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Chappy's Howling Siegers (Story Cover)

Chapter 8 - Book 2 – Chappy's Howling Siegers[]

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Zenith Jump Point
Altais, Draconis Combine
February 28th, 2787

Local Time: 0545 GST

Chu-i Orinosuke Kondo had just settled at his station, another boring day at the Charging Station Zenith area. The war between fractions was growing and Kondo noted that everyone is getting involved now. He was torn, while he enjoyed the peace and quiet of this planet since it was a few jumps away from the battleground planets, he did want to prove himself in battle. The key he guessed would be to get off this charging station and onto a warship. He was starting to daydream about being in command of a warship when the alerts started, quickly he snapped back to focus and yelled out.

Olympus Space Station (Solar Sail Deployed)

Olympus Recharging Space Station

“Sir! Unidentified ship coming out of Interdiction in three, two, one!”

A big warship flashed into existence, the surface was painted in black most of the lights was out or covered Kondo notice except for a light shining on an emblem of a half man half wolf. “Sir! Samarkand Class Block I Aerospace Carrier warship looks like it has three, no four DropShips attached to it. Our database shows it is capable of carrying 72 fighters and has 22 weapon bays of various types.” Kondo announced from his seat.

Sho-sho Llya Valyalko commander of the charging station looked at the info and knew if this was an enemy they were doomed. “Launch all fighters and get me HQ.” Valyalko said.

“Fighters are launching, but comms is being jammed.” Kondo said.

“The WarShip as ill-attentions towards us, prepare to be boarder.” The commander announced which was the last command he ever gave.

WarShip, Beast of Terra
Altais, Draconis Combine
February 28th, 2787

SG Lieutenant Nikolian was sitting at the sensor station on the bridge when the warship came out of FTL jump about 1900 meters from the charging station. “Commander, charging station off our port bow, looks like they are launching fighters from a docked Dropship.”

The Commander looked over toward Lt. Colonel Chapman and Chapman said. “The contract said destruction of all military assets, they are attacking so I defer to your space battle expertise do what you think is best I will back your play.”

Hearing that from her boss that he trusts her, made her kind of blush, “Green, Black, White Squadrons launch! Weapon control take out the Dropship and the Charging station.”

Within seconds the charging station started to spit out oxygen with fires lighting up inside the station and extinguishing once it exit into space. The whole station started to spin slowly and tilted upward until it cracked almost perfect down the middle for that one second you could see the enemy floating out of the station like little stick figures then the station blew up leaving nothing but debris. The massive warship weapons then focus on the enemy fighters and Dropship, along with the First Strike Wing it took another 17 minutes to destroy them. Leaving the Siegers, a clear path to their next target the shipyard and ship dock.

Asteria Terminal - Space Dock
In orbit between the planet Mitchell’s Ship and Merrill
Altais, Draconis Combine
March 4th, 2787

It’s been 4 days since the Space Port lost communication with the Zenith Charging station, it had happen before, usually just a malfunction in the relay. Just in case though, the commander of the Space Dock/Port put his troops on red alert. He had a compliment of two lances of Mechs that could fight on top of the station and about 20 turrets all quad lasers and missiles. The Commander looked over his board, right now out of the six dry space docks he had three had JumpShips that just arrived from the Izumi Shipyard and were waiting on the final paint job and crews to take them to the buyers. Then he had a warship, a Nightwing Surveillance ship that was badly damage and currently being repaired. Other than that, he had a cargo dropship which was offloading supplies, and two squadrons of fighters.

An alert started and he looked at the sensors, A Warship with two dropships dropping and three no four squadrons of fighters. “Red Alert this is not a drill man your battle stations we need to get the JumpShips out of here.” The commander announced to the base. Looking at the sensors he noticed something else assault shuttles, damn them they were going to board the station, he must prepare.

The green light was given Matthew’s forces started the assault drop on the Space Dock. They had to destroy all the turrets and BattleMechs before they can secure the outside of the facility and secure the JumpShips and that Warship. There were a dozen assault craft also making their way down here that will penetrate the facility so that 60 marines can take over the inside. The key today was destroying the enemy fighting capacity and save the dock until the Siegers capture the ships and repair them, then the dock will be destroyed.

The command lance landed right in the middle on the aft part of the station Matthew directed the unit to move up and was immediately met with resistance in form of four turrets all quad lasers. Alpha Company landed to the left and encountered BattleMechs and turrets. Beta Company landed to the right and immediately was engaged with the enemy. Charlie Company landed just behind the Command Company and moved up to help them with the enemy.

The turrets were proving to be hard to destroyed, they were on raised platforms that were heavily armor. More enemy mechs were moving up forming up a formidable defensive line. The fighters above were busy with enemy fighters you could see the laser shots from both sides as each force was trying to gain an upper hand. The assault crafts had penetrated the base outer wall and the marines split up, half was on the way to the command bridge the other half was going to the control systems where all the computers that run the station were located. Captain Max Ting led Marine One, they were tasked to take control of the bridge and all other vital areas in the command deck. His team had entered on deck 14 and had moved up to deck 12 without much resistance. Deck 11 though proved to be where the station security decided to make a stand. Captain Ting was down 4 marines, the first four that entered the deck to clear it, now they were pinned down by a barricade and a force of unknown size and strength. Captain Antar Kadhi was the other Marine Commander who was task to take the powerhouse, and the main computer core. From deck 14 they moved down till deck 19 which the main computer core was located. Auto security and a security detail was keeping his troops at bay, five marines were lost in the initial ambush. Somehow, they had to break the station security.

