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Can you tell me where we can start again (cover art) Chapter Art

Chapter 25[]

Can you tell me where can we start over?[]

The Triad, Tharkad City
Federated Commonwealth
July 20th, 3055

Coming to Tharkad was a nightmare of switching between cargo ships along routes aboard a shuttle craft and using up airsickness bags.  Elizabeth was simply happy she'd missed the funeral thanks to distance.

You can't miss the coronation, Lizzie. Maggie had told her, so she leveraged her firm's power and finances to manage a 'poor man's' Command Circuit to get here in under three weeks.

The experience being one of great personal misery.

Elizabeth had an invitation-like any of the hundreds of minor nobles here, except she wasn't here to petition for anything, nor to seek favor.

She was here, to do her lawful duty, and be done with it.

Selection of clothes creates the impression.  When doing leisure, dress for leisure. When doing formal receptions, an evening gown is recommended.

When seeing the Archon-Prince, put forward your best foot and hope he's not offended.

Elizabeth chose based partly on psychographic profiles from company marketing databases and the available data through corporate espionage aimed at customers who wanted to impress Victor.

He had no patience for faux military, and little interest in holding court.  His career showed an aversion to using his family name or position to impress subordinates or officers, suggesting a businesslike respect for accomplishment and character. 

Liz left the ball gown in the closet, choosing instead a bespoke skirted suit, modest, in black and dark gray, with a harsh white blouse, because of all the possible people to be sitting on that throne, Victor had the least use for sycophants.

Her suit jacket was cut to enhance what few curves her body had, while being deliberately modest and somewhat harsh at a distance.  She wore her hair in a simple low-set ponytail, neither sassy nor seductive, just efficiently out of her face. She chose flats, because Victor was nearly as short for a man as she was for a woman.

Non-threatening, businesslike, and made of materials that would quietly suggest her wealth, while not shouting it in a gaudy and irksome manner.

As a lark, however, she chose a top-hat and cane-the cane. That was because she twisted her knee during one of her TDS episodes and had to limp. (also to help her stand again after kneeling on an injured leg) the hat, because even a modest girl needs a little flash.

It would give her hands something to do when facing the most powerful man in the Inner Sphere.

If subtlety had been the intent. Elizabeth soon realized she was standing out in the crowd of minor nobles, military officials, and civil servants like a beacon screaming 'look at me!!'

"Oh this is going to suuuck..."

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