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Chapter Nine

- Book 4 – Chappy's Howling Siegers

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Hot Drop[]

Atlas Cockpit of General Edward Devlin
Orbit, Thunder of Skye DropShip
Kessel, Draconis Combine
January 4th, 3030

Local Time: 0800 GST

Drop Pods (XTRO Project LEGION)

Mechs in Drop Pods being launched over planet.

This has always been the least favorite part of the battle for Devlin the drop. For one simple fact, it is the most dangerous part of an invasion. No MechWarrior loves this, being coup up in his cockpit helpless, not able to defend himself or attack just sitting and waiting. As the three DropShips approached the planet scans showed a massive storm across most of the idea landing zones that were picked. General Devlin made a quick decision to land in their last choice location that was located in a dried-up river ravine. The instruments showed that the wind on the ground was a gusting up to 100 miles per hour, so this drop will be interesting. Devlin flipped on the command net to listen in on the three DropShip commanders as they approached the Landing Zone.

((“Thunder, Algol we are releasing the birds”)) a voice sounded over the net. Good thought Devlin the Aerospace fighters just released from their mooring buoys and will set up a CAP over the landing zone to provide air support for the rest of the troops.

((“Thunder, Glenda the Assault drop has begun.”)) Said another voice on the net. General Edward Devlin adrenaline raised as he swapped the net over to his unit’s Freq “Guards!! Prepare to exit the DropShip. Three by three mechs out and move quickly into formation just like we trained there were reports of four enemy companies in the area.” Right at that moment a loud boom and a massive flame burst through the bottom of the flight deck. <<“Actual, Devlin we have a large”>>…..and then the DropShip shook like it was involved in an earthquake all power went out in the deck and comms went out.

DropShip Gedania
Ascending to the Surface

Hauptmann Ring and Hauptmann Weir was the first to jump out of the DropShip leading the way for their companies. As the MechWarriors followed their leaders out of the DropShip Ring looked over to the Thunder of Skye to watch in horror as the bottom of the DropShip blew out from the inside out and caused the DropShip to slam into the ground, he swapped to the command net. “Thunder, Thunder this is Ring do you copy…” nothing but static, which is bad since both the CO and XO was on board in their 'mechs.

Hauptmann Weir saw out of the corner of his eye what was happening to the Thunder of Skye. He also saw that the battle computer showed that most of the 12th Cadre were bunched up in the middle of ROE, so he swapped to wing command net and heard Ring on the net. “Eagle, Eagle this is Ring commence the ground attack at sector 2026 and surrounding area.” <)“Roger, Ring, are you assuming command until the boss comes back online?”(> answered commander of the air wing Lieutenant-Kaptain Fragateiro. “Yes, I will, hopefully the boss comes online soon.” Ring replied.

Recovering from the Unexpected[]

DropShip Thunder of Skye
Atlas Cockpit of Edward Devlin
Kessel Surface

The lights slowly flickered back on, and the fire team smothered the fire. Then the crackle of the net <<“General, bridge, are you there are you safe.”>> Lieutenant-Kaptain Judit Aardal disembody voice said.

“Yes, we are good, your flight deck is not though. What in the hell just happen? Commander.” Devlin asked.

<<“Unknown Sir, still looking into it but it was from us and not the enemy so either a malfunction or another saboteur. Power is coming back on-line including weapons and sensors.”>> Aardal reported

“Ok ,Commander, select enemy targets at will and fire, get us out of here ASAP.”, Devlin ordered


Bombs drop and lit up the ground Ring was close enough for his heat register to raise 20 degrees. He took his recon unit after they landed and moved Northeast in hopes to loop around and attack the enemies’ flank.

1st Company, we are flanking to the east once you get on the ground come find us.” Ring announced over the company net.

Five clicks were heard on the net for the ones that had not completed the jump.
Ring swapped over to unit command net, ((“Command, the First Company will try to flank the enemy.”))

Then the boss came across the net at the same time that the Thunder of Skye fired all her weapons at two Militia mechs both went down but tiny did not think they were out of the fight yet.

