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Chappy's Howling Siegers (Story Cover)

Chapter 14 - Book 2 – Chappy's Howling Siegers[]

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A Gift[]

Siegers HQ
Hesperus II, Lyran Commonwealth
February 21st, 2788

Local Time: 0630 GST

Lieutenant Colonel Chapman sat in his office looking over the repair reports, all mechs had been repaired and tomorrow was the estimated completion time for the engine fix on the Baron Class Destroyer. The core families had decided to rename the Kurita ship with a more appropriate Siegers name, so the CHS (Chappy Howling Siegers) WolfClaw was the ship’s new name. They were very fortunate that the Lyran Admiral gave the Wolfclaw to them. During the last space battle the engines were destroyed, when the Kurita fleet limped out of the solar system several ships were left all in different stages of damage. The Kurita crew surrendered without a fight. There were two other ships that the Admiralty gave the Siegers, but they were badly damaged and were turned into salvage. Still a major award from a grateful planet. Matthew put that report down when a notification came in showing new contracts were posted. For the last two weeks he had been looking at new opportunities one that would get him closer to the second to last cache his father left him before moving to their new permanent home. They just need to get closer to … Matthew could not believe his eyes there in the 100 new contract listing was the one he wanted the one planet in the universe that he had to get to Ballentine. Immediately he put his bid in and sent it off, he did not care if he lost money on this mission this is where the Siegers needed to go.

Cadre Duty and Trouble[]

CHS Beast of Terra
Conference Room
Ballentine, Federated Suns
June 17th, 2788

Colonel Chapman looked across the table and into the monitors of those commanders that could not make it in person.

“In two days we will detach our ground force from this warship and head down to the ground. We will be taking the 1st Strike Wing with us; the 2nd and 3rd Strike Wings will maintain defense of our assets in orbit.

This is a Cadre Duty, we are here to train young cadets however, there have been reports of a few dropships landing without permission in unpopulated areas. With this planet being only a jump away from the active warzone intel has suggest it could be an advance enemy force or scouting party. Our mission is to train and keep all cadets safe. Your individual assignments have just been sent to your ComPad, see you planet side.”

With that Colonel Chapman left the room, so that his trusted commanders can work out the finer details.

On his way out he turned around and spoke. “I know we have been on this ship for almost six months getting here, and the civilians will have to stay up here for a little longer. I don’t need trouble down there so make sure all your troops know that there will be a heavy penalty for illegal or unruly behavior while stationed here. Remember there is another reason to be on this planet, the largest cache of equipment from Admiral Chapman is located here.” With that he left.

Training Zone, Camtane Peaks
Ballentine, Federated Suns
June 24th, 2788

Stinger Light BattleMech (Battlefield - by Justin Kase)

Stinger Light 'Mech

Colonel Chapman was in the observation tower, him and his command lance was there to observe the first training exercise with the top three students of the new cadet class. To the south was the high mountains of Camtane Peaks there was a small mountain pass that allowed for ground traffic which was called Bainmar Gap, named after the explorer, that discovered it. This training exercise was in the foothills of the Peaks and will prove interesting. The three cadets are in light mechs: Locust, Hussar, and a Stinger. The instructors are in four heavy tanks. Normally the mechs would be at an advantage but this was the first time in a real BattleMech for these students. Matthew and his team were here to evaluate the training and then implement improvements if needed. Matthew was concerned about the reports of a Draconis presence, but the Head Kommandant just blew him off, still though Matthew had a flight of Davion fighters and a Squadron of the Siegers on standby just in case. The mock battle was going well even though they did have live ammo, the computer simulator was doing all the work and was registering the battle damage shutting of systems that it thought would be damage, that way no mechs or pilots would be hurt.


Nightstar Assault 'Mech

Matthew looked at the clock, about 5 min had gone by and the instructors had the upper hand, but he was impressed in the way the cadet maneuvered their 'mechs in the hill country, they just lack communication between themselves, everyone one was doing their own thing while the instructors were coordinating and slowly taking the students out. Then from the south a volley of missiles streaked in hitting the LRM Carrier which had the lead instructor in it.

