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Chapter Eleven

- Book 4 – Chappy's Howling Siegers

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So you want be MechWarrior[]

Fire Base Alpha
General Devlin’s office
Kessel, Draconis Combine
January 16th, 3030

Devlin was looking over battle and damage reports when there was a knock on the door. “Enter.”

Leutnant Gerd Willemsen walked into the room and gave the general a sharp salute. “Sir Leutnant Willemsen reporting, Sir.”
“Gerd I didn’t ask for you, at ease take a seat, what’s on your mind Leutnant?”

Leutnant Willemsen sat down and looked like something was on his mind but was uncomfortable about talking to the General.
“Sir, I just took and passed my training simulation for MechWarrior.”

“So Leutnant, you want to be a MechWarrior? You are the best Admin person I have. You want to be a Warrior and have a chance to die sooner. Why?”

“General, I might like the job I am doing and I am still willing to do this in-between battles, but I always wanted to be in the battle in the mix of things. I want to rise through the ranks due to my warrior skills, not paper skills.”

“Ok Gerd, keep practicing in the sim and when a 'mech and spot opens I will have the XO plug you in.

Five days later

The unit was repaired as much as it could in a short five days. It was time for the unit to continue up the pass through the forest, a trap might be there but the 4th will prevail, thought the General

“Xenon, this is Devlin get the unit ready that are here and let’s move out.” General Devlin announced through the comm.

<<“Roger the unit is ready and anxious for a fight.”>> Xenon said.

Militia Trap[]

Next day

Eight BattleMech Companies of the 4th Skye Guards marched up the highway that joined Firebase Alpha with the Town called Ryugudai which by the way happens to be the gate way to the Kamae Bridge a bridge that is 10 miles long and the only way ground vehicles can cross into the next continent. General Devlin knew he could just load up on the DropShips and drop on top of the Capital, but in doing so he would leave countless companies of the enemy to go into hiding and start guerilla actions. The best way to prevent that? Destroy the enemy while marching to the Capital.

If there was a trap this is where Devlin would spring it about a mile to the north lays the open sea. The forest was only about 300 yards to the south, something about the forest did not feel right thought Devlin.

Devlin turned flip the battle-net and said “Guards watch the forest if there is a trap it wou…”

Right then a bunch of Harvester Ant Industrialmechs jumped out of the forest and started attacking the column. “… never mind outside columns turn and protect the middle!”

Six Harvester Ants actually rushed the end of the column to try and hit the guards in the back. Unfortunately for those Ants, an Atlas and Banshee was bringing up the rear destroying the six ants. Hauptmann Broadberry came across the unit net.

<<“Scratch 6 ants the WolfPack got your back.”>>

“Thanks for having our backs WolfPack” General Devlin replied as he took out an Ant himself with a large laser to its head. The 'mech beside General Devlin went down from a lucky shot to the head by one of the cadre’s Griffin. Fortunately, Devlin saw the ejection system activated and watch Dohon fly to safety.

The sensors lit up like a Christmas tree and when Devlin looked out his cockpit it looked like hundreds of Ants and Lumberjacks were attacking but the radar showed only 85 enemy mechs, including those from the Cadre and Militia. Most of them were coming out of the tree line to the south.

“Guards, form up a firing line on the south side of the highway let’s take these bastards before they cause any more damage. WolfPack protect our backsides there are still a few to the north.” Devlin ordered.

The enemy mechs just kept coming and Devlin notices his expendable ammo is getting low, “Guards check your ammo sound off and pair off if your ammo is getting low.” Devlin said. As the enemies mechs keep falling Devlin orders the unit to move out towards the forest he looks at the battle computer over 40 enemy mechs down only 4 of the Guards units had been incapacitated, yet the enemy kept coming. This has to stop what is making these guys in industrial mechs to just throw their lives away. As the Guards made their push into the main group, an Enforcer from the Kessel militia was able to get a AC/10 shot that took off the head of a Ostroc fortunately Corporal Blair MacTavish was able to eject safely.