<<“4th Skye Guards, this is Devlin. Continue to attack the enemy. At this moment it is unknown what cause the explosion, nor do we know when we will be able to disembark the ship. Ring continue to flank good luck.”>>

Aboard the Thunder of Skye

Devlin stood by the doors fuming somehow while stuck in their 'mechs dropping to the ground with the G-Force at maximum someone was able to seal the bay doors to make them inop and set a bomb in the lower decks. Devlin knew what this meant, the Free Skye Movement spies usually ran in a pack of two or three, there must be a few more saboteurs on this DropShip. Devlin looked at the Flight Deck Chief “We have to get out and join the fight, or all is lost I don’t want to do any more damage than we have to get out of here, what are our options.”

“General, I have already talked to the Kaptain Aardal we have two options blow the doors cripple the ship for a longer time or cut through the doors and save the ship. Cutting the doors will take an extra 30 minutes.” Devlin thought for a second, “Ok let’s cut the doors as much as I want to join the battle saving this ship is just as important. Three companies of 'mechs will just have to deal with the enemy.”


With half of the force stuck in a DropShip and the other half still dropping Ring saw the tide turning to the enemy. Two of the heavies dropped in the wrong spot and damage their legs, and one of his mechs was just destroyed by a large laser to the chest. The only good news was that the Thunder of Skye just took out another Dragon. As he rounded the hill, a damn Burke took out his left arm and then hit his engine. Ring eject system went online, and he shot up in the air. As he looked out over the battlefield, he saw one of the Guards Reivers take out the same tank that took him out, well at least there is some justice since the men in that tank did not survive.

Riever Heavy Fighter (Farseer Animation)

Riever Heavy Aerospace Fighter

Deagin took note that four mechs in his unit were down and six mechs in Ring Company. Thankfully, it looked like the 8th Company was dropping out of the DropShip. “Here I come to save the day. WolfLord and the Wolfpack will save you.” said the commander of the 8th Company.

Then his whole unit at once howled over the net. Deagin just shook his head net discipline was not Wolf’s strong suit but his battle prowess almost rivals that of the CO and XO. Hopefully, this will turn the tide back to their side. A Zeus next to Deagin toppled over when his head blew off due to a Banshee's AC/5 to the face, when Deagin turned his guns to the Banshee it ducked behind one of the hills, so he targeted a Burke tank and destroyed it with a 10 for 10 LRM hit to the left side of the tank.

Aboard the Thunder of Skye

As Devlin watched the Flight deck chief work his magic, he notices that the chief was 75% done.

“Chief, I am going to get the mechs ready since it looks like you are almost done.”, Devlin told him.

“Roger that, General, I should be done in a few minutes.” The chief said.


Two Guard Aerospace Fighters crashed due to engine destruction by enemy fire, so the other ten fighters lined up to do a strafing run on the enemy. Lieutenant-Kaptain Fragateiro notice that the Cadre was still unorganized and bunched up. “Eagles lets strafe the crap out of the cadre maximum damage make it count.” After the two squadrons had made their run, Fragateiro looked back and noticed that two Bruke tanks were on fire, and an Excalibur was laying on its side with a right leg missing. The downed DropShip used all of the available weapons to destroy another Dragon in the cliffs to the west. The staffing run broke the Cadre, and they started an organized retreat to the north.

Thunder of Skye

The bay door open and Devlin announced to exit the DropShip and engage any and all enemy units.


With the rest of the Guards showing up to the battle, the line broke down entirely with the Militia breaking in an almost full run and the Cadre still retreating but with a little more discipline. Devlin took out three tanks and an Excalibur Heavy 'Mech right after he got to the top of the hill. With his XO Xenon on his left and the commander of the 6th Company's Hauptmann Greymane on his right both registering two tank kills each. Deagin and WolfLord continued to push up the ravine that eventually just scared the Cadre, and they broke leaving the ROE. The victory today goes to the 4th Skye Guards.

Dealing with Sabotagers[]


As Devlin sat on the shoulder of his Atlas drinking his coffee which was a special gift from a fellow MechWarrior and friend from the other side of the inner sphere, he thought to himself, this coffee grown on Terra from a small island called Hawaii maybe the best he had ever tasted. He raised his cup and said out load “Here is to you, Chappy. I hope your battles go smoother than mine has.”

He then opened a report on his pad listing the spoils of war his Guards lost four 'mechs today and three warriors but gained six mech that need repair but will be out on the field of battle soon under the Guards colors.

((“General Devlin, Kaptain Aardal here, a message just came in, the rest of the Guards just Jumped in system they said that all is fixed and apologize that it took them this long.”))