“Shit, Siegers we need to go now and protect the students, the four of them rushed down 6 flights of stairs hearing the battle in the background Matthew was hoping they would get there in time to help. Once he was in the cockpit of his NightStar he radios back to the airport to scramble the fighters, still though they may be too late.

“Move out Siegers protect the students and instructors let’s find out how many of the enemy there are and take them out.” Colonel Chapman said. He then tried to reach the lead instructor.

Training Zone

Mathew McPaul was the top student of new cadet class he had aced all his exams and held the record on the simulator, he was doing well now for being his first time in a real Battlemech the other two students well they suck he thought, they did not deserve to be here. He just rounded a hill and had the LRM Carrier in his sight when his controls went crazy proximity alerts went off, he was confused and then he saw it, a few dozen missiles in the air coming at him. No that is not right they were going to the Carrier almost all the missiles hit that carrier and the wave of the explosion rattle him. Who is using real missiles damn he thought he then heard the overseer on the radio trying to call the instructor that was in the Carrier, there was no noise or movement from the Carrier. Mathew saw four mechs into the battlefield with the markings of the mercenary group that was watching the simulation.

Wolverine (In Combat)

Wolverine Medium 'Mech

The Siegers moved into the battlefield thankfully everyone was okay except for the lead instructor. The students were scared you could hear it in their radio calls, but at least they were communicating now. Still too far away to help, Col Chapman called to all the Federated units to hold their ground that help was on its way.

The cadets tried to move around behind an enemy mech but was surprised when it jumped out of the way and landed behind them, with that surprise the enemy Guillotine launch an alpha strike on Mathew McPaul at the same time Mathew fired on the Guillotine. The Guillotine won that match up and McPaul right arm and left leg was destroyed his mech fell to the ground and he was knocked out. One of the instructors did land an AC/20 hit on the Guillotine blowing of its right arm. The enemy Wolverine in turn hit that tank causing engine damage, enough to force the crew out of the tank and run for cover.

BattleMaster (Firing on the Cargo Docks - MWO version)

BattleMaster Assault 'Mech

Col Chapman saw them on his radar before they announced themselves.

Hellcat (by Grinning Idiot)

Hellcat Medium Fighter

“Command, Wraiths Squadron is lining up for an attack run be advise we have HE bombs and we are planning on using them.”
“Roger that Lieutenant you are clear hot wipe them out.” Matthew replied.

Four of the Six fighters dive bombed the Guillotine and the Dragon around forty HE (High Explosive) bombs landed most hit, but it was the Hellcat piloted by the squadron commander Lieutenant Charlotte Meurs that landed all her bombs destroying the Guillotine.

Colonel Chapman took aim at the Wolverine and fired both Gauss Rifles at it destroying the left arm. The Colonel moved a little to the left and fired both Gauss cannons again, this time both direct blows to the center torso destroying the mech. The Battlemaster piloted by Master Sergeant Sicak fired a PPC hitting and destroying the head of the Dragon. Colonel scanned the area and saw the last enemy mech turn and run with the precision of an elite warrior Colonel Chapman took his time aimed and fired both Gauss Rifles destroying the left leg off the Blackjack that was trying to run away, causing the mech to plant face first into the rocky terrain destroying the cockpit and the pilot immediately. The three students just stared at what they saw, this mercenary just hit a 'mech from extreme range and took it out with out a second thought. Who were these guys, Cadat McPaul?, he thought

Training HQ, Siegers' Commander Office
Capital City
Ballentine, Federated Suns
June 24th, 2788

Colonel Chapman slammed his fist into the top of the desk and looked at the governor and Kommandant of the school.

“Let me try and comprehend this you want me to take cadets PURPOSEDLY into combat. Your militia is no match for the elite force that landed in the bad lands, and since you don’t want to change our contract, you are willing to put the students into combat so that my unit will engage the enemy, is that correct?”

The governor looked at Colonel Chapman with distain. “Colonel, what better way to develop them into MechWarriors then have them in combat? You are being well compensated I expect you to honor your contract and help train our guys in actual combat.”

“Fine, but I am going to log a formal complaint. However, we will defend your planet and kick the invaders off your world.”

