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Chappy's Howling Siegers (Story Cover)

Chapter 12 - Book 2 – Chappy's Howling Siegers[]

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Siegers HQ
Altais, Draconis Combine
June 1st, 2787

Local Time: 0930 GST

Admiral Luther Weisskopf just looked at Lieutenant Colonel Chapman and looked at him with dismay. Also on the video feed was Hauptmann Erwin Vale and he just shook his head, “Yes, Admiral the campaign is done.”

The Admiral sighed, “This operation was determined by Intel to need until January to complete, so how is this possible you took barely 4 months.”

“Sir” Matthew said. “We had the element of surprise; we took down their HPG which prevented them from sending help immediately. Then the planet militia was the only enemy we had to deal with. I recommend leaving this area though, there are reports that a full mech regiment with fully manned support regiments are in route we are planning to leave soon, plotting a course to Hesperus II. I appreciate you taking the time and jumping here to check on our progress. I will send the full report when we get to Hesperus.”

“Thank you, Colonel Chapman, you have restored our faith in mercenaries, or I should say that if we ever need a mercenary unit your unit is first on our list. Our Jumpship is multiple jump capable so we will be leaving now per your advice.” With that the Admiral cut transmission and the ship jumped.

“Sir, a dropship is coming up from planet side and hailing us it’s the Special Ops ship.”

Hauptmann Vale face came into focus on the viewscreen. “Looks like my ride left, can I hitch a ride with you guys?”

“Yes, you can, this is perfect to there is a business matter I would like to discuss with you on the trip to Hesperus.” Lt. Col. Chapman said.

Eleventh Hesperus Guards HQ
Hesperus II, Lyran Commonwealth
August 14th, 2787

Local Time: 0700 GST

Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Chapman stood at attention in the hallway outside of the Guards Commander’s office. He had heard about this commander when he served in the SLDF but had never met the man. “Enter Colonel Chapman” said from a voice inside.

Matthew entered the room, it was a well establish office with a cherry wood desk and built-in bookcases on every wall, which was filled with actual books. There was a scent of blackberry tobacco and Matthew notice the butt of a cigar in an ash tray. Seated behind the desk was an older man probably in his early 60s to the left of him was a gorgeous young woman with brownish hair dark eyes and a muscular, fit body in what looked like a Captain’s uniform. To the right was the Admiral he recognized from previous communications. Matthew came to a stop about 3 feet from the desk snap to attention and reported in.

“Lieutenant Colonel Chapman Commander of the Chappy’s Howling Siegers, at your service, Sir.”

“Colonel at ease I view you as an equal, I have followed your career when you were in the SLDF and now as a mercenary, I was good friends with your father. In fact, it was I who recommender your unit for OPERATION BANSHEE to the admiral. I have the items that you have requested and have made living arrangements for your unit and their families. It’s a hotel that was just recently completed, the owner was more than happy to hold off grand opening for several months to help the Guards out.”

Matthew bowed as a show of respect and thanked the Commander. “If there not anything else I would like to talk to my XO to start off loading my mechs that need repair and get the families and troops situated in the hotel.”

The commander stood up and moved around the desk to shake Matthew’s hand. “No, I think that is it, in a few days I would like to have you and your family over for dinner to meet my family and talk business.”

“Sounds good, sir just let me know the details and we will be there.” Matthew said.

Diana Rowat-Chapman looked at the presidential suit that the Lyrans had put her husband and his family in. Just another sign that her husband had lost it, the whole floor was just for them, unreal and very godlike something had to be done.

She had lost faith in her husband, what he has been doing and keeping secret ever since that mission on Helm.

She went over to the comm suit hoping that her husband IT dept had not blocked access yet, when she saw everything was accessible.

She sent a message to her contact with all the information she had on OPERATION HARVEST with the time period that the unit was going to be on planet. Sitting back, she knew there was no turning back now. Her husband was about to come to an end with this mercenary experiment, she and her family will be back on Terra and she will help rehabilitate her husband back into the fold of the new COMSTAR.

Office of General Hayes
ComStar Headquarters, Hilton Head Island
South Carolina, Terra
August 16th, 2787
Local Time: 0700 GST

General Hayes had just walked in to her office and saw that several messages were pending for her, scrolling through the list one caught her eye a message from Adept Morris, of course that was her code name, but this agent was embedded with a unit that Hayes was interested in taking down just because she knew there was more to Helm then Chapman let on, but she could not prove it.

