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Chapter 39[]

Clover Spear - The Story of the '56 War[]

Message to a Forgotten Wife[]

Private Quarters of the Chancellor of the Capellan Confederation
Forbidden City, Sian
Capellan Confederation
April 24th, 3057

Isis Marik-Liao frowned at the message ROM she had just been hand delivered from the serene ComStar acolyte not ten minutes before. It bore the sun and fist sigil of the Federated Commonwealth and shone brightly in the light of the bedchamber. Isis was not much of an early riser these days, especially not with the news that…that I am with the child of a man who chooses to betray me with...with that Svengali whore! Not to mention, my father? Well, he wasn’t the real Thomas Marik. Who was he? Who am I?

Isis fantasized about killing both her wayward husband, and his mistress in their sleep, then returning home to the League. But with the tense political situation, and Corrine barely able to keep Parliament in line while contributing the bare minimum to support her brother-in-law’s war. She had been told by the League ambassador on Sian to “stay put.” I suspect it’s also a case of, why should we care about the imposter’s daughter? Not to mention there is the not so small matter of starting a war with the Capellans if I did that. Though, considering how this war is going for my husband, and his ‘Celestial Wisdom’, what does the League really have to fear from the Confederation?

Isis reached for her portable ROM player, and deftly slid the disk into the player. It dutifully took in the disk and began to play it with a gentle whirring noise, and the image of the same insignia that was on the disk appeared on the screen in front of a royal blue background. It then cut to a throne room of a regally dressed blond woman of tall stature, standing in front of a pair of thrones, both ornately decorated.

“Greetings Isis, you know who I am.” the figure spoke, her hands folded in front of her as she addressed the screen. “I wanted to speak to you about this war your husband started. That he began with the murder of my parents, and the maiming of my brother. He’s fine and doing well in his recovery by the way.” Her voice was cold, steady and level. “I want to talk to you about the snake that is the father of your child. And yes, I do know about your child.”

Isis gasped. Oh god, what is she prepared to do? I mean, there were bodies dropping all over the League and Confederation for two months the last time she got it into her head..

“Do not worry, I do not intend to harm innocents, but that’s the choice you get to make? Are you an innocent or are you as guilty as the man you married? It’s time to choose, dear Isis. This isn’t a choice you need to make for yourself alone anymore. You have a child to think about. And, I do hope the girl my brother described from Outreach has grown up some. I would hate to think the next generation of Mariks has a spoiled brat for a mother. Oh, wait? Are you even giving birth to the next generation of Mariks? Can you even go home?” the figure chuckled at that last thought.

“No, that was wrong, I should not have laughed at that. But here is the thing Isis, your husband may not be dealing in a thing called reality, but I suspect you and I are. You know what’s coming. The last time, my father only raided Sian? Considering what your husband and his confederates have done to my nation, my people, my family? What do you think I will do?”

“You can warn your husband, I expect you to. Frankly, I don’t care if you do. It won’t make a difference. I just wanted to warn you, that when we do come? I’d rather one more innocent not be added to the blood price of what we will have to do when we get there. And I and my generals are prepared to pay quite the coin. Consider Sarna as a down payment.”

A chill came over Isis. She knew what this warning was and what it meant. The CCAF was projecting victory on Sarna, and that they would soon crush the Davion mercenaries. Isis wasn’t the recipient of any military training, but she was smart enough to know when someone was telling her that fish did not stink. In this case, the stink was palpable. At least that Svengali my husband has taken up with is honest to him about the military situation. Not that I care.

The ROM faded to black, and Isis contemplated her circumstances. She realized that it was probably suicide to stay on Sian. Sooner or later, the FedCom was coming, and when they did, it was going to be with blood in their eyes. There really is only one decision, isn’t there?

She reached over for her data assistant and hit the intercom feature. “Dana, can you summon my ladies, and tell them to help me pack. We’re leaving. And no, we’re not telling anyone. So, do me a favor and make some quiet arrangements to get us out of the Confederation. Oriente, I think is a good destination. But we must leave tonight. “

The disembodied voice echoed from the device, “What of the Mask, my Lady?”

“You let me worry about that, Dana. I can only hope Father’s friends are still his after what went on back home. Either way. I am not going to consider staying and endangering us...or my child.” Isis stated matter of factly.

Dana responded “Yes my, lady. We’ll get packing. Pack light I assume?”

“Yes, and incognito. We can leave most of the wardrobe here. It’s all gauche anyhow. My soon to be ex-husband has no taste.”

The voice on the other end chuckled. “We shall, my Lady.” Isis then disconnected the call and pulled out a letter from her royal stationary and began to write.

A Letter to a Wayward Husband[]

Dear Sun-Tsu,

When in the course of human events, one finds out they are being cheated on in the confines of a marriage, it’s usually time to consider a divorce. Well, it’s that time. So, consider this me serving you with said papers. I’m leaving you, and you can take up with that Shang woman to your besotted heart’s content. You will never see me or your son again.

And don’t think I will ever return willingly. We’re done. And you have no one to blame but yourself. Then again, I guess I was never a “good enough Capellan patriot” (Thank God) for you.

I do hope when Katherine comes to collect her blood price? She makes you suffer. You deserve it in spades, you snake.



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