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Can you tell me where we can start again (cover art) Chapter Art

Chapter 58[]

Can you tell me where can we start over?[]

KCGS Golden Lake
Landmark Class Destroyer
Ender's Cluster, Lyran Alliance
March, 3066

Captain Nicole Minh knew better than to rush in without a plan.  The LAS Yggdrasilwas fueling at a Lyran Alliance support base, her DropShip escort of three Overlord A3's and one Vengeance fighter carrier were significant power, recently in use, too, supporting punitive expeditions to Kaumberg, among other locations.

Mjolnir Battlecruiser (Underway)

Mjolnir Class Battlecruiser, YAS Yggdrasil

Nicole wasn't just waiting for them to decouple-it would be significantly easier to hit the Battlecruiser while in dock, and the station crew weren't Beltah or Rokkajakka, but instead Dirtyfeet, so it wouldn't likely ruffle feathers with the spacer community that lives and works in the Cluster.

She was waiting for something else instead.

"Tightbeam signal.  Target is confirmed." her RTO reports

Nicole said a brief, murmured prayer for the locals who sent the signal.  "Set the ship to condition one, battle stations! Gunnery, activate the missiles we laid."

"Aye mum.  Missiles active and homing." reports her weapons officer

"Proceed with operation sovereign right." she ordered.

The Iggy had been used to suppress Kaumberg, they'd violated the Ares Conventions. A lesson had to be taught.

"Search and Rescue crews stand by ready positions.  Launch all fighters.  Gunnery, suppress that carrier, calculated deflection shots." she ordered

"Aye mum." a crewmember said.

The vibrations from firing the main guns would be audible, if the ship wasn't depressurized.  Still, they could be felt through every solid surface as the Light Naval Gauss weapons burped relativistic projectiles at the distant Vengeance class DropShip whose fighter wing formed the basis of the enemy's main defenses.

She began to count mentally, the seconds until...

"Secondaries confirmed, dropship's splitting in half."

It took ten seconds.

"Suppress the next dropship."

Deep in the darkest part of her psyche, Nicole noted that the only reason this worked at all was that the LAAF put warriors in charge of warships, instead of spacers.

She counted seconds again, waiting...5, 6, 7.8...10..12...

Flash.  Double-flash, as the A-turret's shot hit the second Overlord from beyond their preset detection range.

The Yggdrasil was trying to separate from the fueling dock now. As the missiles laid a week ago, slammed into the station and its support structure, fifty kiloton warheads belling silver flashes.

As expected, the close-range near-misses had little effect on the Mjolnir class ship. Except to force them into using auxiliary power to get away from the expanding debris field, and some cosmetic damage to their armored hull, stripped and scorched paint.

"Advance." she ordered

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