“Thanks, Kaptain tell them to land here I will keep a lance of armor and the DropShips here to keep the LZ secure they can catch up to us once they land, Devlin out.”

So ten days without the rest of the unit, or the Guards MRB (Mobile Repair Base) even though he wanted to push a weaken enemy he needed to be cautious.

Mobile Field Base (MechWarrior 3 Version)2

Mobile Repair & Field Base

“XO report.” Devlin said over the unit’s command net.

((“Xenon here, Sir, we just got the satellite image of the spaceport looks like the units that we just kicked will have some armor and mech reinforcements.”))

“Send those images to my pad have the maintenance crews work double time to fix our 'mechs we will move out in 30 hours.” Devlin said.

((“Roger, Xenon out”))

Thunder, Devlin. Have you made progress in the search?”

<<“Yes Sir we were just about to hail you, both men are in custody.”>> “Roger that Thunder I will be there in a second.”

As Devlin walked into the brig, he was handed a pad with all the evidence he needed to convict these two men as saboteurs and traitors. “So why betray your fellow soldiers three mech warriors died on the battlefield and five crew men died at the hand via the bomb you made.”

One of the two enlisted men looked up with disdain and spat in Devlin’s face, “You are the traitor to the Skye people.”

As Devlin wiped his face from the spit he said calmly, “Are there anymore from your movement in the Guards and are there any more bombs?”
The prisoner that just spat in Devlin’s face just looked at him and said, “F you.”

Devlin then pulled out his Colt 45 and said, “You know an interesting fact about this ancient weapon” Devlin then open revolver and empty all the bullets, but kept one in his fingers. “In the 1900s people would use this gun in a game called Russian Roulette.” He then put the bullet back in closed and spined the Cylinder. “Now I am going to ask questions and if I don’t like the answer or don’t believe it, I will pull the trigger you have a one in six chance that the bullet will be fired. Now answer the question.”

The prisoner looked at Devlin. “You don’t have the balls.”

Devlin raised the gun and pulled the trigger, with a click sound Devlin looked at the man.

The prisoner looked down and saw that his bows lost their ability to hold anything piss and shit was oozing out of the bottom of his pants.

“By the power vested in me I find you guilty of treason.” Devlin said and then pulled the trigger.


The other prisoner started screaming that Devlin could not do that and that he would tell Devlin whatever he wanted. So, Devlin turned to him and while he watched the defecation continue to run free of his pants Devlin asked the same question.

“No, no there are no other bombs or persons from the Free Skye Movement here, now please put me in cell and leave me alone.” The prisoner number two said.

Devlin looked at the man and simply said, “Thank you, but you are still guilty.” with that Devlin pulled the trigger.


“Man, both of you are beating the odds. Sergeant, lock these two cowards up.”

He then got up to leave turned to the MP and said have their friends or acquaintances clean this mess up, make sure that they know I did not enjoy this, nor will I do this again if no other traitors are in the Guard. He walked out of the brig and pulled all six bullets out of his pants and loaded his gun. The sleight of hand was always his best trick when he was kid, he thought.

A Request[]

Battlefield - Temporary Headquarters
Kessel, Draconis Combine
January 7th, 3030
Local Time: 19:00 GST

Devlin sat at his makeshift desk made from ammo crates looking at his PAD. Even though there have been some setbacks by way of traitors, the situation is still pretty good. One day on the planet and they already control three sectors, what little civilians they have encountered were indifferent towards the 4th Skye Guards. Even with that, his standing orders of no civilians around the base still stand. Devlin just finished a request for riot police/militia units to Nondi Steiner when Hauptmann Greymane knocked on the tent post.

“Sir, do you have a moment?”

“Of course, Hauptmann Greymane come in you always have my ear, what’s up?”

“I want to talk to you about the traitors and your actions.”

“Really? Do you think I went too far?” Devlin asked.

“No, no I am not sure you went far enough. I have a request though.”

“I did not go far enough? Mmmm what is your request?” Devlin said with some curiosity in his voice.

“Well, my father had much respect for you and I have come to respect you also. But the next time we have traitors or even prisoners let me deal with them. You don’t need to soil your uniform or name with lowlifes as those.” Greymane said with more conviction than Devlin ever heard from him.