Enforcer (MWO Version)

Enforcer Medium 'Mech

Valery Efroimson in a Victor was able to move to the Enforcer that just took out her buddy “don’t worry this Enforcer is dead” and then she kicked it in the right torso destroying the ammo and the mech with it. The pilot of the Enforcer was thrown from the mech instantly dead and then the ammo explosion was so massive it damaged two mechs and killed Corporal Bair MacTavish. Valery was stun her buddy was dead and technically it was her fault.

General Devlin set his sight on a Lumberjack he fired his Gauss and took out the left arm then he fired his PPC and took out the Lumberjack’s right leg, then he fired his LRM-20, all 20 missiles hit all of them in the center torso causing the mech to fall and blow up. Then Devlin had the radar lock warning coming from his right side when he looked over his shoulder only to see 5 medium lasers hitting his right arm, shoulder, and torso. It was the first real solid hit on General Devlin and so not much damage was done to his Atlas. Staff Sergeant Hoyt Rostad saw this and fired his AC/10 from his UrbanMech making a deep hole into the left torso causing the Hunchback to topple onto its back. Finally General Devlin got some Intel about where the commander of the enemy was located. Luckily, he was in range and committed to an Alpha Strike killing the commander. Seeing their commander destroyed burnt to a crisp hanging halfway out of the mech since the top of the cockpit was destroyed, the rest of the enemy units scattered and ran.


Kessel Battlefield MOB—Mobile Operation Base
January 25th, 3030
0530 GST

Mobile Field Base (MechWarrior 3 Version)2

Mobile Field Base

General Devlin sat back in the chair and looked at the office in this moving MOB construct, the MOB was a modify version of the familiar MFB (mobile field base), just bigger, when on the move it formed a caravan of 40 individual vehicles that carried 300 tons of equipment each along with 40 transport trucks with ammo. When in a stationary mode the 40 vehicles combine making a mech hanger of sorts so that the techs can work on any equipment without being in the elements. That is where the General was at now in the makeshift office of the chief technician sending a message back to the dropship Thunder of Skye they in turn will send it in a packet to the HPG to send back home. He loved being in service for his nation and being an important part of it, but at the cost of not seeing his loved ones tugged at his heart every day.

It has almost been 10 days since the 4th’s last push into enemy territory, patrols show no unusual sightings, almost like there was not a war going on. That is fine, Devlin thought as he looked out at an Atlas getting its arm replaced. He was deep in thought when the door slammed open, shocking him and the new person that rolled in as Devlin jumped up with hand on his holster that carried his vintage colt 45.

“Holy shit!!! Sorry, General, you startle me, I was unaware that you were in my office.” exclaimed Sergeant Major Alanna Wyse.

“No worries, it’s my fault this is your office you are the chief tech I was just looking for a quite spot for a second, I am over it. How are the repairs going?”

“Sir, everything is going good most of the mechs are bandage up some are short on ammo but a supply convoy just showed up so we are loading now.” She said as she moved a long black lock of hair from her face that had fallen out of her bun.

“Good because we are making a push around noon into the city.” with that the general walked out of the office and into the bay full of an oil and grease smell.

Excerpt of communication between General Devlin and Hauptmann Dehmel commander of the 2nd Armor Company located south of the MOB.

“Ok Jack, you have the green light to go in and take care of those units that have cornered themselves into a tight spot. You have operational command of your company and of the 3rd Armor Company, it has been noted in the log.”

“Yes, Sir, I will notify you when it is done.” With that the line went dead.

City Assault[]

Battlefield - Devlin’s Atlas
January 25th, 3030
0830 GST

Devlin looked out at the coming battle and saw that there was a problem, mountains. There were only two passes into the city of Ryugudai he hated splitting up the companies but a need for jump mechs had overridden the need to stay in formation.

