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Can you tell me where we can start again (cover art) Chapter Art

Chapter 10 - Can you tell me where can we start over?[]

Groningen School Donegal Providence
Donegal, Lyran Commonwealth

[Late in the term...]

Henry focused, and shuffled his feet, as his opponent got his.  The Grade 8 intramural boxing meet was seeing a nice first, he was leading the standings in the muy-thai competition, and his opponent was from St. Abernathy's on Skye.

He glanced

She cheered and realized he was seeing her, so she raised a fist and cheered harder-as hard as she could for her big brother.

Lukas Marsden was back on his feet and ready.

The bell rang, Henry was totally focused on his opponent.

Henry had to make up for it with pure aggression and will to win-something the larger boy didn't quite have in as much abundance, though his punches were harder.

To win, Henry had to focus on points, It's the third round. Dammit, he's got a little sister cheering for him.

Time slowed to a crawl, and Henry easily sidestepped a horse-kick, delivering a shin-block and foot-sweep, dropping the bigger boy to the mat.

"You okay?"  He asked, Helping the other boy to his feet as the referee called the bout.

"'re good. Wow."

"All in the motivation man." Henry said, and pointed to the stands, "My little sister's watching."

"Dude, that is so cool."

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