We're spotting a handful of pods and lifeboats, but nowhere near their whole crew complement." her officer reported

"Signal the Tenders to come up, we'll need somewhere safe to put casualties and, I guess, prisoners.  Major Kaplan, get a team of Marines together to do a compartment search of the wrecks for survivors.  We don't leave anyone to die out here alone."

"Aye mum."

She didn't have much hope. There was the possibility that the fires had been snuffed by decompression and isolated by blast doors internally on the LAAF's largest combat vessel.

The fight had done enough damage to her ship, that had she been running full atmosphere into the fight. They would be the ones burning and tumbling.  "Finagle for small favors."

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