Guards, Devlin I want all my victors to go left straight north and go over that mountain and then swing back and hit them from behind. Hauptmann Weir ‘Deagin’ take the other 5 Victors and make it happen”

<<“Roger that.”>> Deagin said

“The rest of the jump capable mechs take the middle mountain and provide fire support for the heavies.” Devlin said.

“All assault 'mechs with me through the north passage and the heavy and non-jump mediums go through the Northwest Passage and let’s hit them hard. Remember this is a major city with a port of call that should have some much-needed supplies so try not to destroy the city.”

<<“Yes, Sir!”>> was the reply from the Guard, all at once….

200 miles south of Ryugudai City

“Hauptmann Luna, this is Jack we are a go for the attack take your company and hit the enemy from the left I will take the right, your my XO for this operation let’s make the General proud.”

<<“Roger that, going left see you on the other side”>> Hauptmann Luna said.

As the two companies of Armor rolled into target range of the nearly destroyed enemy they fired a volley of missiles, armor piercing rounds, and lasers into the oncoming enemy doing serious damage to the enemy mechs but not destroying any of them.

“Keep it up guys, we need to wipe them off the face of this planet!!” Jack said over the net.

After a few more rounds of fire Jack notice that the enemy was breaking, one by one the industrial freak mechs with weapons fell, first it was a Lumberjack then the Von Luckner Heavy Tank blew up. Shortly after that another Lumberjack exploded falling on top of a carbine construction mech smashing it to pieces. This battle will be over in about an hour thought Jack.

Just outside Ryugudai City

Grand Dragon Heavy Mech (In Combat - Miniature Painted by TedTheReckless)

Grand Dragon Heavy 'Mech

The move was on but no one was firing, whoever the commander was in the city he was showing great control over his men and discipline, no one had come out of the city, they were all waiting to fire at the two choke points Devlin thought. He then saw that there was some kind of slick liquid on the road.

“Guards they have treated the roads slow down and be careful” he announced.

Zeus (Firing on Rolling HIlls)

Zeus Assault 'Mech firing

It was too late because a Grand Dragon slipped and fell hitting the side just right to cause an ammo explosion, luckily corporal Lyons got out of the mech safely. If that wasn’t bad enough Hauptmann Lepine slipped as well destroying the 'mech.

“Guards, Slow the F down or all of us will be dead before one shot is fired!!” yelled the General.
thumb|Locust Light 'Mech in combat Devlin has never been one to fight a war in an office, he was the third mech that went through the choke point his radar flared up as targets of opportunity lit up his board. Taking careful aim, he fired his PPC and Gauss Rifle into a Harvester ripping it into two along with the pilot. The Zeus next to Kreedo fired most of her weapons at a lumberingGrommet D90 that was sitting in a 3-story building as the building crumbled around the mech crushing it and the pilot with it. At the same time an enemy Locust which was way too close to the Guards for some reason tried to run only to find the foot of another Atlas crushing it like a bug.

<<“YeeeHaaa, I love squashing little bugs.”>> Corporal StirZacre said. “Oh, and great shooting there Zhao, I am sure the cost of that building will come out of your paycheck”

<(“Shut up, Stir, or the next building will be on you.”)> Corporal Sung-ah Zhao said

“Congrats on your first kill, Zhao, now cut the chatter and try not to destroy any more buildings.” General Devlin said

200 miles south of Ryugudai City

Hauptmann Jack Dehmel was dripping with sweat not because his tank was hot but just from the excitement of destroying the enemy without any mechs help. He looked at his board all the enemy on left was destroyed, there was not that many there to begin with that is why he sent the 3rd Armor Company over there.

“Luna, Jack good job over there now move this way, there is another Von Luckner on the hill that is causing us problems and most of the enemy ran into the town.” Jack said “Roger, moving your way.”

With that, one of his AC/2 Carrier was destroyed by a volley from that same Von Luckner tank. Fortunately, though just before it was destroyed the Carrier took out couple of Quasit Militia enemy mechs along with a militia Bruke defense tank. Then another AC/2 Carrier got in range, fired and destroyed that tank on the hill.

