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Chappy's Howling Siegers (Story Cover)

Epilogue - Book 2 – Chappy's Howling Siegers[]

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Strengthening the Founding Families[]

Siegers HQ
Capital City
Ballentine, Federated Suns
September 12, 2788

A few months had passed since the funeral of Dalton Tournier, the Siegers were still on the planet having been extended due to the war and what the Draconis Combine tried to do here. Which was fine with Matthew since it had taken that long to recover the fleet on the third planet, unfortunately only six ships were space worthy the rest was salvage. With the extra crews inbound from Devil’s Breath they will be able to bring those space worthy ships up into orbit then scuttle the base for good making sure nothing else was salvageable. There were two other matters that needed to be dealt with Matthew thought as the nine founding family members discussed the passing of Tournier and the warships being brought into the fold.

Two personnel sat outside the conference room where the founding members were having their meeting. One was Frank Chapman, the commander’s son, Frank assumed that his father wanted to spend some time with him since his training session was over for the week. Frank looked at the other person waiting, Captain Coultrip formerly in command of Charlie Lance now XO to the 1st Battalion Commander Major Pople, Frank looked at the captain in her pristine uniform gorgeous blue eyes and a smile that would make a man melt, he was only fourteen and he had a major crush on her. Not only was she the best-looking woman in the Siegers in Frank’s opinion. she had the most combat kills second only to his father. The door open and shook Frank out of his thoughts, “The council would like to see both of you now.” Said the master of arms.

They both walked in and at the front of the table Matthew stood up and went to them. The door shut and Matthew started to talk.

“I know you two are wondering why you are here, it’s simple. Frank, you are my son and have past every test given to you so I am giving you a 'mech and placing you in a new form auxiliary unit that will not go into combat, but will have you get in a real 'mech and start live training. It will be a while before you will be in actual combat, but I need a qualified MechWarrior to run this unit. Captain, I have chosen you.”

The Captain looked confused and was about to say something when Matthew raised his hand for silence, and then started talking again, “You will not be giving up your status in the 1st Battalion nor combat, you will take the auxiliary unit out and train around your schedule, congratulations the two of you.” Clapping started Matthew allowed it for about a minute the motioned for it to stop. “Also, since you are my son and the future commander of this unit if fate chooses you, I will like for you to sit beside me in meeting like these so that you gain wisdom and knowledge. Captain Coultrip.” Matthew turned to her and stood at attention. She was startled but quickly recovered and did the same. “Yes Commander”

“There is one more thing I would like to do, as you know this council is made up of nine families these nine families will always be the core of the Siegers, but what you may not know is that I have planned on adding three more families to the fold. Once in the fold the family will know everything from why we were formed, how I knew where to get all this equipment, and the future, meaning what is the vision for this organization. I want you to be part of the council to be family number ten. Will you accept this responsibility?” She thought for a second and then said yes.

Swearing for Vengeance[]

DropShip, DCS Smoke of Dragon
Outbound, Ballentine Star System

"Someday we will take our vengeance upon the Chappy's Howling Siegers."

"My Lord, I am sorry there is no excuse for my failure I offer my life to you" Chuwan said.

"Nonsense, we were outgunned six to one it is I that should apologize for letting my pride get in the way of our survival. It was very fortunate that we were able to leave the planet."

With that they both fell into silence as the dropship made its way to the JumpShip and out of the system.

The End of Book 2

The story Continues in Book 3

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