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Chappy's Howling Siegers (Story Cover)

Chappy's Howling Siegers - Book 3
Chapter 8

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WarShip Beast of Terra
Nadir Point, Milligan’s World System
Federated Suns
November 7th, 2806

The fleet emerged from the jump Admiral Phung checked the board all ships was there in formation. The fleet she put together was of course the flagship a Samarkand Aerospace Carrier named Beast of Terra, an Atreus Class Battleship named Scopolamine, and two Vigilant Corvettes named respectively Belial and Iblis. General Chapman was disagreeable about the number of ships he had wanted a small contingent but eventually yielded to her expertise. Speaking of the general, he and his war council were currently in the conference room. She turned on the intercom. “General the jump was successful all ships accounted for no welcoming party at the Nadir, we will be there in a little over eight days.” With that she ended the communication. Colonel Coultrip looked at the general, “She seems pissed”

Vigilant Corvettes (At thrust)

Vigilant Class Corvettes, Belial and Iblis

General Chapman looked at his battalion commander. “Yeah, she is not happy with this mission, how fast we left, with no intel. Speaking of which with Charlie Regiment not getting here for two more weeks once we get into range, I want to pick a place to land and build a FOB pull the gun turrets out of mothball and overlap their firing arch we need to have a completely secure base within a day. Once that is done, we can send most of the CE grunts back up to the ship for safety. Until we can establish solid intel about the enemy force, I don’t want us to rush into a situation we cannot get out of.”

Atreus Battleship (Full Thrust - IronWinds Miniature)

Atreus Class Battleship, CHS Scopolamine

Seiger's Fleet
High Orbit, Mulligan's World
November 15th, 2806
Federated Suns

General Chapman was up on the bridge looking at the planet, from space almost every planet looked peaceful.

“Sir, there is no communication from the militia headquarters or from the Governor’s palace.”

Matthew looked at the Admiral and gave her a nod. Then she turned to her navigator.

“Bring us into a closer orbit launch our satellites let’s get a better view of the planet.”

“Yes sir, with this size of planet we will have a better pic of the whole planet in four hours.”

Four hours later

The view from the satellites and local broadcast system was not painting a good picture. The capital had fallen, the militia was routed and scatter, the Governor was not listed among the dead nor was he listed alive. From what they could tell it was a big merc unit, but the majority of the regiment was on the continent called Esiami where the capital city was located. The smallest of the landmasses on this planet looked untouched so the General ordered the Siegers to land there and build the Forward Operation Base (FOB).

Seiger's FOB
Plains of Forever, Paschike Continent
Mulligan's World, Federated Suns
December 20th, 2806

General Chapman was touring the site. So far, he was pleased with only being on the ground for three weeks the CE personnel already had the blast shield up around the four dropships so they can come and go without hurting anything or anyone. Temp walls around the perimeter were up and the permanent ones were being started. A dirt runway for the fighters was finished, right now only two squadrons could be housed but with the Beast of Terra in stationary orbit about the ROB the rest of the fighters could be down to help within 30 minutes. HQ, DFAC (Chow hall), M.A.S.H. and the Gym was in portable hard billets. Gun turrets should be in place within the next three days with the harder permanent walls completed within a week. So far there was no signs of enemy movement and still no communications established with the planetary government. Today, the General ordered a few sorties to fly over and find the enemy no word yet on that operation, but it had just started, so Matthew told himself to be patient.

After a few days of sorties, destroying some supply lines and a few mechs the reports from the pilots state that the enemy were loading their dropships. General Chapman ordered high alert and hoped that the walls would be ready if those dropships were coming here.

Revengeful Angels FOB
Milligan’s World

The colonel was pissed at her aerospace fighters they took way to long to figure out where those bastards landed, they had almost four weeks to set up a defense and not only that they had already been harassing her supply lines and troops. This was it she will take the battle to him and destroy him.