Manticore Heavy Tank (HBS version, going up hill)

Manticore Heavy Tank

“GO GO GO! Get into the town and weed them out!!” Jack said in an attempt to light the fire under the butt of all the guys in his command.

Several more Quasit MilitiaMechs went down and Jack breathed a sigh of relieve when the last enemy mech went down by way of a PPC shot from a Manticore Heavy Tank. Time to call the General, thought Jack, with the good news.

Battle for Ryugudai[]

Ryugudai City

As the 4th Skye Guards pushed in from the choke points many of the mechs were damage but none destroyed, yet. Three mechs Devlin saw were crippled with missing legs, they had powered down in hopes to save their mechs for another day. The fighting was heavy in the Southside of the city, of course that was where he was at, right in the middle of it. One of his mechs in front of him, an Excalibur just got decapitated by an AC20 to the head from one of the few real mechs out on the field, a hunchback, must be a militia mech thought Devlin. A scavenger mech came into view and Devlin fired his PPC and his last Gauss shot into it destroying it, the scavenger got some lucky shots off though and Devlin’s mech told him as much when he lost a heat sink and most of his armor in his leg. A Copper SecurityMech fired all of its weapons and hit 100% on Devlin’s arm destroying his PPC and all the armor. With the heat building and Devlin sweat was dripping down his face he re-focus his aim fired his SRM, and two medium pulse laser destroying the same Copper SecurityMech that just damage him.

“Nice shooting general” Corporal Bertrand MacWilliams said as he himself fired his two large lasers at an Enforcer mech destroying it. Devlin saw that the pilot from the Excalibur was still alive and called in the medvac VTOL.

Leutnant Russell Hill always wanted to be in battle creating glory for him and his family name. Along with his brother they joined at the same time and so happen to be assigned to the same unit out of training, the 4th Skye Guards. Now they found themselves on a Kurita planet in the middle of a war, but he was bored. Why was he bored? He was a pilot of a VTOL Medvac hovering 2 klicks from the actual fighting he was in Squad One of the Rescue wing and his brother was in another VTOL as a gunner/medtech. Russell was nodding off when the call came in.

“Medvac, Devlin here, we have a 4th warrior at grid 1421 he is alive and moving, be advise he is right in the middle of battle, there are also several enemy pilots down if we can capture them that would be a plus.”

“Roger that sir I will have my Squads penetrate the AOR in 5 mic.” Hauptmann Ana Jayakar commander of the rescue wing said.

“Ok guys you heard the man let’s go do our jobs, fly low and fast watch the mountains and the stray laser, pick them up fast and hard.” Ana announced.

Russell called out to the back for Joakim his gunner/medtech to strap in because it was going to get rough. Now this was more liked it as Russell moved side to side flying through the small valley in-between the mountain, maybe today won’t be so boring he thought. He saw the flare for pick up rushed down landed as soon as Joakim gave him the signal to take off he did. Another Medvac, callsign med 2, had just picked up the other 4th pilot that had tripped the mech’s feet and destroyed it without the enemy hitting him, that pilot was a Hauptmann no less.

“Med 3 has picked up Leutnant Kiptoo, health report is laceration to head, sprain leg, broken arm but stable. Headed back to safe zone” Russell announced of the Rescue channel. “Command this is Med 5 we are taking fire they are shooting at us on purpose please be ……………………..” the line went dead.

Shit, thought Russell if the enemy is shooting at VTOL with the universal medvac symbol on it then they have lost their mind or their eyesight. As he took off and started to fly away another transmission of yet another VTOL being targeted and shot down. Then Machine gun fire hit his VTOL as the instruments went crazy, he struggled to maintain the integrity of his ship. After he was successful, he called out across the net.

“Med 3 was hit by machine gun fire we survived, passenger is safe we have cleared the AOR and will be there in 5 mic.”

“Roger that as soon as you land we will patch up the holes so that you can go in again.”

