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Chapter 37[]

Can you tell me where can we start over?[]

Lyran Alliance

"How many do we have?" Elizabeth asked.

"Seventy two cutters, so far. With three of the Ioto designed ships. The problem isn't the ships, it's manpower."  Alicia Li explained, "Specifically trained manpower.  I can crew most of the smaller ships from our available pool, but...we don't have more than a rough outline for doctrine."

Elizabeth mused.  "It's not the training then, it's experience."

"Very much so."

She reached down, and brought up the system reports from the periphery march area.  "Li...the existence of Morrison's Extractors offends me. Their ability to hit Lyran worlds offends me.  Their activities along our periphery border, offend me.  I take their continued existence as a personal affront.  One third of the ships you've got constructed are to be employed in hunting down and removing them from existence for the next three months.  Use whatever means catches your eye and you think will be useful in the long term."

"Duchess?" Commodore Li asked

"We need a doctrine and a method of sharpening crews on these ships. As well as a means to develop our training and experience levels.  We have a ready-made method of conducting live fire exercises and a target selection that bleeds."  she laid her hand on the console, "Use that for now.  In three month's time. Rotate the on-deployment forces with another third of our forces if they continue to exist, and so on until either every ship we have can fly battle colors, or until there are no more pirates within one hundred twenty light years of the Lyran periphery."

Li grinned, "Yes, Ma'am."

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