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Chappy's Howling Siegers (Story Cover)

Chappy's Howling Siegers - Book 3
Chapter 10

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Old Debts Paid[]

Siegers FOB (Forward Operatins Base)
Plains of Forever, Paschike Continent
Mulligan's World, Federated Suns
January 11th, 2807

With Charlie Regiment landing behind the Angels, it stopped the advancement toward General Chapman, only the Command lance of the Angels were engaged with what was left of the Command Battalion. The Angels were doom though, they had been taken out both through the Siegers superior warriors and Colonel Diana Ravat (Chapman) blood lust with the Angels fanatical ideology. Charlie Regiment slowly systemically destroyed every Angel mech and tank they came across.

General Chapman had the last working 'mech in his command battalion and he was backed into a corner moving as fast as he could with the damage legs, him and his ex-wife exchanging fire and throwing punches along the way until Diana made the kill shot. Fortunately the ejection system saved the General, he landed about hundred meters away from the battle near one of the only original buildings in the area, which was now partially burned down farmhouse that General Chapman did not destroy when they choose this site months ago. General Chapman scrambled out of the escape pod and was in immediate pain looking down he saw that he was bleeding and bleeding bad. He moved to a post that was still standing from the burnt building and slid down to the ground. He could see his mech both arms were gone and a big hole in the torso. Still with his wits about him he made a tourniquet to stop the bleeding in his left leg.

Nightstar (MW5)

Nightstar Assault 'Mech

Colonel Ravat saw that her exhusband 'mech was about to explode so she tried to take cover, but the NightStar safety equipment kicked in and prevented the engine from completely explode with her moving away she lost where the injection seat went but her mech was overheating and of no use to her now. She had to make sure Matthew was dead and if not, she would kill him with her hands if she needed to. Diana opened her cockpit of her Warhammer and took her laser rifle with her. Climbing down her mech she could hear the battle still going on and the Siegers reinforcements moving closer to her location, she had to find him before they did. Moving slowly in fear of being ambush she took her time and looked at everyplace she could think of.

Colonel Frank Chapman lost signal from his father’s 'mech worried he called his siblings on a private line.

“Cheyenne, Corolin I lost signal of father’s NightStar we need to get to the back of the base where his Battlemech was as fast as we can form up on me leave the other Angels to our guys.” Cheyenne pipped up. “I bet mother is there too we need to stop her.”

“Why is she doing this? Why is she calling for vengeance? I was too young to remember but from official records it was her fault she banished, father never would talk about it either.” Corolin said. “I don’t know all I remember is there was a lot of tension between our parents before she left, and father told me why.” Frank replied, he then said. “We need to find both of them before it was too late.”

Matthew was going in and out of consciousness knowing he was going to die if help did not arrive soon more than likely he will lose his leg it’s been to long in a tourniquet he tired to move and couldn’t. He heard movement to his left or was it to his right unsure he looked both ways, he saw the last person he expected, his ex-wife standing there with a laser rifle pointed to his head.

“This, this is all your fault, you and your god-like complex if you had just said no to your so called friends we could of stayed on earth and enjoyed life and not play god as a mercenary commander.” Diana yelled.

“Play god what are you talking about. I was just a son trying to fulfill a father wish.” Matthew replied

“A father you hated stop with the BS I could just let you die slowly, but I think I will end it now.”
She raised her rifle slowly and took aim.

“Mother stop!” screamed Corolin.

Taking by surprise Diana spun around to see who just screamed mother. What she saw shocked her all three of her children grown up, adults, and MechWarriors.
“What are you doing why are you here?? I had no Intel that you guys were mechjocks, you could have been killed.”

This time Frank answered. “Really, Mother, put that weapon down. I am the commander of Charlie Regiment and I Colonel Chapman am placing you under arrest.”

Diana swung back around and pointed the rifle toward Matthew again. “No, you won’t. Son, you know this needs to happen I have to kill this man.”

Meanwhile Matthew was slipping he knew there was screaming and people arguing.

“Mother, put the gun down or so help me…” Frank was saying when Diana interrupted. “Or what, son? You will shoot me no you won’t?”

A laser shot could be heard and then there was silence with the battle in the background done and no one talking it was and eerie silence. No one moved then you could hear the laser gun being placed back into the holster. Diana turned slightly and looked at the child who had shot her, Corolin made sure her gun was secure and then looked at her Mom. “You are a traitor.” She then started walking toward her father and pushed the Mom to the ground, where Diana died. The other two children rushed to their father forgetting that their Mother was just killed.

All three surrounded their father he was able to focus one last time and smiled. “Children, don’t hate your mom forgive her. She did not have a choice on her indoctrination, please continue the Chapman legacy teach your children. So that they can teach their children, one day we will see the dream come true. I am so proud of all three of you, I couldn’t be prouder of you guys.” With that Matthew passed away.

The End of Book 3


Frank Chapman now in charge ordered all equipment, salvageable and non-salvageable removed from the planet and pulled all assets from all theaters so that all could mourn his father. The governor of Milligan’s World reported that both units completely destroyed each other with no survivors. This was in behest of Frank and the memory of his father. He then removed the name Chappy’s Howling Siegers off the Mercenary Review Board register.

ComStar Headquarters, Office of General Hayes
Hilton Head Island, North Carolina

Hayes put the report down, her long-time asset was gone, but so was her thorn in her side. She still never found out what was really in that Helm vault but at least Matthew Chapman was dead. She could now focus on the new initiative that Blake was tasking her with.

General Chapman Office
Operations Building
Devil’s Breath, Periphery
April 8th, 2807

Frank Chapman saw nothing but conflict in the universe he knew that the Chapman Legacy was not ready for the Inner Sphere. So he mothballed most of the asset keeping only a active small mercenary unit that rotated personnel on a regular basis.

Book 3 Notes and Comments by the Author[]

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The New Beginning

This story is based on my imagination, what happens in MegaMek and MekHQ, and input from others. Any names are based on fiction, and any location is based on MegaMek and Cannon information. The timeline is different and is based on my Alternate Plan timeline, therefore in the canon articles for any personalities or units may or may not be alter slightly or completely as the story evolves with time.

The start of this Alternate Universe timeline was when I incorporated the Chappy’s Howling Siegers in the late 2700s, but most of the change is not until Hanse Davion was a child and had direct contact with the Chapman Legacy.

This will spotlight how one relationship could change the future for the good or for the bad. This contact eventually will lead and cause the Fourth Succession War to last longer effectively changing the history of the BattleTech Universe creating an Alternate Timeline.. Farthing distancing itself from the canon timeline. Plans within plans this story is one such plan and how it unfolded, as with all stories, there will be passion, intrigue, deception, and war.

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