Great thought Russell it went from a boring day to a day of let’s try to commit suicide by way of flying into a gun fire.

“General Devlin, this is Hauptmann Dehmel we have secured the Southside of the Green life forest all enemy mechs and tanks destroyed.”

“Roger that Jack meet up with us at the rendezvous two days from now.” Devlin said.

Xenon commander of the 2nd Battalion broke free of the combat line on the far-right side. He ordered the other four mechs that was with him to follow and rush the right flank. He cleared a path by taken down a Harvester and LoaderMech. On the other side of the battle Deagin with his makeshift force of Victors slowly pushed inward creating a vice that Devlin knew would soon pop.

The modify industrial mechs were falling like flies even though they put up a good fight it was just impossible to win once the full force of the guards cleared the two passes and spread out in the city. The key for Devlin he thought was not letting any of them escape, anything else and he would not classify it as a victory. Devlin was thinking on this, a volley of LRMs hit his mech with one arm gone both legs in the red for armor and the other arm with no armor he knew that he had to be careful or lose his mech to the enemy. The enemy was getting desperate they knew their time of fighting was almost over the question was would they give up or make a run for it.

Wolverine (In Combat)

Wolverine Medium 'Mech

The answer was they were going to make a run for it, a core group of militia mechs were still alive, they gathered up as many industrial mechs that could be mustard and made a push on the right side of the combat line. With lucky shots to the head by an hunchback and harvester they took out an Ostsol and Wolverine creating the hole they needed to escape.

“Stand down, Guards, we have a lot of damage to fix before we can pursue but at least we have another town liberated for the Lyran Commonwealth.”

Mind of the Enemy[]

Scenic Hill overlooking the Kamae Bridge
Kessel, Draconis Combine
January 27th, 3030
0330 GST

Devlin looked through his military issued Rangerfinder Binoculars at the bridge and how the enemy was deploying, using the night vision feature, he noticed that the enemy was splitting up on several ‘islands’. What was the commander over there thinking? Devlin thought, it is hard not to get cocky when the enemy command decisions have been horrible. Why are they always spread out and unorganized? He supposed that it has worked out for the best since the 4th Company is kicking butt. Even with all the success the 4th Skye Guards have had on this planet, Devlin was worried about the upcoming battle. With a major storm system sitting on top of the Guards Headquarters none of the aerospace fighters nor the DropShips can take off. The Kamae Bridge was the only option, this bridge stretched over ten miles long and connects about ten smaller islands. This is where crossing the bridge is the most dangerous because being bottleneck trying to get off the bridge on an island with the enemy mechs hidden in the tree line could be deadly.

Being Fire[]

Kessel Militia HQ
Hotel Dragon Penthouse
City of Shimonogo

Tai-i Massato Ito was drunk, and he did not care, he was not even sure if he wanted to live anymore. Prior to the Steiner bastard’s invasion, he had a great life, he was the big dog in this region of Kessel he had made a lot of money on the side using his status of a Tai-i, now it is all gone. As he was thinking on this, the vidfone came alive, great as he looked at the caller id its Tai-sa Schifferer the commander of all the militia.

“Hail the infamous leader,” Massato said as he tried to stand up “What does his majesty require from me?”

The leader of the planetary militia looked down at the drunk with disgust, “So this is why the Steiner scum has not been eradicated, because a drunk is in charged over there.”
“No, we are losing because you won’t give me all the troops I required.” Massato said as he burped.

“You don’t dictate to me what you think you need; you are the reason why we have lost as much as we have. You are relieved of duty and will…” just then Massato put his laser pistol to his head and ended his life. “…huh” said Schifferer and the screen went black.

Tai-i Janina Nejedly was cleaning her pistol for the fourth time when she heard the discharge of a laser pistol in the next room.

Great',' she thought the stupid drunk probably shot a hole in his bed as she walked into the room, she saw the blood and brain matter all over the wall.