Thirty minutes later Hayes sat back in her chair, Chapman’s unit is on Hesperus, most of his unit is going to be in repair or refit for several months and all his men will be on R/R, even their warships will be gone on supply runs for the Lyrans as some sort of payment.

In the packet was a detail schedule of where and when Matthew Chapman was going to be.

Hayes looked at another Intel report about what the Kurita’s armed forces was planning, the chaos on Hesperus will be the perfect time for her and her unit to slip in and take Matthew down. First order of business was to get there. With the vast resources of COMSTAR that won’t be a problem, she had plans to make and make them she will.

Chappy’s Howling Siegers Temporary HQ
Hesperus II, Lyran Commonwealth
September 24th, 2787

Major Bruce walked in the penthouse suite and acknowledged Diana while he continues to walk towards his commander’s office, Diana had other plans though. “Ethan, you have not talked to me since the first day on planet, why? I thought we had something. Diana said.

“I have been busy Ma’am and I don’t know what you mean when you say you thought we had something. You are my commander’s wife that’s it.”

“Ethan, I am trying to save your life I need you to be careful and not go with him to meetings for a while, stay with me please. Diana said as she grabbed his arm.

Major Bruce looked at her hand that had grasp his arm and pulled away. “Mrs. Chapman, please excuse me.” With that he moved toward the office and his commander. “Major, you have an update for me.” Matthew said as the Major walked into the office.

“Yes, sir it is concerning OPERATION HARVEST…” the rest was cut off by the door closing. Shutting the door behind him he gave Matthew a nod, and then Matthew turned on the security system. “We have several meetings spread across the next three weeks, for OPERATION HARVEST. The six Banshee Assault BattleMechs have been loaded up on the Wolves Trap for now most of our mechs have been repaired and upgraded if needed. We are still showing our roster 80% in repair though in the system per your order. The Beast of Terra is due back in three weeks, and we have three elite MechWarriors with their own 'mechs wanting to join us.”

“Hire the MechWarriors, continue to hire all personnel in the different fields.”

With that Major Bruce handed Matthew the documents in his hand and sat down, while Matthew looked over the papers. He asked Major Bruce if there was any thing else to report.

“Actually there is sir, just before I arrived here I got word from our operative on the charging station that a COMSTAR JumpShip appeared and dropped off an DropShip which is inbound expected land fall around the 8th of October.”

“Excellent, let’s find out where the DropShip will berth and have eyes on it when it lands.” Matthew said. He then switched gears. “How about the Ball, how is that coming along?”

“Everything is prepped and ready. Invitations are being sent out today to all the top players of the military and political industry here, we will see how many RVSP and then plan accordingly.” Major Bruce said.

“Good, its about time we break out those mess dress.” Matthew said offhandedly.
“Sir, if that is all I have some Officers Performance Reviews to catch up on, if I can?” Major Bruce asked.

“Go, Ethan thanks for everything.” Matthew said. Bruce then got up and left the office ignoring Diana when he walked by her.

Grand Ball Room
Downtown Embassy Hotel
Capital City of Maria’s Elegy
Hesperus II, Lyran Commonwealth
November 29th, 2787

Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Chapman was standing to the left of the main doors in full mess dress. The Siegers mess dress was all white with a high collar, on the left breast was all the medals that he had been awarded and then his occupation badge on top of that. His left shoulder had a yellow rope representing that he was part of the honor guard. On the right side was just his name. There were different versions of the mess dress for example Major Bruce sported the kilt, and Major Pople had the traditional long skirt on. Which next to him was his three closest friends who also happen to be the three Company Commanders under him. When a dignitary or high-ranking official was introduced, it was their job to greet them. During the times that there was no one being introduce they would confer.

“Is everything in place for the meeting.” Matthew asked

“Yes sir, Alpha Company has their orders and are ready to deploy, everyone has been notified what is a stake, so no one is talking.” Major Bruce said.

Beta Company is ready sir.” Major Tournier said.

Charlie Company is on standby we will be ready in case all hell breaks out.” Major Pople said reluctantly.

Major Bruce then said. “We still show for the records 75% of our forces in the shop so if anyone probes the facilities that is the report that will be produced.”

“Good we will update the status of our unit as soon as all the repairs and upgrades are completed, and the Beast of Terra is back in orbit.” Matthew said.

