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Chappy's Howling Siegers (Story Cover)

Book 3 Prologue – Chappy's Howling Siegers[]

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Capital Planet
Freedom Federation
Office of the Chief of Military Operations
February 3rd, 3048

General Matthew Chapman sat in his office alone, with almost one hundred reports that needed to be read through.

It has been almost fifteen years of peace for the Federation, there have been little battles here and there. The Draconis Combine tried to take back four planets eight years ago, but under the leadership of Chapman’s children the Combine was turned back.

His children, they have all be very successful, one more than the others, but when he retires it won’t be one of them that will take over the military, that was too dictatorship like he thought.

Now maybe later in time one of his children will become the head general, but it was a process and right now General Fmaica Affleck former 1st Federation Army commander during the war and lately the March Commander of Rim Alliance March was the next in line upon General Chapman recommendation and Presidential appointment.

Chapman’s Children oversaw different Marches, General Matthew Chapman II was commander of the Dragon March. General Dustin Chapman was commander of the Outworlds March. General Seth Chapman was commander of the Central March. General Cheyenne Chapman was commander of the Freedom March she was also the most decorated MechWarrior in the nation.

Even with the success of the Federation, and the peace the nation has enjoyed for years, the recent events of backstabbing and betrayal had Matthew shaken.

Reports from planets in Chainelane Isles and the Elysian Fields were slowly going black, the planets just went offline any ships that jumped to the planets, disappeared no one knew what was going on in that area. Matthew thought about what his friend Colonel Wolfe had said ten years ago.

At an official function on the planet Devil’s Breath, Colonel Wolfe leaned into Matthew and said. “I am impressed with your planet, Matthew. The defense capability is second to none I doubt any unit no matter how powerful it is, could conquer it, but the rest of the Federation and the Inner Sphere is vulnerable if said massive force showed up.”
“The rest of the Federation would fall as will the Inner Sphere. I would recommend you build your defenses throughout your nation.”

Matthew shook his head and throught, Was the large force that Wolfe alluded to up there taking over worlds? Or was it something else?

Matthew glance over at his bookcase reading the memoir’s from his namesake always cleared his head during trouble times so he decided to read some.

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