Well, she thought at least she won’t have to listen to him throwing up the next morning. Then her phone started to ring.

“This is Nejedly”

<<“Yes, Tai-i, this is Tai-sa Schifferer you will oversee the bridge defense now defend it. Force them to move their troops in dropships.”>>

“Yes, Sir, I will.” Janina said, damn it she thought the night went from boring, to promising and now to impossible.

Scenic Hill overlooking the Kamae Bridge

“Xenon, Devlin order the 6th & 5th over the bridge and have the 1st and 2nd on standby in case we need them.”

“Roger Commander, I will inform the company commanders.” Xenon said.

As the unit moved out Hauptmann Greymane went over the net to talk to the other company commander Hauptmann Milde.

“Blis, this is Whiskey hey I will take the north bridge meet you on the other side, bet I will get there before you.”

“Whiskey, I doubt you can walk on the bridge without falling off, the bet is on and you will lose, Blis out.”

As the 6th Company arrived at the second island to the north, Hauptmann Greymane ordered his unit to spread out as fast as they could once off the bridge and rush the enemy’s firing line. Corporal Bishop piloting his Awesome fired all 3 PPCs at the first enemy he saw, a Demolitionmech which was destroyed with a hit to the head. 5th Company reached their target island to the south Hauptmann Milde ordered his unit to engage. Then something unexpected happen all the enemy mechs turned and ran.

<(“Actual, Blis sir the enemy has turned and ran. I think we have won the battle already; We are pursuing.”)> Hauptmann Milde said

<<“Actual, Whiskey we are seeing the same thing all mechs are running.”>> blurted Hauptmann Greymane.

“Roger that guys, move with caution there is something more to it, I am ordering the 1st and 2nd unto the bridge for support.” Devlin announced.

New Orders[]

Battlefield - Kamae Bridge
Kessel Militia

Tai-i Janina Nejedly was pissed as she flew over the battlefield, she saw how messed up, dysfunctional, and spread out her troops were. Damn it. she thought well at least the old commander killed himself. As the VTOL landed, she darted across the field and into her Grand Dragon.

“All Kessel Militia and all resistance fighters! Pull back! I repeat pull back consolidate at sector 7515 and 7545 Now!!! I am in command now obey or die.”

An Uneasy Feeling[]

Scenic Hill overlooking the Kamae Bridge

Devlin was not liking what he was seeing, just a minute ago he saw a VTOL come screaming to the back of the battlefield then the whole dynamic changed, all the enemy mechs turned tailed and ran while the other mechs on the far side of the bridge moved up by sprinting. If Devlin hazard a guess a new commander had taken control of the enemy. One that may prove to bloody the 4th Skye Guards' nose.

Ambush at Kamae Bridge[]

Kamae Bridge
2 km marker

Longbow Assault Mech (Nexus Mod)

Longbow Assault 'Mech

The enemy stop running at least thought Hauptmann Greymane but now the 5th and 6th Companies are bogged down into a shooting match, with all the militia mechs bunched up, and his bottlenecked on the bridge this might take a while.

Then on the horizon Ulric saw 6 little dots at the same time the battle computer ping them as enemy aerospace. “Guards, incoming Aerospace watch your topside.” Ulric announce on the all guard net.

Blender Battletech - OSR-2C Ostroc

Ostroc Heavy 'Mech

As Greymane said that he put his targeting sight on a Locust and blasted it hell. Damn bugs, he thought. Slowly the 4th Skye Guards' 6th Company was taking down the Industrialmechs that were dug in on the north island.

The 5th Company on the south side was having some trouble. None of the militia mech had succumb to the might of the 4th Skye Guards yet and three of the Guards were in a prone position one was on the bridge blocking that side. Devlin had the 1st and 2nd companies move in to support the 5th on the south side and then took his lance onto the bridge to engage the enemy.

