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Chappy's Howling Siegers (Story Cover)

Chappy's Howling Siegers - Book 3
Chapter 5

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Bridge of the WarShip Beast of Terra
Zenith Jump Point
Risin, Outworlds Alliance
August 5th, 2791

Zenith Point station at Risin was usually quiet. A few jumpships per day would come and go typically just passing through to the next system, occasionally there was cargo ships coming and going to, but for all intended purposes this was a sweet gig thought radar specialist Lee. His radar came alive.

“Sir, five ships are emerging just left of the station.”

The dock controller looked down at the radar station and said.
“Please Identify the vessels, Specialist Lee.”
Lee could not believe his eyes or his equipment he never thought he would see a formation of warships in his life.

“Sir, I show an Aegis Heavy Cruiser, Barron Destroyer, Samarkand Aerospace Carrier, Nightwing Surveillance ship, and a Liberty Class Jumpship.”

The Dock Controller could not believe what he heard.
“Specialist Lee that can’t be right double check your data.”

The Dock Controller thought at first is this an invasion force? Risin is too far away from any battlefront and OurWorld Alliance has not gotten involved with this Inner Sphere war either, it has to be something else, but just in case he turns to his left.

“Fighter Control please put all squadrons on standby and get ready to launch the alert fighters. Weapons Control standby for solutions target the Aegis first do not fire until they show aggression.” Communication Specialist turn toward the Dock Controller. “Sir message coming in from the ships that just arrived putting it up on main screen.”

The first thought the Dock Controller had when the screen came alive and showed a man in uniform, he did not recognize, but what he did see was that this guy had been through a lot.

“Zenith Station this is Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Chapman on board the Beast of Terra. We mean you no harm and we are just passing through, as soon as we are fully charge, we will leave.” With that the screen went blank.

“Well that was rude.” The Dock Controller said. “Specialist Lee can you identify what unit that is.”

“No sir, they are not transmitting any Identification.”

“Go to visual.”

“Yes sir.”

The Dock Controller looked at the five ships all painted black no markings other than a half man half wolf symbol.

“Sir, there is a shuttle leaving our dock looks like they are going to the ships that just appeared.”

The Dock Controller was now starting to get upset, no one was following procedure.
“Who gave that shuttle authorization to leave the station?”

The fighter controller turned around to face the Dock Controller. “Sir, they had been preauthorized to leave the station at this time.”

A figure stood in the observation lounge of the charging station and looked out across space and noticed the symbol on the WarShips that just emerged. The symbol of the Siegers. The figure took note and filed a report. From this planet there was only seven planets that they could jump to. Operatives on those seven planets will have to be on the lookout.

Bridge of the Beast of Terra

“Sir, there is a shuttle leaving the station and requesting authorization to come aboard.”

Colonel Chapman nodded and said. “Give them permission I will go down there and welcome them aboard.”

Shuttle Craft

The passenger looked out the window he recognized the Beast of Terra but this was the first time he had seen the other warships that Matthew had acquired. Even with the last failure he knew that Matthew’s father would have been proud of his son. The shuttle approached the warship and docked. Moving to the back of the shuttle the bay door open and he exited. Clearing the engines of the shuttle he turned and saw the welcome committee. He recognized the man in the middle even if he had gotten older and looking tired. Knowing that Matthew would not know him, he walked straight up and put his hand out to shake his uncle’s hand. “Hi Uncle, its Damir your nephew, I am also the CEO of Chapman Corporation.”

Taken back Matthew shook the hand of his nephew and said.

“Last time I saw you it was back on earth after the civil war, you were just a little kid.”

“Yes, then we left but your father and mine wanted a Chapman to stay at Devil’s Beath and keep everything running smoothly. So here I am.”

“Well, Nephew, it is good to see you. I am looking forward to seeing our new home and resting a bit. I am sure all the families will be happy to. Are there enough accommodations for everyone?”

Damir shook his head yes and then said. “Yes, in fact your timing could not have been better just last month we finish the base housing for the family units and also the single living spaces. We expanded our base just outside the capital city of Lara City and are almost done with the expansion of the training grounds on another continent 1000 square miles that consist of desert, hills, and grassland. The trees we have planted are still relatively young so that will be a few years before that type of biodome can be used for training.”

Colonel Chapman was very pleased with this. “Sound like paradise, like a mercenary unit’s dream.”

Damir shook his head in a non-committal way. “You may be disappointed, there are a lot of folks that even though they are loyal to the Chapman family they are fearful of a military ruling party. They want to be able to live their life and decide for themselves if they want to serve in the military, they are afraid that once you get there, the military will take over and force everyone to serve.” “Who is in charge now? Is there a governor, president, prince?” Matthew asks.

“Nope just me and the Board Members of our corporation.”
Matthew stroked his newly grown beard, which was just really more than stubble but less a beard at this point. “That will not do. If we are to live up to the Chapman dream and instill it in the next generation then we have to be willing to lose control somewhat.” Matthew stepped back and showed a gesture meaning to walk with him. They started to walk the corridor Matthew continued. “For the time being the military will stay under a Chapman commander. I would like to keep a Chapman as the CEO and Chairman of the company, but we need to have free elections for the civilian government. We should set up a local militia to incase there is trouble and the Siegers are off world. Even though the governor of the planet would be elected and whatever other officials we need I would want in the charter that the military commander and the Chairman of Chapman Corporation will always have a seat in cabinet as advisors to the governor.”

“I think the civilians will like this move; it should help ease their worry.” Damir said. The two kept talking about the business and family matters as they continued to the bridge.

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