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Chappy's Howling Siegers (Story Cover)

Chappy's Howling Siegers - Book 3
Chapter 1

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Regret Where road Lead[]

Burned down Farmhouse
30 miles from Capital
Buchalter’s Stand City
Eslami Continent
Milligan's World, OutWorlds Alliance
February 4th, 2807

General Chapman sat up against a burnt-out wall looking up at his broken mech, both arms were gone. There was a through and through hole in the mechs torso which was just left of the engine.

With tears in his eyes, he drifted in and out of conscience and thought from his poor 'mech, to his children, and then finally how everything that had happened in the last fifteen to twenty years had led to this moment.

Vaguely he recognized some kind of struggle and yelling in the background, but he still drifted to the day they landed on the last planet that his father had hidden equipment on before moving on to the Siegers new home.

Looking for Trouble on Bad News[]

High orbit
WarShip Beast of Terra
Attached Dropship Conquering Wolves, Mech Bays
Bad News, Draconis Combine
February 24, 2791

Colonel Chapman looked out into the bay from his cockpit and proud swelled up as he looked upon the progress that has been made in the last five years. Of course, grudging admitting that if it was not for his dad, they would probably only be a couple of companies with little transportation capabilities. He was though very proud of his children; Frank was a lance commander now at the ripe old age of twenty and was going into the contract in that position for the first time. Cheyenne just started her trials and little Colina will be fourteen soon, all following in the family business.'

News of Archon Jennifer Steiner death in the assault of Styx was a shock to Matthew, having your Archon leading an assault was never wise. With General Hayes and his former wife out of the picture everything else was relative quiet, sure Matthew thought, every faction is fighting each other, but for the Siegers this mission of Garrison duty was the first contract in four months, everyone was ready to be on soil again and breath fresh air.'

The announcement was made that the mission was a go and the whole drop ship shook for a second as it detached from the mothership. Matthew reviewed the intel reports again while the ship was making it down the gravity well, there had been reports of guerilla combat in the north around the mountain region but other than that this should be an easy contract.

Bad News, Planet Side

The cache that his father left was in a hidden SLDF base in the middle of the great desert, they would need to proceed with caution and make sure that the local government does not get wind of what the Siegers are truly there for. What worried him was a report from a planet that they had a contract with about year ago, the planet Niles, two weeks ago a mercenary group with brand new Battlemechs landed there with no contract. They had then announced they were there for just R&R calling themselves the Revengeful Angels, they were seen poking around history archives and recent events, rumors were they pulled all files containing to the Siegers, there was no information on this mercenary group other than the status of their mechs. The Sieger network could not find much on the Revengeful Angels, so Colonel Chapman had ordered more resources to solve this problem.

The lights in the mech bay turned to a red hue to notify that they were about to touch down. Thankfully this was just a landing and offloading of troops and equipment. The local government even agree to an apt complex for the families during the six-month contract. The Dropship landed and the bay doors open, Colonel Chapman moved his NightStar up and out the dropship and onto the tarmac coming to the spot designated for him he jumped out and was greeted by the governor of the planet. Shaking hands and exchanging pleasantries the governor escorted the Colonel and his XO to a conference room.

“Colonel Chapman I will be honest with you, I know your contract is only garrison/relief duty since the 18th Galedon Regulars left for the front lines, but we have a problem that I hope you can fix.” Governor Lee said. The governor took a sip of water and continued.'

“There has been some fighting along the region of the Green Mountain range local police and militia have not been able to stop the attacks on supply convoys or destruction of government buildings. I was hoping that you could use your resources and weed out the pirates or insurrectionist so that the local population can live peaceably. I saw your outfits records and the reviews from previous employers which all give you high praise. So, I was hoping you will be able to help us.”'

Colonel Chapman straighten up his jacket and looked down at the wood floors for a second to gather his thoughts. Then said.'
“Yes, of course we will be happy to do that for you. Tell me, the incidents have been only in the mountain region, and no other places?”'

“Yes.” The governor said. Colonel Chapman stood up and walked to the window that overlooked the SpacePort.'

“I understand that the mountains are rich in iron and other heavy metals so scanning the area is inconclusive and there are caves and caverns riddle throughout the whole 1500 square mile region.” “Yes.” The governor said.'

“If you allow me, I can put some spy satellites up in low orbit to start mapping the region.
I would like to do the rest of the world especially the great desert, the north and south pole.”'

Colonel Chapman turned around and raised his hand to quiet the governor when he started to object.'

“The enemy is illusive it may be a small unit capable of hiding out anywhere it wants, especially the desert region since the mountain region butts up to the eastern edge of the desert. So, I would like to be aggressive and look everywhere for it. There will be three people other than myself to see the data, any military assets that we discover I will release to you, and you can tell me if it is yours or not. If it is yours, we will delete the data and not share with anyone if that is your wish.”'

“Ok, you have my approval, but I think it is a large force because we have yet to encounter the same mechs. We never have seen more than eight at once its usually just four, but usually the mechs have been different and in excellent condition.” The governor said as he stood up to shake the Colonel’s hand to conclude the meeting.'

The Colonel and the XO left the room and as soon as they were outside and in the command car that would take them to the barracks the Colonel said.'

“Haleigh, get those satellites and drones up find those pirates but remember our real priority is the SLDF base in the desert.”'

Dropship, Conquering Wolves
Mech Bays
March 24, 2791

It has been a month since on station and Colonel Chapman was starting to get frustrated. Not only have they not uncovered the cache his father left, but the pirates have proven quite allusive. The governor was getting concerned that he had picked the wrong unit that the Siegers were just sitting on their asses doing nothing. With the satellites not revealing anything Matthew decided on a different approach and sent lances secretly up and down the mountain range on both sides. In the middle of the night, 'Mechs and PA(L) units moved out under cover of flatbed trucks rented from a local trucking company by the next morning all but the farthest northern part units were embedded and waited secretly for the enemy to show itself.

Hill Country
Foothills of Green Mountains
East side, Desert Region
Bad News, Draconis Combine
March 26, 2791

Colonel Chapman and his command lance was sitting under a canopy with their 'mechs in the desert. Well, to tell the truth the real desert was about 20 clicks away, the mountains were a days walk in a 'mech and there was more hills here than sand.
When the radar got a hit on enemy movement just west of their position.

“Saddle up! Let’s go hunt some pirates.” Colonel Chapman announced.

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