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Chapter Seven

- Book 4 – Chappy's Howling Siegers

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Searching for Redemption[]

DropShip Bounty of Blood
Operation Liberate
Niles, Freedom Federation
December 28th, 3029

Local Time: 0400 GST

A month has passed since he agreed to be the commander of the 3rd Combat Group, a month to meet all his company commanders and DropShip commanders, all of which were very intelligent and bright men. They are all merc though, even now when the new nation enveloped most of the mercs into house units they were still mercs in his eyes, something he needed to get over.

He looked at the half empty bottle of whiskey and realized that he might need another bottle before the Bounty lift off. Since his wife died, he had slowly up his game when it came to drinking and now, he was a functioning drunk that could not do anything without alcohol in his system. Even though he wanted more than anything to prove that he could lead the 3rd Group to victory. He just could not get over the fact that she was gone even after being married for all those years it still does not get easier when you mate dies, and in truth it is probably harder to get over. It has been two years since her death, yet he is still in pain, this war will be a good thing since his mind will be on winning instead of his dead wife. Even in his state, he still considered himself the best commander that the Renegades had, everything about the invasion of Alegro had been planned, thought out, investigated, plans on top of plans.

The only unknown left was the transport. General Chapman was very tight lip about how his unit was going to get there. The one thing that Bharat was sure of, surprise was Chapman’s middle name. Somehow this one planet nation had 11 reinforce regiments ready to invade 11 planets in the next month, having all these regiments was awesome having DropShips for all these units was amazing, but having transports to move these troops all at once when most major houses would struggle with this feat is amazing, so how was Chapman going to pull this off Bharat was unsure. As far as his unit was concern the biggest obstacle was the small space station that orbited the planet. He only had 6 dropships, 12 assault ships and 10 small craft, with 6 Heavy Aerospace Fighters. Intel showed that along with the space station there was 28 light/medium Aerospace Fighters guarding it. Taking over the Station would be key, if that was accomplished then he could oversee combat operations from there, which rumor had it, that there was a good stock of whiskey on the station. The warning light and alarm went on stating that takeoff was in 15 seconds, he downed his whiskey and waited for the exit out of the atmosphere and to the unknown transportation.

DropShip Bounty of Blood
Low orbit around Niles

Local Time: 0430 GST

After entering low orbit Bharat was allowed up to the bridge of the Excalibur Dropship Bounty of Blood as she angled her way up to the approaching fleet of JumpShips the Colonel did not give it one thought, at this moment he was getting into the honor chair on the flight deck, this console only purpose was to give the ground commander a Birdseye view of what the navy was doing. He could suggest to the actual commander of the Dropship what to do but the final call about the safety of this ship always ended up with ship’s commander. With how this unit and all other units were stood up the Colonel was nervous of what kind of junk JumpShip that the General was able to come up with. Especially considering that 11 other Regimental units were leaving at the same time to different planets and required transport he was very worried indeed. He supposed it would be just civilian transports, from the distance he still could not tell what type of ships they were, when he recalled the ground units like new equipment and even some of the equipment he had never seen before he wondered how this was going down. As Bharat looked at the commander of the DropShip all he saw was a very young looking 31-year-old of Asian descent. Once the dropship connected and was sealed the Colonel would make his way to the JumpShip’ s flight deck to meet its commander, a Commander Silerio which he was told was very young too.

As the Bounty of Blood rolled into the view of the Jump fleet there were actual gasp from the younger generation, although the Colonel had to admit it was a site to behold. Several dozen ships from every size and make were floating up here as if it was just going to be a stroll in the park on a sunny afternoon, there was evidence that other ships were floating out there to, but the orbital shipyard was blocking the view.

Then the communication officer yelled out, “Sir incoming transmission from the Vengeance of Sherry.”

“Ok put it on screen comm” Lieutenant Douglas said. Right then a young blond woman of Anglo-Saxon descent came into view. <<“Welcome to the Vengeance, I am Commander Silerio, dock 2 has been assigned to you.’”>> she then turned to the colonel >>“Colonel I look forward to meeting with you to discuss your plans for the invasion.”>> With that the screen went blank. “How dare she...” the colonel said under his voice “She is just a JumpShip commander...” at that moment he realized that his whispering to himself was not and that most of the flight deck heard him. “Sir, coordinates and docking info has been received.”

“Roger that navigator, proceed with docking procedure,” Lieutenant Douglas said.

McKenna Battleship (by Shortpainter)

McKenna Class Battleship, Vengeance of Sherry

A few seconds later and there was more gasp. “Huh Colonel you better look at this.” Douglas said

“Your JumpShip commander is actually a battleship commander.” With that the colonel look up at the viewpoint and the lieutenant was right, in front of him was a McKenna Class Battleship receiving the other five dropships of his unit. How in the Hell did the General get his hand on a Battleship?, the colonel thought. As the dropship rotated around to get a good seal and lock he notice something else…. there were other Battleships, Battlecruisers, Destroyers and escorts to the left of the Vengeance of Sherry he counted 15 warships and 10 JumpShips along with smaller craft floating in and out of view. A fleet this size, how, why, he was shell shock for once he had no words to formulate, no words at all.

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