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Can you tell me where we can start again (cover art) Chapter Art

Chapter 28[]

Can you tell me where can we start over?[]

Ioto Galactic Enterprises office
Gibbs, Federated Commonwealth

"Thank you for seeing me, Mister Zuiderwyck, I know you're a very busy man."  Elizabeth greeted the CEO of Ioto Galactic Enterprises with a smile and a curtsey.

"Miss Ngo..or should I call you 'your grace'? Your visit wasn't predicted."  Seamus Zuiderwyck gave her a short nod, "What is this about?"

"I understand you've been in talks with Di Tron, and with Krupp." she said, "Di Tron for a joint production project, and Krupp of Terra for specific tooling.  I believe the Krupp contract projects to be worth 117 billion kroner."

"You have good information." he looked like he bit into a sour melon.  "I must commend your corporate espionage people."

"I'll tell them you said hello.  I'm going to offer you a better deal." she said.  "How does fifty three million Kroner sound?" "That...that's less than half!" he scoffs

"Well, it comes with strings." she explained

"What doesn't?  What are yours?" he asks her

"I need to borrow some of your engineers to design a ship for me...and I will need to own the design when it's finished.  In exchange for that, my people will get both the Alarion and Gibbs KF core facilities operating at 110% of design efficiency by...oh, let's call it 3058."

"Krupp said they can do it by 3060." he said.

"Yeah, well, they have to get permission from Comstar." she said, "I don't."

"How big a ship?" he inquired

"Compact core, Three hundred fifty to five hundred thousand tons, no drop collars but a good-sized fighter or shuttle bay, uniform weapons suite." she explained, "The mission is space superiority and the tactical doctrine is to work in tandem with other vessels of the type, as well as supporting the coming RX-79 Fox class from the FedSuns member state or eventually as a support and escort for the Cruiser design you're working up with Di Tron."

"You want...a Warship??"

"I want the design for a Warship." she countered, "For which, I will take a loss to make sure you're able to put the warships you already have designs for into production two years ahead of their projected schedule."

"How...why??" he asked

"Because His Majesty told me, if I can build it, I can use it." she told him.  "It is my intent to go after the Clans. His majesty will lift the draft exemption I'm under and let me serve the nation. If I can build a black-naval unit to serve the nation with."

"So, like those Hydrofoils on Skye then." he said.

"Sir, If I wanted that, I already have it." she said, "I want there to be no question of the fitness of the force I build for the Realm."

"Half rights, not exclusive." He said, "Your puppet company or Ioto, and nobody else.  Agreeable?"

"Agreed." she shook his hand.  "Let's get the contracts written."

[...moments later after signing the contracts]

"...major hurdle isn't the cores. Though once we're done, they won't even be a concern, but the sublight drive engines." said Zuiderwyck

Elizabeth looked at the specs on the RX-78, and shook her head.  "This is stupid." she said, "We can build that."

"What?" he explained with disbelief

"I said, we can build that-or at least the thrust unit of equivalent mass with equal performance already, the technology isn't hard.  The requirements here, they're not that demanding."

Seamus's eyes widened, "You're wrong."

"No..." she walked over to a wall, and took the picture off of it, then extracted an eyeliner pencil.  "Look, see?" she started writing equations on the wall, with a crude diagram.

F_{\text{thrust}}=g_{0}\cdot I_{\text{sp}}\cdot {\dot {m}},


{\displaystyle F_{\text{thrust}}}F_{\text{thrust}} is the thrust obtained from the engine (newtons or pounds force),

{\displaystyle g_{0}}g_{0} is the standard gravity, which is nominally the gravity at Earth's surface (m/s2 or ft/s2),

{\displaystyle I_{\text{sp}}}I_{\text{sp}} is the specific impulse measured (seconds),

{\displaystyle {\dot {m}}}{\dot {m}} is the mass flow rate of the expended propellant (kg/s or slugs/s)

"Nuclear rocketry isn't new." she added, "We use the right alloys and materials already for dropship, shuttle, and aerospace fighter engines. The only real constraint is the size of your output versus the fuel consumption rate, which can be adjusted using linear magnetic fields as part of the containment structure like so..."

She drew an image, "Which is how a Mammoth's engines work."

"Where did you learn this?" he asked.

"Extension courses." Elizabeth stated.  "None of this should be hard to manufacture or procure. Certainly not on the scale it's needs and your engineers can do an even better job than I can. So I have to wonder if someone isn't sabotaging your progress."

"I'll sell you the contract if you can prove you can build those engines, Miss Ngo...beyond the theoretical."

"Okay...but how about this instead; We'll build the tooling for you to build the engines.  That way, I'm not in competition with any of my other customers." she said.

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