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Chappy's Howling Siegers (Story Cover)

Chappy's Howling Siegers - Book 3
Chapter 4

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City of Mountain View
Bad News, Draconis Combine
March 28th, 2791

Slowly he opened his eyes and immediately regretted that action. The sunlight was beaming into the room and his head started pounding. Trying to sit up a person that was sitting off to the side of the bed jumped up and pushed him back down.

“None of that, just lay back down I will raise the bed up for you and give you some ice. The person did as she promised and a few moments later he was chewing on ice. “Wha…What happen? How is the unit? Is the Colonel still alive?”

“There is enough time for that later, you just need to rest and get better. The unit is intact and waiting for your return, the Colonel well the Colonel is dead. Looks like the last weapon exchange you two had killed him before the system ejected him. For you, well you suffered some internal damage and a head injury but other than that you are fine, you just need a few days to recover.”

Major Pople was on a cliff overlooking the Dropship that was loading what was left of the Siegers command company plus all salvage that the Dropship could handle.

She hated leaving right now but duty calls and life goes on in a life of a mercenary unit. Master Sergeant Sicak came up to Major Pople. “Sir, all the enemy dead have been buried, our dead are in status per your order and placed aboard the ship.”

“Thank you, Sergeant, let's, get out of here and repair our mechs including the Colonels” Major Pople said.
“But, Major he..”
She cut him off “I want it fixed first thing when the techs get it.”

Union DropShip (Launching from a City - by Robert Smith)

DropShip launching

The Colonel was having lunch, his first real meal since waking up in the hospital, when he heard the familiar sound of a dropship taking off. Slowly he got out of bed and went to the window, catching the dropship and the unit symbol on the side he wonder where they were going. Proudness swelled up inside him because he knew that if he had died the unit, his unit the Siegers would continue. The door to his room open and it was his daughter, he turned to her. “Cheyenne where are the Siegers going?”

“Papa, they are going back to the capital to repair and salvage as much as possible word around the water cooler is ya’ll took a beating, but the Cacodemons lost everything. Once Colonel Booker was confirmed dead what remained of them went berserk.”

Matthew shook his head. “What about the cache? Did we find it?”

Cheyenne looked sad and said, “No Papa everything was wiped clean nothing was left at the Cacodemons compound word from the techs that were there is the last of the equipment found at the SLDF warehouse was shipped out four weeks ago.”

He failed, as soon as they completed this contract they were going to head to their new home. Where he will see what kind of equipment and manpower was there and make changes to the structure of the Siegers. Right now, though he was tired of the fighting and would be nice to find a safe spot for R&R.

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