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Chapter 55[]

Can you tell me where can we start over?[]

Island 22, Golden Lake
Kowloon, Lyran Alliance
March, 3066

After Breakfast, folders loaded with documents were provided to the Clan officers.

"What are these?" Arthur asked.

"Survey data and maps." Elizabeth stated, "Defining the exact boundaries and resources of the Hue County region, including sub-urban and rural access, everything that Grandfather left to Henry.  The second half of the folder is the part that basically determines if we go through with this, or if you have to fight us for the whole thing, because People are not property."

"It is an evacuation plan."  Henry said, "Correct?"

"Partially an evacuation plan and partially your Clan's solemn vow to let anyone who wants to leave go.  In exchange, anyone from our side that desperately wants to join your Clan will be free to do so from our end-we promise not to prevent free emigration to Clan jurisdiction."

"Why the extra detail?" Nathan asked.

"Because I don't want a ****** war in my backyard." she stated, "If people can leave then they aren't going to start an insurrection and I don't have to deal with avenging them.  Sub-chapter three of the Trial agreement is your civic responsibilities clause, including sending a representative to the Planetary Assembly. Its a mandated cooperation in fire seasons to prevent wildfires from burning your farmers out. A structure to handle joint resources like water rights and fishing quotas, as well as a pre-arranged mechanism to handle disputes, because again..."

"You do not wish to have a shooting war in your backyard." Nathan observed. "You are the most forward thinking spheroid official I have ever even heard of."

"Dot the I and cross the Tee." she said, "Planetary government is all in the details."

"You wish to give Clan Jade Falcon seats on your local government?" Arthur scoffed.

"Your people will presumably be living here, I don't stop being responsible just because the new occupants of Hue happen to be sworn to a foreign state. If the region is constantly on fire with shooting wars, it's no good to anyone."

"What is this section?" Henry Ngo asked.

"Trade and tariffs." Liz stated, "IF you win, your enclave will have exclusive trading rights in the Kowloon system. With access to our markets, that's taxable income under Lyran law. So a tariff structure, and a means of assigning it, regulating it, and commercial exchange including fungibles is necessary, you can run that past your Merchant Caste. I'm pretty sure they're familiar with the concepts, if not the execution. Phelan Kell says your lot are famous bankers."

"Infamous." Nathan corrected, "Our bankers are infamous."

"Good, they'll get along with mine." She stated, "The trade and tariff agreement is to maintain peace and quiet.  I'm sure you'll have objections and requests from your people. It includes a structure to address those without resorting to throwing seventy ton war machines at each other.  The currency exchange agreement is something I've worked on with Morgan Kell and Adam Steiner. If it works out, then it'll be in front of the Estates General once the Steiner-Davion brats stop their tantrum and start governing again.  Hopefully, your merchies will present something similar to your Khans. Then we can meet here again, and hammer out something on a national level."

"You wanted to eject the Clans before, what has changed?"

"I have a better idea on the scale of the job." Elizabeth stated, "And on how much time I'd have to organize it.  Dead by thirty-three, it's at least a twenty year task to push you out and that's assuming everything goes well."

Henry winced visibly at that.

"You are planning for your own demise." Nathan said evenly.

"I know roughly how long I have to live." Elizabeth stated, "SO...scale to what I can do while I'm still alive and sane.  Preparing something that keeps the peace long-term? makes good sense...and even if I lose, I win, because for me, a 'win' means my people don't have a chain around their necks."

"I need to confer with my Khans." Nathan stated.

"Yes." she replies

"Go ahead, we'll wait.  Do you need digital copies, or can you scan it on the ship?"

"I can scan the documents on the ship." he assured her.  "Arthur?"

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