Awesome (in the Mountains - by Cantaris - Tekonten Papercraft)

Awesome Assault 'Mech

The wind was picking up and with all the mechs on the bridge was causing it to sway slightly. Hauptman Ring commander of the 1st Company called out to his guys “Pathfinders!! Get off this bridge ASAP I want an end around blitz on the enemy firing line, GO GO GO!” Hauptman Ring announced.

At the same time Hauptmann Lepine was trying not to skid off the bridge in his new Excalibur like a couple of his guys already had, with the bridge being at a height of 4 measures and the water deep enough to fully cover a mech he did not want to lose another mech due to pilot error. As the Aerospace fighters strafe the 4th that were stuck on the bridge an Ostroc at the back of the group fired his three large lasers at one of the Centurion Aerospace Fighter, two of the lasers were direct hits on the wings and the other one bounced off the cockpit sending the fighter in a spiral path downward hitting one of the support beams for the bridge causing the plane to explode. A Kessel Militia Longbow started launching everything he had at Lieutenant Punj’s Awesome she went from a pristine mech to one with yellow alerts blaring at her, the force of having 35 of 40 LRMs hit caused her mech to fall over. As the Awesome fell, it tripped a Panther that was on the move causing it to fall off the bridge, Sergeant Wayman screamed as she fell off the bridge. Fortunately, her training kicked in and she activated her panther’s jump jets allowing the mech to fly up and land back onto the safety of the bridge.

At the same time, she fired her large laser and SRM 4 wildly at the enemy killing a MechWarrior who had just escaped from their down mech. By now the North Island had been cleared of all industrialmechs so Hauptmann Greymane order all jump capable mechs over to the South Island to lend an assist, he had hoped that they could get behind the enemy firing line and cause a crossfire event. The militia’s Longbow was still causing problems downing three mechs none of the 4th’s mechs were destroyed but being prone on a bridge was just as bad. Corporal Chandiramani in a Victor took aim with his AC20 and destroyed the head of the Longbow that was being a pain in the ass. The Corporal had little time to celebrate because shortly after he killed the Longbow his mech was down and destroyed by a militia Grand Dragon's AC5 Autoncannon to the Victor’s head destroying it.

Kamae Bridge
Kessel Militia

Tai-i Janina Nejedly knew this was going to happen there was just too many Steiners here, how did command think we could stop them with such few resources was beyond her pay grade. She only six real mechs left and the enemy still had four companies it was a no brainer.

“Militia pull back retreat make haste.” she said over her battle net.


Kamae Bridge
4 km marker

The 4th Skye Guards won another battle but at a high cost, while no warriors died five mechs are being scraped, twenty mechs are at cripple status. The City of Shimonogo was about two miles away but they are defenseless since everyone that was part of the militia left and went to Nobeji a town about 100 miles south. As much as Devlin hated sitting around the unit needed some down time. Once the armor units catch up he will send them ahead to secure the path to the capital. The militia did not destroy anything on their way out so the penthouse on top of the Dragon Hotel was now the new temp HQ for Devlin at least it had a link to the HPG. He was finally able to give a complete live report to his benefactor Nondi Steiner.

“…so General that is how the 4th Skye Guards are doing.” Devlin said finishing up a long and thoughtful report.

((“Good General Devlin, I am glad that my faith in you has not ended up in disappointment. The 1st, 4th, 10th, 17th, 22nd, and 25th Skye Rangers are all engaged in battles of their own keeping all personnel from the Skye region busy if there is anything you need just let me know.”)) General Steiner said

“Yes, Ma’am” Devlin said

((“Oh, speaking of support, you will be having a special delivery coming your way. In fact, it should arrive any day now. I have attached the message from the owner of the cargo. You got some pretty good friends General have fun with the cargo, Steiner out.”)) and with that the screen went black for a moment and then it was replaced with the Freedom Federation symbol, and on the far right bottom hand screen a rotating shield that was blue red and gold strips and a white star on a blue background, it was then replaced with a familiar face.