Diana Chapman was just outside the ballroom when she received a message from General Hayes saying they are on planet and ready to grab Diana’s husband at the secret meeting that he will be having with the Lyran Admiral. She then asked if Diana could confirm the status of the unit. Diana closed her communication device straighten up and walked into the ballroom. All eyes were on her for those few moments. She wore a dazzling blue dress that shimmer with every step she took. With the three-inch heels and the slit on the side of the dress that reached up to her thigh, she looked tall, slender, and simply amazing. Even now Matthew’s heart skipped a beat and ached for her love. Diana reached Matthew and she was happier than usual, she brushed his arm and told him to come find her after the meet and greet, she then walks off toward the open bar. Matthew grunted then went back greeting the next dignitary. All the time he kept one eye on his wife watching her as she made her way through his unit talking to every mech warrior in the unit. Diana made her rounds and from what she could tell most of the unit was still down for repair, something about Lyran red tape bogging down the system with no end in sight.

The night went on, there was dancing, singing, networking, and of course war stories. The stories went from funny, to unbelievable and then finally sober stories of remembrance for fallen brothers and sisters. One of the Lyran Battalion Commanders turned to Matthew and asked him. “What was the scariest moment in your military career?”

Most of the room quiet down when Matthew looked at the whiskey in his glass swirled it and then took it all down in one gulp. He then stood up and looked up to the lights in the ceiling. This action now caused the music to stop. His wife turned around when her companion stopped talking to her and was looking off into the distance. When she saw what was going on she just shook her head, why is everyone treating her husband like he was the most interesting man in the world and look at him he is eating this crap up.

Matthew walked to the middle of the room and started talking in a very somber and quiet tone, in which everyone had to strain to hear him.

“It was during the civil war. I was a captain in the 151st Royal BattleMech Regiment, commander of the 101st Company.
We had been attempting to cross the Columbia River for what seem like days, high casualties both in our unit and to the civilians in the area. My 'mech was beat the hell up, we had just tried storming their fortified position on the other side of the river for the sixth time. My Battalion commander was lost in that attempt.

The techs had pulled his mech and several others out of the water and used them for spare parts. With no time to bury or even remove the falling they were left in the mech while it was stripped for parts. The smell of burnt flesh never leaves your memory, even now I can remember the smell and remember the dead both warriors and civilians just scatter across the area. Instead of mud it was blood that I was walking through. The General of the 151st gathered the remaining commanders and ordered what was left of the 151st to push again, I had confronted her in the meeting asking where the fleet was and why wasn’t bombarding the area first. She compared me to my father and basically ignored my request. Later I found out that was her intent all along, just not the way I had wanted it. Her and the fleet commander had decided that if they bombarded the fortress now the enemy would just hide so yes, the fortress would be destroyed but the enemy would still be there. So, they did not order the bombardment until the 151st pushed into the river and the enemy engaged us. In that moment when the bombardment started, I thought I saw my life coming to an end, I was lucky two-thirds of what remained of the unit wasn’t. The enemy was completely destroyed, and we won the battle. That was the day my father nearly killed me from his admiral chair up on the Beast of Terra.”

He let that sink in for a few moments then said, “If you are wondering, the Warship under my command now is the exact same ship that my father commanded. A few days later after I recovered, I learned of my father’s roll in the battle, even to this day I have not forgiven him. Not because I don’t want to but because he left with Kerensky and I will never see him or my little brother again.”

Another commander from the Lyran contingent started his story when all the Lyran fleet personnel communicators went off, unnoticed by all Matthew’s communicator beeped too. All the Lyran personnel made their apologies and left abruptly. Major Pople walked up to Matthew and ask. “What’s going on boss?”

“Based on the information from our assets and the way the Lyrans just ran out the door, a very large fleet just showed up at the charging station with hostile intent. Let’s make sure our meeting is still a go.”

Maria’s Elegy's Space Port

The DropShip Swift Justice just landed in dock 23A, the dock master waited for the passengers to debark, but no one came out. He double checked the electronic manifest that was sent to him, It showed a crap ton of cargo but only 12 passengers. He opened communications to verify when a person came out of the shadows. Jumping in a bit of fright the dock master turned completely toward the individual moving toward him. The lights finally revealed the stranger’s clothes, it was one of those COMSTAR freaks the dock master said to himself, wondering why the man was here the dock master squared up to him and said, “Hey you there, what are you doing?”

“I am Adept Conner this ship is under the COMSTAR flag, and you will leave now.”
The dock master raised his hands and said, “You don’t have to tell me twice just make sure COMSTAR pays the docking charges.” With that he left.

Adapt Conner radio the DropShip all clear and the doors opened, still in her general uniform because she would be damned if she wore the COMSTAR outfit was General Hayes. Walking down the ramp she greeted the Adapt and left with him for a brief.