Devlin was somewhat shocked, and then he looked down at his hands and then said quietly. “Yeah, traitors by law need to be put to death. However, prisoners though we cannot kill them, interrogate, and then detain them. When the rest of the unit gets here, and the Red Horse Engineers build the temporary headquarters. We will have a true brig until then makeshift cages will have to do.”

“Copy that sir, just give me this detail, and I won’t fail you."

An hour later

Devlin had never been a fan of splitting a unit up when already outnumbered on the planet but the fear of being outflank overruled one of his personal rules. So, he sent the 6th company to the east and then head north to protect the right flank. Then sent the 8th Company to the west and then head north to protect the left flank was essential to protect the supply lines until the rest of the unit was on planet or so he hoped. The jamming of the local area broadcast network was working for their benefit, but the techs had yet to hack into the satellite system to have full access to all videos and comms. So, he was still in the dark about what’s going on elsewhere on the planet. The joys of command, he thought, as he felt a headache coming on. He looked at the picture of his family and said out loud, “Sorry, my love for putting you through this yet again.” Devlin placed the picture down and took up a bottle of whiskey and took a big swig. Time to get back to work “Greymane WolfLord, this is Devlin, I just sent the battle plan to you, execute your orders at 0600.”

<<“Roger boss.”>> They both answered at the same time over the radio. “Xenon, this is Devlin, battle plan is uploaded prepare the troops.”

The Thirst for Battle[]

40 miles from Spaceport
Kessel, Draconis Combine
January 8th, 3030
07:00 GST


Hauptmann Eugen Broadberry aka WolfLord loved to be in charged, loved to be in front of the lines, and best of all loved to kill the enemy. Whether it was from his weapons or weapons from a friendly, it did not matter a dead enemy was a perfect enemy. So, he was a little upset when the General gave him orders to make sure the primary unit wasn't flanked. Satellite imagery had been spotty at best but not being part of the main push to the spaceport disappoint him. They had moved north about 50 miles when the 2nd Squadron flew overhead, ((“Hauptmann Broadberry, Eagle One here we see a column of heavy armor heading this way, looks like a company’s worth.”))

“Roger that, Eagle One, drop bombs make them soft for us, tag them.“ Well guess he will get to fight after all., Broadberry thought

75 miles East

Devlin looked at the command link, which kept flickering, damn he cannot wait tell the rest of the unit gets here and then he can put up the guards' satellites. “Guards, take note the enemy is up ahead, Ring go left and try to flank their line” all that was heard was a bunch of clicks.

Ring swapped over to his company net “ok guys boss wants us to move left and flank them, time to kick some tail.”

Devlin calmly lined up his sites on a Burke II SuperHeavy tank and fired his missiles and gauss rifle, his reward was a burnt out and melted shell.

Meanwhile over in the WolfPack

Corporal Saurez was the first troop to get a hit on the enemy by peeling off the armor on the left side of a T-12 Tiger Medium Tank. Right at that moment the 2nd squadron flew over and dived bomb the armor company they all picked the right targets and most of their bombs were on target. When the fighters climbed back up and started the turn back 5 enemy tanks were up in flames with the crews in them. Hell yeah, WolfLord thought this battle won’t last long at this rate.

75 miles East
0715 GST

Lancelot Heavy Mech (In Combat on a Highway by Philbobagginszzz)

Lancelot Heavy 'Mech

As the Guard crept closer to the enemy units, Lieutenant Mitchell received a couple of pings to the right of him. “Deagin, Mitch I have a few pings to my right I am going to check it out."

<<“Roger, Mitch, keep me posted, out.">>

Longbow Fire Support BattleMech (Blender Battletech game)

Longbow Assault 'Mech

12th Lance, lets go.” Mitchell said to his unit.

A few minutes later he was engaged with a Pegasus hover tank. The tank managed to do some minor damage to his left leg, but he took out its whole capability of moving with two large lasers into the left side.

Devlin lined up another missile and gauss shot on a Lancelot. After the hit, the Lancelot tried to reply with its own weapons only to have all the weapons go haywire. Devlin looked at his sensors, “Hmmm...I must of took out his sensors with that blow to the head to bad only 5 of the 20 LRMs hit.” He said out loud.

Victor Assault Mech (Red Raiders - MWO Style)

Victor Assault 'Mech

Private Byers in his Longbow took out the motive system of a Saladin tank with his salvos of LRMs.

