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Chappy's Howling Siegers (Story Cover)

Chapter 3 - Book 2 – Chappy's Howling Siegers[]

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Governor’s Observation Lounge, Base HQ
New Munich (Capital City), Continent Adelaide
Planet Giausar, Lyran Commonwealth
July 1st, 2786

The Governor of the planet was standing with Lt. Colonel Chapman at the observation window watching the DropShip off in the distance take off and reach altitude. He then glanced at Chapman and said, “Well done, I don’t think we could have pushed those Lyran Bastards off our planet if it wasn’t for you all. I will have the bank transfer the rest of the payment to you today, only if you stay for a few more weeks to verify that they have reached the Jump Point and have left.”

Matthew looked at the governor, “Of course sir, once the Lyrans broadcast that they were leaving the system after my warship appeared in orbit, I started to make arrangements. We are not leaving until the end of the month to get everyone moved and situated on the ship.”

“Yes, very surprising and fortunate that a warship showed up. Tell me how you got your hands on that.”

“Sir, I am a son of an Admiral in the SLDF there are many things that I can still get my hands on, the Siegers have many more surprises trust me on that.” , with that Lt. Col. Chapman walked out of the observation room to oversee his unit deployment.

Siegers Temporary HQ

Matthew just got the communique he had wanted and now he could truly make plans to leave, and with that warship he can do so without depending on anyone. For a few months now, he had been eyeing the boarder of the Capellan Confederation and what was left of the Terran Hegemony looking for a planet that he could volunteer the Siegers for to get close to the planet Ingress. His directives to his contract office as of yet had not yielded anything worthwhile. Several planets had fallen in the last few months and as of this yesterday three more planets were being invaded, and then this morning a call went out from a fourth planet, Ingress sent a message, that the enemy just jumped in system. So, Matthew instantly sent a message offering assistance and hoped that they could last until mid-September. The communique that he read now said, hurry we will fight until you get here. Calling his XO and his new Fleet Commander, he told them the next destination and then told the Fleet Commander to meet him ASAP so that they could hash out all the details of his plan. Also, he had yet to meet her and if the report from Lieutenant Hartikainen was accurate, he needed to see for himself where the fleet commander loyalty was.

A few minutes later a knock at the door and Matthew said enter, it was the new Fleet Commander, long flowing brown hair, piercing blue eyes and a figure that was very pleasing to the eye. She gave him a crisp salute and reported in.

Matthew stared at her for a second and then said.
“I am not sure if I understand your position or not, were you part of my father’s team, or were you just some random person that he picked out to give me?”
“Sir, my loyalty is to the Chapman Family.”
“But I never knew you. So how can that be, Phung?”
“Sir, I was a secret, I was your father’s faithful mistress and now I am your servant till the end.”

Taken back by what he just heard Matthew had to think carefully at the next thing to say. “Ok well did you know all the plans that my father had both for me and the items he stashed throughout the universe.”

“Yes sir, here let me show you what the planet that is now yours has to offer.” And with that she approached him sat next to him on the couch. Took his hand and slipped a data chip into his hand. The door open and Diana burst in “What’s going on here?”

“Nothing, the Commander was giving me some information.” Matthew said with a confused look on his face. “Why are you here?”
“Because I heard how pretty this woman was and that you two were in a closed meeting, should have known since you two were holding hands when I showed up.”
Matthew held up the data chip, “You are being stupid, she was giving me the information on this; I don’t have time for these childish games get out of my office!”

Diana turned a stormed out of the office, Matthew looked at the fleet commander, “Sorry about that. I don’t know what has gotten into my wife, lately she has been distant and now she is showing jealousy over nothing.” He then looked at the locked drawer where a report about his wife sat. “We have a nine, ten, and fourteen-year-old together they are going to be the future of the unit, I need to hold this family together until they are strong enough.”

Giausar HPG Facility - Front Gate

A stranger walked up to the front gate and looked at the COMSTAR guard. He looked at the stranger with disgust all he saw was a dirty face, dirty coat what he thought was just a beggar. “Be gone from here, you are not welcome at this facility.”

The stranger looked up, “I am Adept Morris, I need to make a transmission to Terra.”
The guard scanned the database for the person’s name, “My database shows you no longer active.”
The stranger looked at the guard straight in the eyes, “I have been undercover now let me inside or suffer punishment from General Hayes.”
The guard transported the stranger to one of the communication rooms and left. Allowing the stranger to put in the secret code and address of the individual she wanted to communicate with.

Hilton's Head
Terra, Terran Hegemony

General Hayes was on her way out the door for a dinner date which was going to be a business meeting when her communication suite started to beep. She made her way to the computer and recognized the code even though it was an old one, one she thought was long dead.

“Adept Morris, I thought you was dead how could you allow me to believe that since at one time we were lovers.”

“General, I am no longer that girl. I have been traveling with a mercenary unit that its leader was under your command back during the SLDF days.”

General Hayes could not believe her good fortune. “Would this be Matthew Chapman?”
The other person shook her head yes.

General Hayes then asked, “Will you come back to me and COMSTAR since I am part of them now and do some information gathering for me on his unit.”
“Yeah, I think I can do that now, I will get back to you in about 90 days with a full report, Morris out.”

As the stranger walked out of the facility the guard wonder who it was, she could not even tell whether the person was a boy or girl.

Morris rounded the corner and went to the public restroom to change from the beggar outfit to a uniform. She had to get prepped for the trip to the next mission. During that voyage she will investigate everything. There was a lot of things that Matthew kept to himself, more and more secrets the longer he was in command, and she did not like that. His personality was changing in her opinion if he was not stopped and/or and intervention was not accomplished. She was afraid he would start thinking of himself as a god or king, taking everyone down with him.”

Base HQ, Lt. Col Chapman Office
New Munich (Capital City), Continent Adelaide
Planet Giausar, Lyran Commonwealth
July 1st, 2786

The communication device beeped, “Chapman here.”

“Sir, this is security, we followed the subject as requested. She headed to the HPG facility spent about 20 minutes there and then came back to the base.”
“Thank you, sergeant keep this, between you and I, Chapman out.”

Matthew sat back in his chair and looked over at his 9-year-old playing with model 'Mechs and wonder what she was doing at the HPG facility for 20 minutes.

Dropship Wolves Trap
Gate 3, Star Port
New Munich (Capital City), Continent Adelaide
Planet Giausar, Lyran Commonwealth
July 7, 2786

Lt. Col. Chapman stood next to the governor and shook his hand.

“Sir, it was an honor to protect your people I hope that you can now focus on building your defenses so that you can fend for yourselves. Hopefully, because of the recent activity the Marik regime will send you some support.”

“Thank you, Colonel, I have been pleasantly surprised by your unit’s performance and have noted that in my official report to the MRBC.”

The Siegers appreciate that, have a safe life.” With that Matthew turned and went to his dropship waiting to take off. The other dropship Wolf’s Desire which was full of all the civilians and most of the food supplies had lifted off a few minutes ago. He was glad that they would get a favorable report since the next mission he had alternative motive that may conflict with the defense of the planet. There were two SLDF caches on Ingress and a dropship forgotten in the mountains, if that dropship could be captured and repaired, he could expand his unit. The ammo, armor, and (P)al gear would be a great addition also.

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