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Chapter 36[]

Can you tell me where can we start over?[]

Clan Jade Falcon Occupation Zone
February 3rd, 3058

"Star Colonel, You are famous."  Star Captain Phillip Hazen handed him a magazine from the former Militia barracks.

"Well, ******." Henry swore, looking at a nine year old image of himself, below the word 'Traitor?'

"The article is actually about your sister." Phillip added, "Seems she let off quite a fireball of condemnation when the abjured Wardens asked the Lyrans for asylum, and someone leaked that you were still alive."

Shelby came out of the bathrooms, saw the magazine in Henry's hand, and said, "I think the photographer failed to get your good side, Star Colonel."

"It was high school." Henry groused, "Nobody gets good pictures in High School.  Roshak's going to have a shit fit if he sees this..." he flipped through the pages, and opened the article.  There was another picture, this one from Leskovic. Taken at long range, but undeniably him.  "Yep, a shit fit..."

"They failed to get your good side in that one too." she added.

"I found the sidebar profile a little short for my tastes." Phillip commented, "You should definitely insist on a correction, Star Colonel."

"Oh ****** off...Christ."  he tossed the magazine aside, "Der Spiegel never got their journalism right to begin with.  Dad used to say it was the best source of bad intel in the entirety of the Commonwealth."

The door to the day room opened, and Omicron Galaxy's commanding officer, Galaxy Commander Nathan Roshak, strode in.  "Aff, bad intelligence, except this was pretty good. I have to say, Henry, they did get a good shot of you on Tukayyid.  Come on, our reinforcements are here, the Khan wants everyone shipboard and prepped for transit in eight hours."  He grinned, "Get your fledglings in order, Coventry awaits!"

Then Nathan paused, "Henry, I need to speak with you separately."

Henry knew this was coming the moment they showed him the magazine.


"Your sister's illness.  Does it cause mental instability?" the Galaxy Commander asked.

Henry shook his head, "Not until late in the second stage, at least, according to what I was taught growing up."

"Then she was of sound mind.  That is good." Nathan told him, "I will let you in on a little secret.  The Khans are considering adding a bloodline, we can screen for certain defects in-utero, and that correction has been in the breeding program practically since the founding."


"The Wolves took Phelan Kell's dna and turned it into a name.  WE have a couple of Freeborn Warriors whom have somehow managed to stay Ristars, and your reputation is neck-and-neck with Mark's. With a slight edge since you have seen more combat, in more theaters, under more commanders."

"Sir...Ovkhan, with all due respect, I kinda never wanted to be added to the breeding program to begin with-I am not...doing all this..for that."

Nathan's smile didn't flinch, and he clapped Henry on the shoulder, "I know." he said, "You command a front-line Cluster, you even have mentored bloodnamed warriors, and it is important to them.  The Clan Council has decided already."

"This does not derail that?"

"Hardly the first time a Bloodname has been tied to something nefarious.  Ask a Von Jankmon." Nathan told him.  "The news will be announced after the Coventry operation, assuming you live, you will be the founder of a bloodline in the Clan...and possibly more."

"More?" asks Henry

"How would you like to see Kowloon again?" Nathan asked.  "You are the older sibling, and if my reading on salic law is correct..."

"Not like that." Henry said, "I will do it, but it is not my first choice."

"Well, the actual operation is still in the planning stages." Nathan told him, "but if it is approved?"

"Everything for the Clan, sir."

"Right answer.  The Khans are rather disturbed by your sister's ranting. Even if it was directed at an enemy of the Clan.  Expect to see hard preparations begin after Coventry."

"Is that all, sir?" Henry asked.

"Yes, Star Colonel, I believe it is." Nathan said

"Seyla, sir."

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