Commander Phung hated this type of space battle, she had within her power a warship capable of destroying the space dock within a few minutes, but here she was sitting off to the side because for now they needed the dock intact, and they could not afford a stray weapon from the Beast of Terra to hit the station. The fighters were all most finished with the Kurita fighters in which they will RTB and load bombs that can attack the turrets and enemy mechs without hurting the space dock too much, the wait is what gets her. Then again not having to worry about getting her ship blown up was an advantage so she settled into her seat and watch the battle unfold.

Matthew hadn’t fought in space in his mech since the Amaris Civil War and only a handful of his troops had. The enemy though had trained for this, and it showed. Matthew had a battalion, and the enemy had a few lances and about twenty turrets yet, his forces were boughed down. Pushing forward Matthew had thought the enemy was about to break but all they did was readjust and moved back to the next line of turrets. The sensors from his warship showed that there was activity on the ships in dock, they had to get there before they could untether and leave the area. He ordered his warship to move to the dock ships and try to block their exit point.

Seven of his mechs were InOp luckily, they were behind the current line and the Beast of Terra was able to send rescue teams to save pilot and mech. Quickly Matthew ordered Charlie Company to push to the right to reinforce Beta Company and overrun the enemy’s left flank. Meanwhile, he moved what was left of his command lance over to Alpha Company and set up a feint trying to draw the enemy mechs towards him. The Beast of Terra slowly moved to the other side of the dock like a lumbering whale moving in a sea of mud. One of the JumpShip activated their engines and was able to move out, clearing the mooring and slowly started to move away, by the time the Beast of Terra was over the docking area the one JumpShip was out of range but the other two JumpShips and the small Warship were still in the docks. Meanwhile, the Marines had taken over 90 percent of the dock yard and was getting ready to assault the main bridge, each team was down 50 percent, but they were marines and marines never quit. Most of the Kurita troops were killed and the rest of the workers were all under lock and key at the dinner hall, which allowed for most of the Marines to combine forces for the assault on the bridge. Captain Ting was the last command officer left, he turned to his 3 remaining lieutenants and 46 marines they were all looking at him for orders.


The Siegers were almost at their goal, thanks to the fighters dropping bombs on the turrets, two lances were able to break through the enemy line and rush the moorings, preventing the other three ships from leaving. Unfortunately, this left their six vulnerable to a counterattack which the remaining Kurita mechs tried to take advantage of, by moving in behind them. Matthew had lost both Battlemech's legs, but was able to drag himself to a spot in which he had a good target solution on the enemy that was advancing on his troops. Firing constantly, he damaged several of the enemy mechs causing them to slow their advance. A few turned to face the enemy shooting their backs, Matthew soon saw the problem with that, he could not move and was a sitting duck, prepared to die he continued to fire.

Matthew heard screaming across the units BattleNet. <<“NOOOOO”>> was all he heard then a massive amount of fire barraged the enemy mechs taking them all down. What was left of Alpha Company rushed by Matthew ending the enemy chance of taking down the Siegers Commander.

Captain Ting ordered the breach of the outer door to the command bridge and sent the first squad into the smoke filled room, there was no weapon exchanged, worried Ting bust through and saw what the first squad saw, everyone was dead. Captain Ting had heard about the Kurita honor but to see 20 individuals commit suicide because the station was capture was just unreal to him.

30 minutes later

The Space Dock was secured and inventoried. The remaining Kurita personal that was captured was still secured in the mess hall, in the cargo bays there was various equipment that was being transferred right now to the Beast of Terra. They captured three ships, two were scout JumpShips and one was a Nightwing Surveillance warship. The two JumpShips just needed a paint job which they can do when the unit goes to Hesperus. The WarShip needed repairs but if he did not put it in a battle, it was space worthy. With that being said, they put a skeleton crew for all three ships and pushed out of the dock so that the Beast of Terra was able to destroy it. Lieutenant Commander Phung order the Beast of Terra to move out and up to get a better firing solution on the Space Dock, rotating so that the starboard and bow weapons had a firing solution the Beast of Terra open fire and destroyed the dock. Quickly, the big WarShip moved out heading toward the ShipYard. Phung looked at her board and announced. Silver Squadron Launch and set up a CAP for the fleet staying here.”

The plan was for the Beast of Terra with her two full strike wings of fighters to attack and destroy the ShipYard while the DropShips, captured JumpShips and Warship sit stationary out here repairing what they can. Therefore, Lieutenant Colonel Chapman had transferred to the Nightwing Surveillance Warship leaving Lieutenant Commander Phung alone and in full command of the attack fleet.

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