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Chappy's Howling Siegers (Story Cover)

Chapter 4 - Book 2 – Chappy's Howling Siegers[]

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Warship The Beast of Terra
Ingress, Terran Hegemony
September 22nd, 2786

Lt. Col Chapman sat on the bridge when the Warship finished the jump to Zenith point of the Ingress Star System. Immediately the charging station hailed them asking them for identification. With the hull clean of all markings and no identification codes being passed, the black steel massive Samarkand Class Aerospace Carrier moved forward toward the planet, jamming the charging station from notify their masters.

Terran Hegemony makeshift base
The foothills of the Eastern Heights
Ingress, Terran Hegemony

Captain Lammack did not know how much more his unit could take, he was the last officer, with only ten working mechs and a few tanks.

They had taken refuge in an old mining town and hid most of the equipment down the mining shaft. With no parts, no ammo, no water he figured they were doom. The Eastern Heights loomed over them in the West, with the Garming Shore to the East they were trapped. He thought about surrendering, but rumors persist about how Capellan’s treated their prisoners. Then like an immediate answer to prayer a big boom was heard along with shaking of the ground. Lammack ran outside of his tent to see a small dark circle appear in the sky, but it was getting bigger every minute. Some of his troops were running screaming that the Capellan’s had brought reinforcements, others were just running. One such private had binoculars around his neck.

“Trooper, let me see those.” As he pointed toward the trooper’s chest.

“Sure here, we will all be dead soon.”

The Captain took them and looked up toward the now medium size dark circle and saw lots of little things jumping out of it. “Mechs” was all he said. The captain kept staring trying to find a emblem or some kind of identify mark. Then he saw it, it was the mark of the mercs that was supposed to come and help the government keep the planet. He kept staring he counted 36 mechs no 40 mechs doing an assault drop, these guys are crazy he thought.

Colossus Class Dropship, Wolves Trap
Chapman’s Cockpit, Mech Bay
Ingress, Terran Hegemony
September 28, 2786

The green light was given to start the assault drop, a risky maneuver under the best circumstances, with mountains to the west and the sea to the east this was going to be tight. Intel showed what was left of the planetary forces was in a small mining town, they were unaware of the two companies of Capellan forces that was five klicks away.

Colossus DropShip (Operation Lancaster)

Colossus Class Combines Arms Carrier DropShip

“We have the green light GO GO GO! Enemy is North of the militia camp once you land, form up, move out, and engage.” With that Matthew turned off his comm and jump. His battle computer was taking stock of the whole map which he had an advantage because he was still several hundred feet in the air. His assault Jetpack engage and he landed safely in the designated spot, in fact all his men landed with no problems, even the greenies (aka rookies).

Five clicks away from the assault drop.

Captain Bryna Berridge heard the loud boom a few seconds later her combat computer started lighting up with bogey radar returns, not knowing if her command decided not to trust her and send extra help or it was something else. She got her answer when the dropship open fired on her position. “Lancers take cover enemy at our heads coming down fast.” She announced into the comm.

Ingress Militia Base

Captain Lammack was truly turned on. To see this precision all the 'mechs jumped, all the mechs landed in almost perfect formation while their dropship rained fire on the enemy troops.

The troops the Captain reminded himself he did not know about until he saw where the 'mechs were landing. Not only that but immediately after the mechs landed they took off toward the enemy firing. Yes, he was definitely turned on.

Capellan Forces

They were in disarray dropship firing on them and now 40 enemy Battlemechs advancing toward her two companies, scratch that she already lost 5 mechs.

Her troops started to break she couldn’t believe it, only around 5 minutes had pass since the enemy 'mechs landed.

Lancers stand your ground, Capellans do not run.” she announce.

<<“F that commander I am out”>>……static on the other side.

She was pissed what the hell is wrong, a big light flashed in front of her, it was the last thing she ever saw.

Lt. Col Chapman saw that the battle was almost over and gave battle command to his XO, him and the command lance then turned to march to the militia command to talk to whoever was in charge.

Militia camp

Captain Lammack stood in front of the massive Nightstar Assault mech which had a black paint job and an emblem of a half man half wolf on it, waiting for the pilot to vacate the mech seemed to take forever. Finally the cockpit open and a man came down on a ladder took his helmet off and walked up to the Captain.

“Captain, I am Lt. Col Chapman commander of the Chappy’s Howling Siegers, we answered your call, we got here as fast we could.”

“Colonel, I am Captain Lammack the last officer left of what used to be the 982 Royal Striker Regiment. Most of the regiment is either COMSTAR or dead, the battalion here was the last remnant of the past. Now I only have ten mechs and a couple of tanks left.”

Matthew looked at the Captain and shrug his shoulders. “Well, I have a full battalion plus support and a warship in high orbit. So let’s kick the enemy off your planet so I can get paid.” “Colonel where are you going to set up your FBO?”

Matthew looked at the mountains and new that one of his objectives was up there waiting for him. “Captain, right here will do quite nicely for now.”

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