Mitchell’s Lance rounded the hill and ran into a Pegasus hover tank with missiles. The Pegasus was ready for them however and launch. Most the missiles found their target and cored out the left leg of a Victor in his Lance, as the leg actuator failed due the damage, the mech’s leg broke in half and the Victor toppled over. Mitchell fired three large lasers into the front of the Pegasus destroying it. <<“Corporal Setien, report now!”>> Mitchell ordered

“Lieutenant, I am ok just a little banged up, don’t think I will be going anywhere anytime soon.”


The hills and swamp were slowing down the WolfPack at this rate 2nd Aerospace Squadron was going to see most of the action., thought WolfLord. As he thought this the Squadron flew overhead to group up for another pass over the enemy. He then spotted on the radar a blip; the computer registered it as a tiger tank. WolfLord fired all his weapons at it from max distance, destroying all the armor on the right side, but the tank was still functional.

75 mile East
Local Time 0730

Most of the planet forces that were involved in the first battle were still shell-shocked, there were two enemy companies that reinforced those units but all indications showed them as light armor so there won’t be much of a fight, Devlin thought as he destroyed a Burke II SuperHeavy tank with his PPC. Corporal Busca fired her LRM 20s into a Tiger tank and destroyed it. Leutnant Mitchell on the right side with his lance took out a Saladin tank wiping out all enemy units that tried to outflank the 4th. Devlin order the unit to keep moving up, he knew that these cadets would break, it was very unfortunate that these cadets must die before their military careers actually started, but such is a life of a soldier. To the right of him about 30 paces in front Devlin saw the first friendly mech go to the ground. Lieutenant Netro Gerratanna piloting a Battlemaster went to the ground after a Cyclops in militia paint fired a large laser to the Battlemaster head and hit dead-on. “Net! Are you ok answer me now” screamed Deagin, Devlin decided to make a mental note on how Deagin reacted to discuss it in the future about relationships.

“Yes, Deagin, I am fine.”
“Ok everyone form up V-formation now” Devlin announced.

Meanwhile at the WolfPack Location

Crockett Assault Mech (Firing weapons in the Desert - painted by mdk4yyv)

Crockett Assault 'Mech

The WolfPack just cleared the tree line and discovered the rest of the Armor Company trying to move to the left to get away. Corporal Reynoso ended up being the closest since he was securing that side of the line, he fired on a Tiger tank and caused it to flip on its side then he marched right on top of the tank to crush it along with its occupancies. Wolf was able to target and disabled a hunter light tank before the fighters came back and dived bomb the area destroying four more tanks. When the dust settled, there were no more armor tanks left on the battlefield.

75 miles East
Local Time 0800 GST

Cicada (In a Battlefield - Blender Version by Pickledtezcat)

Cicada Medium 'Mech on the battlefield

As the 1st Company rounded the left side and almost flanked the enemy, they did something unexpected, they moved a lance of heavies over and started to fire. An enemy’s Archer threw a salvo of LRM 20s out and hit Private Buckner’s Wasp destroying it. Devlin kept pushing into the beast belly and destroyed a Burke Tank with LRMs and then another Burke Tank with his gauss rifle. The Cadre’s armor tanks were no match for the 4th and started to back up. Devlin could feel that the enemy was about to break. Then an enemy Warhammer destroyed First Leutnant Cabasos's Cicada with its PPC. Devlin saw the problem on the left side, the 1st Company was getting hammer. “Shift to the left everyone, shift to the left give the 1st Company some assistance.” Devlin announced. He then focused his site on a Burke tank and destroyed it.

Several other MechWarriors were making their mark by destroying the 12th Sun Zhang Cadre tanks. Then Devlin finally reached close enough to lend support to the 1st Company only four mechs were left from that company and their commander Ring both legs were broken. Devlin was able to take out a cyclops with a PPC head shot. On the right side, Mitchell and team took out a Catapult. The 12th Sun Zhang Warhammer on the left side continued to hammer away at the 1st Company by destroying a Firestarter luckily Lieutenant Stanton was able to escape. The 12th Sun Zhang lines broke again after the last of the militia was destroyed when Devlin killed a Crockett with a gauss to the face. “Guards do not pursue lets bed down tonight and get some repair on our mechs before we assault the spaceport.

