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Chappy's Howling Siegers (Story Cover)

Prologue – Chappy's Howling Siegers[]

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Capital Planet
Freedom Federation
Steps of Museum of Military History
June 1, 3033

General Matthew Chapman looked across the tens of thousands of citizens, hundreds of reporters and his command regiment in full colors, that had gathered for his speech and the grand opening of the museum. Chapman was 53 years old; his dress blues was all decked out with all his medals and awards; his hair and beard was completely white, but his blue eyes still shown bright. He cleared his throat and continued with the speech.

“So, as we gather to this great hall and partake of its wonders, artifacts, both written and visual history of how it all began from the Great Exodus till the end of the Fourth/Fifth Succession Wars and all the time in between. Remember that today, 1 June 2033 is the first day that the treaty between us and the Draconis Combine begins. This will mark the first time in three years that this nation is at peace. Make no mistake either, though this nation was forged by blood and destruction, it will not continue down that path. If no other nation attacks us, we will stay peaceful. If a nation attacks the Federated Suns and they call on our defense treaty to help we will be honored bound to help our closest ally. But now is the time to build our planets, bring total prosperity to every citizen within the borders of this nation. Build each planet militia so that they can sustain against an invasion or pirate activity until one of the Federation units can come. We will rebuild trade, interstellar commerce, HPG Communication. We also will explore, there are stellar maps indicating hundreds of planets that were known and at one time inhabited during the early years, we have teams out there now looking for those planets. We will be strong, we will be brave, we will succeed, and most important we will be free and govern our own lives by keeping the government honest and keeping this nation as a republic.”

The crowds cheered as General Chapman walked off the stage and into the background.

20 minutes later

General Chapman was walking around the hall and randomly went into the Chappy Howling Siegers wing. This is where it all began, he thought. He was named after the first commander, basically the forefather of all. The original memoirs were displayed under glass and locked, but a digital copy could be transferred to anyone’s pad if so desired. The General open the first page on his pad and began reading.

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