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Can you tell me where we can start again (cover art) Chapter Art

Chapter 51[]

Can you tell me where can we start over?[]

ComStar HPG Compound
Kowloon, Lyran Alliance
February 19th, 3066

Elizabeth Ngo studied the face on the viewer.  "Hello, Henry. you didn't call. You didn't is my big brother?"

"Are you high?" he asks

"As a kite, new medications.  I'm assuming this call is business, since you have spent sixteen years pretending I don't exist. I'm really very angry about that, but the mood stabilizers and the antidepressants are keeping me from letting you know how angry."

"There has been an accord reached between the Clan, and the military forces you have aligned with." he opened with that.

"Blair Atholl. I'm aware, I told Adam it was a bad idea, but got overruled." Liz said sourly, "For now, we have detente, so now you're calling your little sister after sixteen years...oh, and one filed lawsuit." she chuckled, "Which is kind of a nice way to say 'hey sis I'm still alive out here'."

"It was not my first choice." He confessed.

"I know.  Star Colonel. That's a hell of an accomplishment, Hank." her tone was approving.  "Whose ass did you have to kick to for them to let you use the family name?"

He visibly adjusted his uniform to display the nameplate more clearly.  "I am the founder of a bloodhouse now." he stated, "There is even a sibko being trained."

"So the family's gotten bigger."  she mused, "That's okay, I guess. Not sure if Grandfather would approve."

"When I found out you didn't die, I had a team clean up the Hue house for you in case you could be rescued." Elizabeth stated, "Your lawyer is good-you still have the barony in Hue that Grandfather left you in his will-you just can't come see it."

"That is what the call is about." he told her.


"In the Clans, all property is communal." he told her, "I have orders to secure that area as an enclave for the Clan, against a cessation of hostilities by your free-ranging antishipping forces attacking our transports."

"You want a trial."

"I want an agreement that lets me visit my sister." he stated, "The clan wants a trial and an agreement that opens diplomatic doors."

"This is a good happy birthday." she said, "I need to clear it with the Theater and the Alliance...but it would be good to see you again. What are you bringing?"

"I am to be part of Omicron Galaxy's Trial force under Galaxy Commander Nathan Roshak. We will be arriving with a naval task group in thirty days, I am supposed to arrange Safcon with you."

"That because he knows I won't tell you to go ****** yourself." Liz nodded.  "Okay.  Zenith Jump Point, I'll have a couple of cutters guide you in to where we'll meet in person to negotiate the trial.  Safe Conduct all the way there-but you better be there, Henry.  I won't accept 'substitutes'."


Upon hearing that the Jade Falcons were going to wage a Trial for part of Kowloon, a part owned by one of their Abtakha, a part owned by the brother of rabidly-anti-Clan Elizabeth Ngo?

Phelan Kell laughed for five solid minutes.  He then had to explain Schadenfreude to his saKhan, which involved explaining to the Wolf-in-Exiles exactly who Henry Ngo was. Showing the girl's speech on the Estates Floor again...but he did not have to explain why it was hilarious.

Even among the Clans, the principle of Karma biting the arrogant or the ignorant in the ass is understood at once the conditions are explained.

The Jokes in the Arc Royal media, particularly the Exiled Wolf media would continue for six months before something else took precedence, and spread to the Crusader Wolf Clan forces under Khan Vlad Ward shortly after.

Among the Clans, the further from the Lyran front lines you go. The less it looks like a joke and the more it looks like Marthe Pryde and Samantha Clees are turning out to be more adept at politics than Elias Crichell.

Though Ragnar of the Ghost bears, also laughed for several minutes after reading the canary sheet report on doings at the back-end of the Falcon/Lyran front.

The circulated political cartoons reaching the Clan Homeworlds were less well understood, and the essential irony was less apparent.

Unless you're a Goliath Scorpion who knows enough Star League History.  Then, it's a bit of a mix of horror and hilarity.

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