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Chapter Three

- Book 4 – Chappy's Howling Siegers

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Capital of Skye
Office of the 4th Skye Ranger Commander
45th Floor of Skye Rangers HQ
New Glasgow, Skye
October 11th, 3029

Local Time: 03:00 GST

A man in full dress uniform of the 4th Skye Ranger leaned against the railing of the patio looking out at the famous Bannockburn Bogs in which Skye defense forces defeated Kuritan forces in 2895. At this height the officer could see the monument marking the success of that defensive and all the men and women that lost their lives defending the planet.

The sky was changing color as both suns were leaving the sky in a rare double sunset. He was contemplating what had happened the last few years especially on the planet Marfik, and then what happen today when a light breeze brought the smells of the city’s restaurants to the officer’s nose. The officer was absently rubbing his fingers on the medal that was given to him a few hours ago as he took his eyes off of the monument, he looked at the golden medallion it was the Order of Tamar Tigers for his actions in the last war, without him the Archon had said the 4th would have been lost.

He highly doubted that but unfortunately, his last commander General Kathleen Heany made mistakes, too many mistakes and the commander of the 13th Assault Regiment made sure she paid for it, by causing her to lose her command today.

That’s why he was in full class A uniform with shiny new rank on it. He was now the Commander of the 4th Skye Rangers and in four months he will be leading the unit into battle according to the mission data he just received. Hauptmann General Ryan Hawkins had a mission which was to rebuild the 4th into his own image, a rough, tough, elite fighting force. This time next year because of the pending war the 4th Skye Rangers will be the premier fighting force, songs in the Commonwealth will be written about them and fear will be instilled into the Free Worlds League. Most people will know him by his callsign “The Zipper” and he was fine with that. The first planet for conquest was called Shiloh. Zipper had fought high command for his unit to attack Alphecca or Skondia since they were just a jump away from Skye, but High Command had other units assigned on those planets and they would not change their mind. Now that he was in charge of a reinforced regiment, he had privy to all the battle plans and was able to look at the big picture of both his beloved Lyran CommonWealth, and their new friends by treaty and marriage the Federated Suns, and he was not happy. The Federation of Freedom and the Federated Suns were making big pushes into Kurita space, so why was the Archon just making a small push and putting a lot of energy up around the Rasalhague area in Kurita space trying to get them to break away from Kurita. This alliance could crush Kurita within an year if it sent at least 70% of their forces into its space, then they could turn to the Free Worlds League and what was left of Liao. Sometimes he just did not understand leadership, “Shit, I am one of those in leadership now.” Zipper said out loud to himself.

Intelligence reports showed that the 1st Sirian Lancers were currently stationed on Shiloh so a game plan had to be formed, first though he would need to pick his new Battalion Commanders Zipper left the balcony and went back to his desk, the command had taken the old BCOMs and six of the CCOM to fill other positions within the Ranger organization so Zipper needed to fill those positions. After four hours of looking over the stats, the MechWarriors bio, and sorting out the men he knew he could trust, he finalized the command structure of his unit. His most trusted friends also happen to be the most qualified personnel for BCOMs;

1st Battalion Colonel Ulin Batten callsign MechWrecher
2nd Battalion Colonel Johannes Ripon callsign Thunden
3rd Battalion Colonel Chet Snidle callsign WamX

Zipper’s 9 Company Commanders are as follows;
1st Company Hauptmann Anders Trydal callsign Chapster
2nd Company Hauptmann Joe Bugti callsign MechLoud
3rd Company Kommandant Dan Onishi callsign CAK
4th Company Kommandant Ahearn Dahl callsign Jennings
5th Company Hauptman Josef Brackmann callsign RoperBand
6th Company Hauptman Stan Hernandez callsign Assault One
7th Company Kommandant Kezban Ihsanoglu callsign Kristee
8th Company Kommandant Jeff Fried callsign windemere
9th Company Hauptmann Ricard Garberg callsign LordSkippy

Zipper was about to call his new command staff when he noticed the time it was almost two in the morning. They will have to wait in the morning, hopefully Zipper thought the true commander was asleep, as he snuck into the bedroom.

“About time you come to bed, Ryan, just because you are the commander doesn’t mean you can ignore your wife.” Zipper looked at his redhead beauty and wonder not for the first time how this angel stayed with him. As he took his uniform off, all he could say is, “You’re the boss I hear and obey.”

The next morning the alarm sounded at 7am, Zipper tried to get out of bed, but forgot his wife handcuffed him to the bed post. “um...Honey, please unlock me I have several appointments today. His wife looked at him with a twinkle in her eye, “Not until I am done with you.”

October 12th, 3029

Local Time: 10:00 GST

Zipper was looking over his new command staff, “We will leave Skye end of February for Shiloh I want some preliminary invasion plans so let’s get to it. The 1st Sirian Lancers will be our opposition in securing the planet for the Lyran Commonwealth. They boast a Regiment of mechs but are considered Green, their Fighter wings are all light fighters, the main concern with matching us up against them is their troops, they have a division of infantry men of various equipment, so we need to watch out for them”

October 12th, 3029

Local Time: 23:50 GST

Zipper’s back was hurting from all the bending over he did today, but they were down to three battle plans. First one was to take over the extreme southern city with its DropPort by landing just outside of the city and storming in.

The second plan was to land in the western part of the continent and battle their way through whatever the Lancers thrown at them. The third plan was much more radical than the other two, could cause serious damage to dropships and 'mechs but if done right would be the fastest to securing the planet. It was simply to Assault drop and land the DropShips right on top of the Capital City. If the Intel was correct the Lancers were spread out except for their infantry which was stationed around the Capital. Of course the attack was not for another four month so Intel could change. Each of the Commanders that came up with their plans presented their case as to why theirs was the best. MechWrecher had the Western plan, WamX had the southern plan, and Kristee had the Capital plan.

After they all finished Chapster piped up, “can we play the pudding song on the loudspeakers as we assault their ass?” Zipper looked at Hauptmann Anders Trydal ‘Chapster’ and wondered why he made him a company commander, “no” was all Zipper said.

After a few more minutes Zipper finally made his mind up.

“I am going to choose the Capital plan with the southern plan as backup encase the Intel changes. That means we train for both outcomes, got it? This will be the only time that we will be able to practice for a battle after Shiloh we will be moving on to the next plant without much break in-between.”

“Sir, yes SIR.” was the command staff reply.

“Good now go get some sleep we start training tomorrow.” Zipper announced. As all his staff left Zipper said to himself, “I am not going to be indecisive like my predecessor, dropping on the capital is bold but if we do it right, stay focus, and blitzkrieg the capital, it will be ours and maybe the Lancers will retreat when the local government capitulate after their Capital is fallen. This will work, this has to work.”

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