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Chappy's Howling Siegers (Story Cover)


- Book 4 – Chappy's Howling Siegers

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Devil’s Breath
Chapman Estate
July 3rd, 2961

Fred Chapman received a communication from the new First Prince of the Federation Suns Andrew Davion. Asking for assistance in destroying those that had killed his father. Fred accepted and took the 1st Regiment defense force under the mercenary company name Chappy’s DragonSlayers, during the months of fighting the First Prince and Fred bonded. Fred became a good friend and advisor to the First Prince in which he started funneling equipment from the Chapman Corporation to Davion forces for a profit of course.

Hospital of Eternal Hope, Nursery
Devil’s Breath, Periphery
March 17th, 2985

Fred Chapman looked through the glass where the newborn babies were kept. His first born after years of trying to conceive with his wife Sherry finally succeeded. Fred in the recent years felt the shift in inner sphere and knew that the time was ripe for the Chapman Legacy to be fulfilled, hence the reason they named their first-born son Matthew Chapman after the ancestor that started it all.

Chapman Estate
Devil’s Breath, Periphery
July 3, 2992

Fred Chapman received a communication from the First Prince Andrew Davion. Surprisingly it was an invitation to move to the palace to not only help the First Prince in some business matters but also to have their sons become playmates and hopefully bond. Knowing that the First Prince was envious of the Chapman financial and industrial empire Fred was leery at first, but his wife Sherry talked him into it, for the good of their son.

Albion Military Academy
3rd Year Cadets Barracks
New Avalon, Federated Suns
July 7th, 2999

Matthew Chapman and Hanse Davion just rolled into the barracks to clean up from beating the 4th Year Cadets in a 2v4 Mech Sim in which they were the two against four that was set to graduate next month. No one could beat the Hanse and Matt dual in a fair fight and sometimes even in a not so fair fight. Both stopped in their tracks when they notice ten men dressed up in Royal Guard uniforms with Hanse brother in the middle the look on his face said it all.

“Hanse, father died in his sleep last night the cancer finally took him.”

Commander Davion Office
Head Quarters, Third Davion Guards RCT
New Argon, Federated Suns
April 24th, 3013

Hanse Davion received communique that his brother the First Prince was killed in his Atlas during battle. Hanse was ordered back to New Avalon to be named the First Prince of the Federated Suns. Captain Matthew Chapman commander of the 10th company in the Third Davion Guards left his position and went with Hanse back to New Avalon as head of the security detail.

News Alert
Tharkad, Lyran Connonwealth
22rd June, 3020

Archon Katrina Steiner just announced in a speech to her people that she has issued a statement offering peace proposal to all successor states in hopes that there will be no more wars between all nations.
----Tharkad Broadcast Company (TBC)


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