<<“Hey Devlin, I was in-between planet invasions and I thought about you. My cousin finally put out the first of many mechs from his factory. This first line is an ultra-assault mech, in fact as a show of good faith and the first installment of payback that my country needs to give to the Steiners I have sent four of these bad boys along with spare parts to you, each one is worth 48 million C-bills so use them but try not to destroy them. Talk to you soon, Chappy out”>>

Overlord Dropship (Take off-landing - Dave School MW)

Overlord MechCarrier DropShip landing

Mmmm, thought Devlin, General Chapman gave him another gift first it was coffee now it’s Battlemechs. Just then a loud boom sounded overhead with a Overlord MechCarrier DropShip screaming down about a mile or two away from the city.

Two miles from Hotel Dragon Penthouse
Temp HQ 4th Skye Guards
City of Shimonogo

Devlin watched from his cockpit ready for a trap, as the bay doors to the Overlord open. What came out of the dropship was what Chappy had said would, four mechs, what Chappy did not explain thought Devlin was what Ultra-Assault Mech meant. As these four mechs walked past Devlin he never felt so small which saying that in an Atlas is just plain stupid. Devlin scanned the mechs technical data that was sent to him, 200-ton mech, Damn who in their right mind would build a 200 ton mech he??, thought. Along with the 200 tons the mech came with two Gauss Rifles, two AC/20 Assault Autocannons, LRM 15, four medium lasers, and AMS the enemy is either going to shit their pants in fear or throw every weapon they have to take down these mechs.

“Devlin, Xenon dude your friend be craaaazy to build mechs like this, but he gave us four they could make for a good Steiner scouting lance hehe.”

“Just for that Xenon you will be the first pilot to play in this mech.”

“Damn” was all Xenon could say.

Four days later

The majority of the MechWarriors where standing tall in formation with General Devlin talking about honor and duty, this was an awards ceremony to Hauptmann Ring it was kind of silly to be doing this in the middle of an invasion but he understood that it is a morale booster also. Ring shook himself internally and focused back on what his boss was saying.

“…with that said the Dragon Slayer Medal has been awarded to those that have shown exceptional aiming ability against the Kurita military might. These individuals have over ten kills in the first month of fighting they are...."

Leutnant General Edward Devlin for twenty-one kills, Hauptmann Joshua Ring for sixteen kills, Hauptmann Nicholas Robel ‘Xenon’ for twelve kills, Hauptmann Ulric Greymane for twelve kills, First Leutnant Philippe Cabaos for ten kills, Staff Sergeant Luya Leyretana for ten kills, and Corporal Evon Roberts for ten kills.

Also, for service that showed exceptional valor while engaged in military combat operations against an enemy force. For their Valor, heroism and achievement to overcome the enemy fire while on a bridge during Operation Bushwhacker these following individuals displayed the highest degree of professionalism, sound judgement, and technical and tactical competence during extremely critical time under fire. Their exceptional performance combined with their untiring pursuit were major factors in the 4th Skye Guards ability to accomplish their objective. Through their distinctive accomplishments they reflect great credit upon themselves and the 4th Skye Guards/Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces.

The Honor of Skye is awarded to Hauptmann Eugen Broadberry and Leutnant Vera Stanton

News Bulleten[]

NNN (Niles News Network)
February 1st 3030

General Chapman Just announced that a new Charter and Constitution has been created and ratified by members of the Planetary Congress. The New Freedom Federation nation will have a fully functioning government by the end of March. Rumor is that our own Malik Henry will be named as intern President. This is a glorious time in our planet’s history.

INN (Interstellar News Network) Report Release

Today the Federated Suns News Service just reported that the Freedom Federation has just ratified a new Charter and a Constitution. INN sees this as a ploy to cover up the unprovoked attacks from several mercenary groups in league with the First Prince of Federated Suns.

VotD (Voice of the Dragon)

Today the rogue mercenaries that has attacked our great nation with no honor, has declared themselves a nation.
Everyone in the Combine knows that they are just the lackey dogs of the despicable Fox.

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