Seiger's FOB
Milligan’s World
December 24th, 2806

This was it General Chapman thought, the time had come to face an enemy that far out numbered him, and with Charlie Regiment delayed due to engine issues the Siegers here won’t have any reinforcements for a few more weeks. Off in the distance the signs of the enemy came into view seven no make it eight dropships coming toward them, as they approached the Siegers base General Chapman could identify the dropships, several Dictators and a couple of Colossus. With a thud they all landed just outside the Primary wall about 200 meters from the river that almost completely surrounded the base. Colonel Chapman picked this sight for its defensive capability. Just on the edge of the plains there was a river that forked into the only lake for about 100 miles, meaning the base was easily defendable specially after the walls were put up. The south wall was still under construction, so he sent three mech lances there to defend it. Expecting an immediate attack Chapman braced for artillery or aerospace bombing, none of that happen. The unmarked white dropships just sat there, unsure what the enemy commander’s play was, General Chapman went to the comm suite and called Admiral Phung.

“General I notice that the enemy landed near you, how can I help?”

“Admiral, launch the fighters have them land here and get refueled and stand alert here.”

“Yes sir, Launching now. We will move the fleet into position for orbital bombardment if you require it.” With that she cut the transmission, General Chapman did not blame her for still being mad at him, after this mission he will make a point to smooth all the tension between them.

Revengeful Angels Command Dropship
Plains of Forever, Paschike Continent
Mulligan's World, Federated Suns
December 25th, 2806

The Colonel was infuriated, she was in charge of destroying the Siegers but evidently not the mission as a whole. General Hayes for whatever reason has put an hold on the mission so here the entire regiment sits across from the Siegers just waiting for the General to release them.

Office of General Hayes
ComStar Headquarters
Hilton Head Island
South Carolina, Terra

General Hayes was sitting behind her desk, but Blake was standing and pacing her office. Leader of COMSTAR, Blake had other things to worry about than some black ops mission on an insignificant planet thought Hayes, but here they were, him giving her a lecture about her duties and it was time for her to step in line with the new rank and the new system. SLDF is dead, COMSTAR is her future blah blah blah. She had to tell her force to standby and wait just as they were about to start the attack. Hayes knew her commander on site was upset, she would be too if she was in the same situation. For whatever reason Blake stuck his hands in the cookie jar and now she had to find a way to unstick his hands before the prey got away on Milligan’s World.

Revengeful Angels Command Dropship
January 1, 2807

A week has passed, with orders to not fire unless being attacked both sides just sat there. The Colonel of the Angels was getting impatient she needed to attack, she did find it infuriating that the Siegers were hiding behind a wall any attempt to do an intel run met with disaster. There was no way of knowing how big of force was there and what type of equipment they had. All she really knew was he had several wings of fighters that came from the Beast of Terra, which was really good news for the surprise she had if she got approval to attack. Of course, she was doing the same thing, by not allowing any of the Angels off their dropships.

Seiger's FOB
Milligan’s World

General Chapman was looking out towards the enemy dropships, still no movement, no communication, nothing, were they waiting on reinforcements like he was, or was this all an elaborate ruse to get him and most of the forces off their home world. Worried that it was the later he called up to the Beast of Terra, Admiral Phung was unavailable at the moment so he asked the comm tech to put in a call to the home world to verify everything was ok.

Beast of Terra
Low Orbit

The comm tech got off the line and looked at the Admiral, she almost felt sorry for him being in the middle of the General and her, almost. She did realize that she needed to get over it before something bad happens.

“Send the message back home if the General is worried, we all should be worried.”

“Sir, I have been getting odd radar signals coming from the fifth planet.” The radar tech announced.

“What do you mean odd signals?”

“They are intermitted one moment they are there and the next they are not and when they are there it's not long enough to identify the source.”
The Admiral nodded her head and said. “Send a probe let's see if we can find our mysterious radar sighting.”

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