Colonel Chapman walked out of his office only to spy three new cadets standing at parade rest in the hallway, the lead cadet saw the Colonel and snapped to attention. “Colonel on….” He started to yell out until Matthew hushed him.

“Look I appreciate military customs and discipline, but we are at war. I am in a hallway not going into a room, and I don’t want that while you are here understood?”

All three nodded and then went to parade rest after Matthew insisted. The Colonel went on to say. “You are all new, is it the plan of the Kommandant to rotate you cadets every time we have a new mission?”

He raised his hand. “Don’t answer that I think I already know the answer. Look when we go into combat this time it will be planed and all I really want ya’ll to do is stay behind us and practice moving your 'mechs. Is that understood?”

South Command, Command Center
City of Benford
July 1, 2788

Commander Abdel was woken out of a sound sleep to his communicator beeping. He picked it up. “Addel here report”

“Sir, a large force just emerged from the north mountains and moving aggressively towards us. They will be here in about two hours” Addel took a second to process this information, having an enemy force on the planet was one thing but moving against a communication center that only had an armor lance and some turrets as a defense was just too much. “Inform the Governor, and order the evacuation”

Addel got out of his warm bed and started to dress he had to oversee the evacuation, the families of his troops safety was his number one concern, hopefully the Governor can send help with the war going on most of the MechWarriors that were station here had been deployed, this planet was totally screwed if this enemy is a credible threat he thought. Twenty minutes later he was leaving his quarters and moving toward the command center when his communication officer called him again. “Addel here I am about 5 minutes away, status.”

“Sir, the governor is sending a merc unit to intercept the enemy, but they might not get here in time. So he wants you to continue the evacuation.”
“A merc unit? You say. You mean that group that is here to help train the cadets?”

“Yes sir”

The commander shook his head, his life depended on a merc unit that was doing cadre training and not out on the front lines, yay me was all he could think.

Ninety minutes later

Addel watched on the monitor as his people started to move out of the base heading north out of danger. The enemy was almost to the city this was going to be close. Out of the tree line to the east came an alert, great he thought what now. He had the satellite pan over to the east and he saw eight assault mechs running at max speed with three light mechs staying behind them. The mercs he thought, all in assault mechs running with a grace of elite warriors. Then there was three light mechs trying to keep up and running very awkwardly those Addel thought those must be the cadets in tow.

Colonel Chapman survey the battlefield, the initial report had indicated a massive force moving toward the city. It was six lances of armor vehicles, no mechs, no aero support, and while they still out number his two lances three to one he felt more at ease.

Siegers break up in pairs and take the armor units down we have to stop them from getting to the civilians trying to leave the city.” The Colonel announced.

Within twenty minutes all the enemy armor was destroyed there was some buildings destroyed and one defense tank, other than that the civilians were able to return to the command center. Commander Addel watched the whole battle take place and he understood now why his government hired them to train their troops.

Combine Invasion Deepens[]

Command Center, Governor Palace
Capital City
Ballentine, Federated Suns
July 22nd, 2788

It's been a little over 20 days since the enemy tried to attack whether it was because the Siegers are here and they did not expect that, or they were planning something big Matthew was unsure.

The planetary government was in the process of moving precious metals and water from a off planet site to the Capital, Matthew had let them use Conquering Wolves Dropship for the metals and they had two DropShips that was transporting the heavy water. Matthew looked at his clock, they should be leaving orbit and moving into high altitude any second. He decided to head to the TOC and monitor their progress, it has been too silent.

Colonel Chapman sneaked into the back of the busy TOC he did not want to disrupt the tactical genius of his XO, she was already engaged with the dropships and their escorts as they moved down the gravity well.

“Sir!!” a technician yelled.

“What is it, sergeant?” Major Pople said as she started to walk over to his console. Both the Major and Matthew knew that the higher voice and the tension in the voice was not good.

“Multiple bogies baring 211 coming in from the Northwest. The radar is trying to weed out the clutter but looks like over ninety aircraft of various classes.”

“Frack.” Both Major Pople and Matthew said at the same time, they both knew that the militia squadron and the Siegers ground base Attack Wing was not going to survive. She turned around swiftly and looked at her commander.