Maria’s Elegy's Space Port
December 8th, 2787

The city was rioting, news of the space battles between the Lyran and Kurita forces were making waves on all the local news channels. Embedded news reporters tried to make it more dramatic than it really was. Matthew was getting all the reports straight from the source though and knew that the space battles had been at a stale mate until this morning. Reports of several DropShips breaking through the defense in the North, although those reports had not been confirmed yet. Matthew looked at his time piece at the same time his small convoy pulled up to Space Dock 45B, he was thirty minutes early which was always the standard for him at meetings. That way his six-man security team could canvas the area and make sure it was secure.

General Hayes was on the roof three buildings down with Diana Chapman next to her looking at Matthew’s security team get out of the convoy and start their check.

“Just like you said Diana, your husband is very predictable. As soon as the other party gets here, we will grab both. We have an Lyran Admiral in custody will prove useful later. You have done a great service to COMSTAR, we will get the info out of your husband no matter what.”

Diana just looked at the General, “What do you mean? Are you talking torture? I did not sign up for that, I wanted you to re-patriot him change him back to just a MechWarrior not a man that thinks he has to save the universe.”

General Hayes looked at Diana and shook her head. “That is not my goal. Sorry if I miss lead you, but I am going to break him, you will never see him again.”

Another convoy arrived and what look like an admiral got out of the middle vehicle and went inside, Hayes could not tell what admiral it was their face was blocked by the bodyguards. Hayes started for the stairwell with Diana in toll once she was on the ground level and exit the building, she pulled out her radio. “All Agents execute I say execute the trap now.”

With that teams of soldiers burst into the building General Hayes was right behind them. Soldiers screaming to put their hands up and not to move, when Hayes moved into the room, she saw three people standing in the middle all with their backs turned away. Diana slowly moved behind Hayes keeping her eyes on the three men, but something was wrong they way they were standing didn’t seem like any of them would be her husband. Outside you could hear the stomping of mechs.

General Hayes raised her voice, “We have you surrounded, and I have a company of 'mechs outside just itching to kill traitors to the new order. Now turn around and pull down your hoods now!” Hayes was licking her lips in anticipation of getting Matthew and torturing him about Helm she will find out the truth. Slowly the three guys turned around they all took their hoods off to reveal no Matthew and no Admiral. Screaming Hayes asked where Chapman and the Admiral was and the three just looked at her with a smugness that just made her snap. “Shoot them kill them all!” Her soldiers raised their rifles and then a voice from somewhere belted out. “I would not do that if I was you” Then all the lights came on to reveal about 40 men with rifles all pointed at her men and her, and in the middle was Matthew Chapman.

“What the hell, what is this Chapman?” Hayes said.

“Well, General Hayes its like this…” Matthew began.

“A year and a half ago, I became aware of your past Diana that you tried really hard to hide. I also received word and saw the first transmission you made to Hayes.

I did not want to believe it, largely because you are my children’s mother and I love you very much. So, I decided to test you. The first test was a failure on your part and on mine. I did not realize how deviant you could be. So I supplied fake battleplans, but what I failed to realize is that you were able to get another set of plans.

So while the battle with the fake plans worked, the other plans almost killed me and hurt our unit so bad we are still trying to recover. With that we knew you was against us, so OPERATION HARVEST was placed in motion. There was two sets OPERATION HARVEST, Diana.

The one that Bruce had in which he allowed you to look at and the second set that never left the secure vault. The second one is what we are operating on. General Hayes you can go take your men and leave this planet you are not welcome, I know you helped Kurita invade this planet and for that you will pay, but later. All I want is Diana so that she can stand trial for treason.”

Diana looked at Hayes, “He can’t do this you can’t let him take me.”

General Hayes looked at Matthew and said, “You have me out number here, but out there I have the mechs according to the official reports you cannot even field a lance. So, it is you that will stand down and summit yourself to my rule.”

“No, General part of the trap was to trump your trap. The Siegers are fully functional reinforced Battalion and right now they are engaged with your company.”

Almost on cue the sounds of battle started.

The warehouse building was located on the far west side of the industrial part of Maria’s Elegy the COMSTAR company of mechs had taken position in front of the only doors which were on the east side of the building, they were waiting for their General to come out with her prisoner so that they could escort her to the dropship located on the far east side of the Capital. Adept Trogim Gusev waited patiently in his Omega BattleMech, but something was not right. This was taking to long, never fully trusting the General because she was an outsider in charge of actual COMSTAR personnel he had decided to bust into the warehouse when his scope lit up with enemy targets all around him, firing on his unit almost immediately. The General’s trap was actually the Siegers trap. “Adept Gusev, this has gone south, make a path for us to the dropship and retreat behind us.” General Hayes order.

