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Chappy's Howling Siegers (Story Cover)

Chapter 11 - Book 2 – Chappy's Howling Siegers[]

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Siegers HQ
Altais, Draconis Combine
May 26th, 2787

Local Time: 1205 GST

Almost a month had past since the destruction of the two factories. Major Bruce had been in recovery the last few weeks and at first it was touch and go if he was going to pull through. Today was the first day back on duty, how be it light duty, no stomping around in mechs for at least another month. Which was fine with Matthew, after several convoy attacks and clearing of some of the villages on the other continent by the Lyran force and Delta Company the last factory was at last ready to be destroyed. The enemy knew it to since intel showed that the commander of the planetary defense had moved what was left of his forces to the factory and not the capital. Major Bruce walked into the Situational Room, Matthew looked up and smiled “welcome back Ethan. You are just in time to discuss our plan of attack.” Major Tournier went over and gave Bruce a pat on the back. Major Pople hugged him. “Welcome back Ethan.” “Now Ethan, come look at the battle map, the enemy has concentrated all their forces within the factory……

DropShip, Wolves Trap
Mech Bay
May 28, 2787

Matthew and his Command Lance with Bravo and Charlie Company were preparing for the upcoming combat. They had to be transported across the ocean to the other super continent to meet up with Delta Company and the Lyran Black Ops Company. Alpha Company was going to make the trip in the other dropship and without their commander, Captain Mentis commander of Beta Lance in Alpha Company will be the acting Company Commander for this mission, since Major Bruce was still not cleared for duty. Major Bruce oversaw prepping the ones that remain behind. For the last few weeks, the dropship Wolves Desire was planet side, the dropship carried the families of all the warriors. It was always a moral booster to see family and allow the children planet air. Now though the campaign was almost over, and Intel suggest that the 7th Benjamin Regulars were on their way to investigate why the Combine lost communication with the planet and its factories. So shortly after the unit lifts off for the final battle, the rest will be leaving and going up to the flagship. Major Bruce had most of the commander’s office packed when the commander’s wife, Diana, was seen moving toward the HQ. Sighing Bruce laid down the folder keeping it open when she burst into the office.

“Ethan what is going on? I demand to know why my ****** husband don’t talk to me anymore, he thinks he is above me or something. We just got to the planet less than two weeks ago and he is already sending us back up to space. You’re my friend, in fact I think of you more than a friend tell me what is going on.”

Major Ethan Bruce looked up at his commander’s wife with sorrow such a beautiful woman to be turned into a villain sadden him. “Diana, as soon as the unit has finished this last battle we are leaving the planet and the system. That is all I can tell you for now.”
The commander’s attendant walked into the office.

“Sorry to bother you but there is an urgent matter Major that needs your attention.”
Sighing Major Bruce looked at Diana. “Just stay here I will see what’s going on and be right back.”

Major Bruce got up and walked out of the room leaving Diana there all alone. She notices the file that Ethan was looking at when she came into the room. Looking over to the door she slowly walked over to the desk and saw it was a top-secret file for an OPERATION HARVEST. She took out her pad and took several pictures of as many pages she could. She was almost done when she heard a commotion outside the office she quickly jumps back and Major Bruce walked in. He just stared at her, and she slowly put her pad in her pocket.
“I got tired of sitting so I was just walking around the room hope you did not mind.”

Major Bruce looked at her again and then finally said. “This is going to take some time might as well leave and finish getting you and the kids ready to go.”
After she left, he looked at his desk and could not remember if he was on the last page of the report or on the first page. Taping his desk, he just stood there wondering if Diana had looked at the classified document or not.

NexGen Factory

The two dropships landed, and the Siegers started off loading their mechs and tanks. The factory was five kilometers away but so far, no resistance. All three aerospace squadrons were running CAP waiting to be called for air strikes. With four companies of mechs, one company of Lyran Mechs, and a Battalion of tanks this was the largest force that the Siegers had deployed together. Moving across the field the enemy came within view. Regiment of infantry, regiment of tanks, and three BattleMech lances. The Siegers still out match them 2 to 1 just have to take care of the tanks before they gang up on individual mechs. Strange that the enemy was meeting them out in the open, this whole campaign had been in the cities or forest or at night always hiding and trying to use cover as an advantage. The enemy stop advancing the Siegers had gone into a double time march and spread out to form two lines similar to what was used in ancient history of the 1800s. Still double time marching something in the back of Matthew’s mind was bothering him.

“Siegers, full stop.”

Firebee (In City Battlefield)

Firebee Light 'Mech

Not second later the first land mine went off and took a leg off a Firebee. A couple more mines exploded causing more damage. Then the enemy started advancing again. Matthew had the unit hold the line and concentrate their firepower on the armor. The Combine’s mechs were all fast and moved around their armor and infantry regiments in attempt to flank the Siegers. A private in Delta Company happen to catch them out of the corner of his eye and moved his Rifleman toward the enemy mechs and making the call over the battle net alerting everyone what the Combine was trying to. Matthew had to look at the battle map with the IFF and radar hits to determine where his warrior was. It was a good attempt Matthew thought to bad for the enemy that his troops were top notch, even the Privates were on top of their game. Matthew directed two lances to help the private.

Thirty minutes later the battle was over the enemy ground troops scattered their armor and all 'mechs destroyed. Matthew ordered a carpet blanket bombing run for the area in front of the Siegers to where all the enemies destroyed equipment was in hopes of taking care of all the landmines. Once the mines were dealt with the Siegers which still could move, moved at full speed to the left and went to the factory to destroy it.

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