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Custom Design
Designer cdunn92788
Production information
Manufacturer DWMD
Model CO-O1
Class Heavy BattleMech
Technical specifications
Mass 60
Chassis Endosteel
Armor Ferro Fibrous
Engine Fusion Engine
Speed 56.0 km/h (Walk)
86.4 km/h (Run)
Jump Jets None
BV (1.0)
BV (2.0)


Creation resulting in a near death experience during a hunting expedition on the desert planet Khartoom, one of DWMD lead engineers, Carl Marold, decided to build a mech that not just ran cool but was one of the coolest running mechs in the Inner Sphere. The Frosty is the heavier companion Mech to the lighter Snowman scout mech. Using it's C3 Master computer, a MechWarrior using the Forsty acts as a sniper, working in concert with the Snowman, where he is spotting targets for the Mech.

Equipment and Capabilities[]

Built around the widely available C3 computer the Frosty is designed to anchor a C3 lance. In fact DWMD built a whole wing to build a lance comprised of C3 mounting mechs. With its above average speed and a main weapon that can hit targets at extreme ranges the Frosty is tailor made to carry a C3 Master Computer. The two medium lasers were put in to back the Gauss Rifle up. Designed to be operated in extremely hot environments, the Frosty is extremely cool running. In fact the TSM was installed to make the Frosty more dangerous if engine shielding is damaged in a hot environment. A rare event considering the massive amounts of armor the Frosty carries.

Powered by a Standard Fusion Engine, the Mech is able obtain moderate rate of speed while trying keep up with it's smaller spotter unit. The design's hull is protected by 11 tons of Ferro-Fibrous BattleMech armor.


  • Notes - Origin: Some information of Frosty's information was missing due to way the website originally hosting the stats was structured. This Mech's stats were salvaged from Cdunn's Mech archived by's Waybackmachine. Information. The 'Mech written up here is a mild revamp to allow Mech functional as closely as possible to the original. It was originally scanned between in 2001-2009 by the Waybackmachine, the original poster made errors or did not post enough information to allow the mech work with the current construction rules. There also possibility the armor values or other stats differed in previous construction rules. It's highly likely whatever method was used to make the Snowman, it pre-date modern mech making programs such as Solaris Skunk Works (7.0) or the MegaMeklab. The only adjustment done to the Frosty was removal of the Mech's left hand actuator, due to crit spaces needed fit all the stated equipment. This is mainly due to Ferro-Fibrous Armor and Triple Strength Myomer.

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