“You heard the General protect her and her package.”

The unit started to split half north the other half south as the SWAT team started to exit the building under intense fire, moving east as fast as they could go. Adept Gusev notice more enemy targets northeast that makes a whole battalion against his Company. His unit was all elite warriors and all assault Mechs, the Siegers were a mix of light to heavy with a couple of Assaults. The way the building was and the curves of the streets four assault mechs were able to successfully block the north and south bound road in front of the warehouse. Several lighter Siegers’s mechs tried to move past the COMSTAR assault mechs, they were unsuccessful, and laid on the road destroyed next to the COMSTAR mechs. Matthew had to destroy part of the warehouse to get his assult Battlemech through since it was parked on the west side. Once in the clear he was right behind the enemy mechs and let lose his two gauss rifles killing a Rifleman instantly.

“We need to capture the General and Diana they are the top priority.”

General Hayes and Diana Chapman moved with special ops team eight and crossed the first main road into an ally between a few buildings the battle felt like it was behind them, but Hayes was still cautious.

Matthew’s command lance had pushed through the rubble and now was behind the enemy, he wanted to make sure the enemy was badly damage before he moved on. Matthew then called in Charlie Company to move up and block the path to the dropship.

For a while there the COMSTAR held its own and Adept Gusev thought he could pull a miracle out of his ass. Then a lance broke through the warehouse and lit half his company up in the back both Omegas went down then both Riflemen with the General three blocks ahead of them he called for a slow retreat.

The southern line had broken, and elements of Alpha Company rushed through. Charlie Lance moved northeast and ran into a Chimera and a White Knight, but just before that the lance was able to take out a few squadrons of their special ops teams.

Northern line was still holding but barely thanks largely to the slow retreat and the ability to keep the front of the mechs facing the Siegers. General Hayes and Diana Chapman were about two clicks from the dropship when the Siegers Charlie Company showed and corner them, taking them hostage.

Adept Gusev mech was beat up but still functional when he learned about the General being captured, he ordered what was left of his men to make a mad dash to the dropship in hopes that the weapons that the dropship had would keep the Siegers from coming after them.

Matthew was happy about the capture of both women, he could of pursue the enemy 'mechs, but decided to let the three mechs still able to move leave, in hopes that they would stay in their dropship so he could negotiate a deal with General Hayes to leave his unit alone.

Space Port Maria’s Elegy
Hesperus II, Lyran Commonwealth
December 10th, 2787

General Hayes was still on board the Siegers Dropship secluded from everyone but the core families. She looked at the 9 families with disgust. “What are you going to do with me?” she asked

A thin blonde with crystal blue eyes in a captain’s uniform stood up and walked around the table that the nine family members sat. “General, we are not going to do anything to you. We are going to let you go as long as you agree to leave us alone.”

“What are you going to do, kill me if I don’t agree?” Hayes said

This time Matthew moved in his chair and looked at Hayes.

“Why are you after me? I have done nothing wrong, the Siegers are in very good standing with the merc review. Other than what ever lies my wife, the traitor, has spoken what possible reason did you come after me?”

“Helm” was all she said.

Matthew waited for more explanation and when it was obvious he was not to receive one he spoke again.

“Helm? What about Helm we fulfilled our contract to the letter.”

Hayes looked at him. “You know what I am talking about don’t make me spell it out for you.” As she spat

“Not very General like are you, Hayes. No, I don’t know what you are talking about enlighten me lets put all cards on the table and fix this.”

“Then why kill, Major Keller!!”

Matthew looked at the General with sadness in his eyes. “Major Keller was upset that I gave everything to you. He rushed me. It was him or me, I had no choice but to kill him. Now I am sorry if you think there was something more, but there was not. Everything was on the invoice you saw the storeroom yourself. So please end this unhealthy obsession and move on.”

“I will leave and never think of you again what about, Diana?”

“Diana is a traitor, but the panel will decide her fate, not me. They already have heard all the evidence and I told them that she had been an agent of COMSTAR before it was COMSTAR that is prior to her even meeting me. So, in theory you could argue she was not a traitor but just doing her job.”

“She is to be banned from the unit, never to returned and pronounced dead. Take her and if she ever comes near the Siegers or to my children unless they want to see her, I will kill her.”

With that they took the General gathered up Diana and took them to the COMSTAR dropship which was waiting for them.

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