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Can you tell me where we can start again (cover art) Chapter Art

Chapter 21[]

Can you tell me where can we start over?[]

Near Plough Bridge and Robyn's Crossing
Tukayyid, Free Rasalhague Republic
May, 3052

"We are not retreating, we are advancing in Retrograde!"  Star Commander Henry was the remaining ranking member of his Trinary. The general order to withdraw stung-they almost had the com-guards...  The sensor range showed more ComGuards were coming out to try to block the retreat.  "Remember guys, we are not surrounded, we are simply in a target rich environment, aimed shots only, and no going to max rate unless the shot is perfect. acknowledge!"

Most of the Falcon troops in range acknowledged the order to restrain their fire.

Sometimes the leader is the first guy to say something that makes sense. ammunition was running out, and he led the sweeps up a ridge.

"We are low on ammunition." Phillip reminded him over the channel, "The depot is gone, and the enemy is reinforcing to block our retreat."

"Out of ammo?"  Henry laughed, "First person to say the word 'surrender' is getting shot." He said dangerously, "We have plenty of ammo, see?"  He grabbed a two ton boulder from the hillside, and hucked it at a Comguard position.  "We have rocks. Now get your Star into position! I do not know your precise ancestry, but mine do not surrender so easily just because we're out of consumables!"

As the remains of two Trinaries fought their way back to the deployment zone. Henry demonstrated a number of...unorthodox...methods to deal with the seeming endless tide of Com Guards coming to try to stop them.  Using Rocks, trees, debris, fists, kicks, shoves and stomping his Sweep Star in their lighter machines cutting a path for the heavy and assault elements to pass through.

Advancing in Retrograde.  It wouldn't be historical, Henry didn't think a losing battle would get more attention from the Clan Council than would be strictly necessary to account for the deeds of Bloodnames. He wasn't part of this to get mentioned in the Remembrance. He was here because he believed in the cause...and believed wasting good warriors on a losing campaign is a waste.

The fight to get to the dropzone turned to a running fight after they cleared the ridges.  The demoralizing orders to withdraw had left his warrior colleagues stunned, and losing most of the senior officers in two Trinaries didn't help, so they obeyed him as he gave confident orders in a way that sounded like he had a plan.

It was enough to get 'his' men to the dropships without further casualties.

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