Interrogation of Prisoners[]

30 miles from Space Port
Kessel, Draconis Combine
January 9th, 3030

06:00 GST

Devlin awoke with a start, his personnel assistant had just rushed into the tent. “Sir. Sorry to wake you ,but the transport of those two prisoners that Hauptmann Broadberry captured just arrived.”

“Thanks, Private push them into the holding tent and wake up, Ulric.”
“Roger, Sir.”

General Devlin and Hauptmann Greymane was looking at two prisoners bound by hands and feet with a crude makeshift rope. “Whiskey, we pack up and leave in 30. You can start now and finish after we have taken the spaceport. I want all details about their unit, do what it takes.” “Roger that” Greymane said. “Your wish is my command.”

As Greymane walked into the tent he orders the guards to pull the prisoners up and take their ropes off.

“Ok Paul and Theresa.” as Greymane looked at their name tags, “Here is what we are going to do.” He looked at the guards and said’ “Strip them to their birthday suits” After the guards striped the two prisoners and handcuff them per the orders of Greymane he said, “go and prepare a secure spot on one of the transports for the prisoners. Leave now, I got this.”

Greymane turned around and looked at the prisoners, “Well now, you are no longer Paul and Theresa your new names are Adam and Eve, and I am your god. We are about to leave to destroy your pals at the spaceport then your god will start the process of breaking you. Trust me, you will break.”

“Sir”, Adam(Paul) said “ I am sure my so-called buddies that left me are not going to be at the spaceport, they are scared and are running.”

“Well, we will see about that, but that is not the information I want from you two. I want actual Army strength, I want to know where the supply depots are, and I want to know if the civilian population will rise up against my unit.”

“No, we cannot tell you any information.”

Greymane just shook his head and walked closer to the two naked prisoners and pulled out a Taser Stick and pressed it to Adam’s (Paul) balls and let it rip as Adam screamed in pain Greymane looked at Eve he could see the terror in her eyes.

“No worries, Eve, after the battle if you don’t answer correctly, it will be your turn with my stick.”

Advancing to the Space Port[]

Battlefield - 5 miles from Space Port
Kessel, Draconis Combine
January 10th, 3030 08:05 GST

As the 4th Skye Guards marched toward the Space Port General Devlin was starting to think that the prisoners were correct, everyone had fled. Feeling of disappointment and relief at the same time came to Devlin, and he wonder if the enemy was going to keep fleeing, after all most of the enemy are cadets. The General looked at his command board it looked like Hauptmann Milde (callsign Blis) was the closest to the base.

“Blis, move forward with a lance and scout ahead.”.”

As Blis moved up an artillery barrage started raining down on them, but all the shells missed their mark and it lasted for about 5 minutes then it was over. As the reports came in no one was damage, that was odd., Devlin thought.

“Be on the lookout for booby traps.” Devlin said Clicks were heard across the net as the unit went in full battle mode.

Blis was the first one that enter the spaceport proper, ((“No activity looks abandon.”))

True enough, Devlin thought, he swapped to a personnel net, “Greymane, this is Devlin, guess that prisoner was truthful. Let’s see if they can provide us with more Intel and try not to be too abusive with them. All in the while I want Intel I don’t want to break any rules of war.” Greymane replied “Yes, Sir.”

Few hours later

The space port now the new 4th Skye Guards Base because no one was there, there were no booby traps, and no civilians in fact Devlin thought he has seen few civilians since landing a few days ago. Well now that we have an infrastructure under our control maybe the techs can get more satellite access and news info.

“Xenon, Devlin, I want the base set up and secured, then after that give the troops off the rest of the day have the techs work on the equipment tomorrow, we move out in two days.” Devlin said.

Xenon came back ((“Roger, Devlin, the troops will be happy, I found a hotel and in the process of assigning rooms. Looks like there is enough rooms to hold the whole unit. We can use the air tower as a situation room, and there is a briefing room on the first floor that we can make secure.”))

Devlin replied with “Excellent news hopefully, Deagin, will have good news on his recon of the other buildi…..”

<<“Devlin, Deagin here, we found want you wanted but it needs some minor repair… tech says about a day worth of repair then we will have the mobile repair base up and running.”>>

“Good to hear, Deagin, have them start on the repairs ASAP..” Devlin announced “things are looking up.”

Meanwhile in the basement of the new 4th Skye Guards headquarters you could hear screaming.

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