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Chapter 45[]

Can you tell me where can we start over?[]


ln  2769, Kowloon sent forth the best they could-and it was called the 171st Kowloon Volunteer Brigade.  This unit would see an exceptionally high turnover during the Amaris War.  The initial force was only 30,000 men, by the end of operations against the Rim Worlds Republic and the release of the 171st from Kerensky's armies, 3,251,652 personnel, of which, 3,211,004 were maimed or killed in combat operations ranging the entire campaign from Eagle's Nest in the Rim Worlds, to Elbar, to the Sol system itself.

At the time this went on, Kowloon's population planetside was just a little over 200,000,000.  In total percentage, the Kowloonese were the single largest individual world to contribute soldiers to the overthrow of the Amaris Regime, with a higher per-capita percentage of volunteers than any world in the Terran Hegemony, and more horrific losses than any single population in the Inner Sphere.

Kowloon in 3063-64 has a population of 1.67 Billion residents between the inhabitable planet, and the Rockjack community of Belters that live primarily in the system.

It has been nearly 300 years total since the banner of the 171st Kowloon Volunteers has been raised, nearly 300 years since the call to arms has been a general thing among the population.  Nearly 300 years since this world has been more than the most distant and minor participant in the conflicts of the nations of the Inner Sphere.

Within LCAF (and later AFFC, and currently LAAF) forces, there are barely 30,000 Kowloonese natives in service.  Most of them doing single five-year tours as their parents and grandparents did.

annually, between 5 and 15 thousand Kowloonese muster out of the LAAF and return home, and this has gone on for three centuries, marking Kowloon as having a rather high percentage of military veterans of enlisted or lower end officer rank in the population.

Elizabeth Ngo has raised the banner.  This call is to all who remember the stories of their ancestry...and there are a lot of them.

The Kowloon Brigade is forming for the first time in centuries, to march under their own planetary flag, and once again, it is because of someone else's chaos.

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