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Can you tell me where we can start again (cover art) Chapter Art

Chapter 22[]

Can you tell me where can we start over?[]

Residence of the Duke of Kowloon
Kowloon, Lyran Commonwealth

Regent John Stonecipher woke up to find mercenaries in his bedroom.  "John Stonecipher, you are bound by law."  Colonel Maxwell Green announced, "For violations of the Articles of incorporation, black racketeering, abuse of office, and criminal conspiracy under color of law."

"This is ridiculous!" Regent shouted.

"No, sir, it's not.  It really isn't." Green reached into his uniform jacket and producing a warrant.  "This order is signed by the Archon, Melissa Steiner-Davion. You are to be arrested and conveyed to Tharkad to face trial and sentencing.  Delightfully, this is a contract I'm deeply honored to carry out, since I'll also be testifying against your corrupt ass."

"And who's going to be in charge?" the Regent asked.

"You don't need to bother with that detail, Johnny. You're lucky I'm letting you put your pants on before we frog march you to the spaceport." the Colonel said.

After being watched getting dressed, John didn't think his life could sink lower until he reached the anteroom.

Margaret Doons was speaking with the youngest Ngo, Elizabeth.

"...restore civilian government as quickly as possible. Then you'll be wanting to make a public statement regarding this affair before the scandal-mongers have their claws into it." Maggie Doons was saying.

"WHAT??" exclaims John Stonecipher

"Oh, Hello, John.  Good luck with the courts. Your services as regent are no longer required, The Duchess is here to assume those responsibilities...with some guidance."

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