“Comm, get me The Beast of Terra priority one alert them of the situation have them launch all strike wings ASAP. Then notify the 1st wing of what is coming and when the reinforcements will arrive.”

Colonel Chapman and Major Pople watched the monitor showing the enemy and friendly forces. The Siegers 1st Wing and the conventional squadron of fighters from the planet militia bravely flew forward and engage a force six times bigger than them while the Dropship tried to make a run to the Space Port on the ground.

The conventional militia squadron was almost immediately destroyed. but they were able to take out two of the enemies’ aerospace fighters. First Lieutenant Meurs commander of the 1st Wing engaged the enemy, “Protect the Dropships, Siegers, until our brothers and sisters come from our Warship.” She looked out and saw ninety plus fighters moving toward her and her wing and sighed, and said to herself, “It’s a good day to die.”

A few minutes later her wing and the massive enemy force was in tangled into combat.
1st Ground Wing, Terra Fighter Group will be there in two minutes coming in from the south.” Captain Dobbis announced.

“Thank you. Cap…..”, Lieutenant Meurs was saying until she was shot down.

The air battle continued, just south of the capital you could see the explosion and smoke trails from damage ships. The three Dropships where still on their way down but now fighting off a heavy attack. Even with the three wings equaling fifty-four fighters the enemy still out number them. A group of Draconis fighter broke away and went after one of the planet's Dropships, minimal weapons they tried to defend themselves. Captain Dobbis had Teal and Gray Squadrons break off the main formation and make straight for the dropship in attempt to save it.

Civilians in the capital city looked up toward the sky where the air battle was getting closer. Sirens came to life alerting people to get to cover, since the battle was moving closer to the city fallout was starting to rain down first it was small pieces, then half a plane crashed into a grocery store destroying it. People started to panic when they saw something big falling toward them. Teal and gray squadron rushed toward the dropship and even though they were able to destroy a few enemy fighters the ship was doomed the engines failed and the ship started to spin out of control falling faster to the ground. The dropship landed in a business section on the southside the explosion and shockwave from the engines blowing up cause a square mile of damage, shaking the building the command center was in.

Matthew went outside and saw the destruction buildings were catching on fire civilians running he got on the com. “Lieutenant Bardon, I need your company to deploy to the crash site rescue as many civilians as you can, also rally up the crash team and have them help the locals fight the fires.” The local militia commander moved up and stood next to Matthew on the balcony, she looked out across the plaza and out toward the crash site, her long hair had fallen out of her bun and was blowing freely with the wind. “Colonel, may I ask what you are doing out here?” Matthew looked at the base commander and then looked back at the crash site.

“I came out here to see the damage for myself, I then order my company of PA(L) infantry to search and rescue civilians and since most of my fighters are tied up in the air fighting, I order a team of my crash unit to go out and help fight the fires.”

The base commander glance at the mercenary leader and her eyes soften a bit. “This action has nothing to do with contract, so why risk your guys when you didn’t have to.” Matthew finally turned completely towards the base commander and spoke. “Because I care about all people and if I have the power to help just one innocent life then I will, because it is the right thing to do.”

The air battle continued the Siegers tried to force the enemy out of the city fly zone, but the Combine was determined to knock the dropship out of the sky. More Combine ships were destroyed but still had the upper hand, until the two remaining dropships landed the enemy tried to dive bomb the now landed ships but was met with heavy AA fire. The combine retreated their objective was not completely met, but they did down one dropship and caught the capital city on fire. Colonel Chapman went back inside only to see even more activity than before. “Major Pople what’s going on?”

“Sir, we just got word that three of our armor scouting parties have been met with heavy resistance. Hotel lance is close to one, so I am sending that mech lance over to help the 9th Armor Lance. White Squadron is the only squadron that is fully functioning, they are landing right now to load HE bombs and will help the 4th Armor lance. I am sending the reserve fighters over to the 6th armor lance.”

Matthew looked over the map and said. “Good job, Major. Wasn’t the 6th Armor lance protecting a civilian dropship that was grounded in the hill country?”

“Yes, Sir, the dropship is still there. They had some setbacks, but they report the engine will be fix soon.”

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