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Chappy's Howling Siegers (Story Cover)

Chapter One

- Book 4 – Chappy's Howling Siegers

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Conference Room 1034
Government Center Building
Tharkad, Capital of Lyran Commonwealth
August 5th, 3020

A figure was sitting quietly along the wall of the outer walkway in the building. Everyone that passed him did not give him the time of day. They did not notice him, nor they did not think twice of the figure sitting in a chair reading the local news on his pad. Having seeing that there was heavy security to even enter the building, no one saw him as a threat. The man just sat there pretending to read the news waiting to be seen by the leader of the Lyran Commonwealth. Only a select few knew that she was in this conference room holding meetings of various issues, including the leader of the Federated Suns, the man pretending to be reading the news. He was there early on purpose always vigilant with his personal guard only steps away pretending to do the same thing, he was surveying the comings and goings of people, people always tell a story even if they try not to.

Conference Room 1034

Katrina Steiner, the Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth looked at the two gentlemen in front of her. “Ok, Gentlemen, I understand your position and if you can achieve your goal with the Draconis Combine then I am willing to do my part. After all, once it is established there will only be a small corridor that the combine will be able to reach the planets of the Commonwealth so even though the Commonwealth will lose some planets to this undertaking I will be agreeable to your plans.” She stood up shook the hands of the two men and said, “now I must receive my next guest, I will see you to the door.”

The man just outside the conference room took scans of the two men that just left room 1034, looking at his screen it identifies the men as one Haakon Magnussom from Rasalhague and Myndo Waterly a Primus from COMSTAR. Very interesting combo, the fox thought very interesting indeed.

As the Hanse entered the room, he shed his disguise to reveal that he’s the First Prince of the Federated Suns, taking the Archon’s hand gently and says, “Thank you, My Lady, I am glad that we can continue our talks in person for this momentous occasion that could lead to ever lasting peace for both nations.”

After all the meetings were finished and the Archon was alone a small figure of a girl stepped out of the darkness on the far wall and went up to Katrina, “Mother, while I appreciate the gravity of the situation are you willing to go that far to achieve peace? Do you think I can learn to love, Hanse Davion?”

The Archon stared at her daughter for a few moments then said, “Yes, My loving daughter, you will learn to love him and give him children. Once both nations are joined by one heir no one will dare to attack us. If COMSTAR can broker a deal with the Draconis Combine and a Free Rasalhague Republic is formed, then we as Lyrans will not have to worry about any raids from that side of our nation and the Free Worlds League will be too weak to even think about attacking the FedCom.” She paused for a second as if trying to gather the right words, “Two things that still bothers me is Hanse need to destroy the Capellans, and this plan to start a new nation, I need to have a meeting with this person of interest that Hanse has so much faith in.”

First Prince Davion made it back to his hotel room all, but one bodyguard stayed out in the hallway. Hanse and the bodyguard sat down at the table and as the bodyguard poured him and Hanse a drink the happenings of that day was talked about. At the end, Hanse just sat there waiting for all the information to sink in his bodyguard and close friend’s brain.

“My lord, when I learned of the true nature of my family and its holdings telling you only seemed natural. I am unsure if it is wise to be planning a future using this information specially since as of right now, I am not the head of the organization.”

The Prince looked at him and said, “Matthew, eventually you will be. Although, I will be sad to see you leave me, the plans that I have for you and your organization will fulfill my needs and also your families longtime dream.” With that the Prince got up and moved to his quarters to turn in for the night, leaving Matthew to contemplate the world wind of events.

When Matthew was younger his father instilled in him core values of duty, honor, service before self. Life with father, uncles, and older bothers always seem complicated. Everyone was busy doing something somewhere else when Matthew was child. Just before he entered the academy to become a MechWarrior officer in the AFFS his father told him of some of the holdings that the family had, also about the merc unit that was funded by the family and that his father’s uncles and all, but one bother died in service of that merc unit. He was so stunned he ran to Hanse and told him the news, now several years later he might just have regretted telling his best friend about that day.

News Alert

The Federated-Commonwealth Alliance Document was just signed between the Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth and the First Prince of the Federated Suns. No one truly knows how this will affect the balance of power or what the future holds now for the Inner Sphere.
---Interstellar News Network (INN)


As the reception for the peace treaty was in full swing a message came for Major Matthew Chapman, Matthew read the communique with hands shaking and looked up to see Hanse eyeing him. “What’s wrong, Major? I hope it is not bad news.”

“My lord, my father and mother have been killed, and while the investigation is ongoing initial intel say it was the work of Draconis Combine.”

“Major… Matthew, I am so sorry.” with that the First Prince motioned another bodyguard over. “Graig, I need transport for the Major and book the fastest passage to whatever system that the Major needs to go.”

Matthew looked at his friend, his comrade in arms, his Prince, they hugged, and Matthew left, seeing himself in the mirror he knew that this was last time he was going to be in that uniform.

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