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Chappy's Howling Siegers (Story Cover)

Chapter 4 – Chappy's Howling Siegers[]

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Siegers Camp site in the Red Forest
10 clicks outside of Town of Drango, Helm
Free Worlds League
March 6th, 2785

The command staff for the Chappy’s Howling Siegers were sitting around a makeshift table with their portables open. Chapman looked around at the other five warriors from left to right his trusted best friend Haleigh Pople, Ethan Bruce, Dalton Tournier, Filomena Dionsio, and the newest member of the command staff Elise Borsellino. Filomena was the highest-ranking enlisted MechWarrior, so Chapman wanted her there.

Ok guys we are going into Drango…on foot Ethan and Dalton investigate the north side of the town, Filomena and Elise take the south side and Haleigh and I will look around the town square. We are looking for any clues where the Star League warehouse is located. Be careful we do not want to raise suspension and keep in radio contact.

Drango Town square

Chappy looked around, not much was happening since it was in the middle of the workday. Haleigh took Chappy’s arm and folded her arm into it, “What do you think you are doing? Haleigh”

“Trying to blend in people won’t notice lovers walking down the street looking at stuff.”

“Urgh I thought you understood that in the military there are no improper relations.”

“Matthew we are not part of the SLDF we are a mercenary group, so we don’t have to obey the rules.” As the two walked down main street Haleigh noticed an antique shop, “let’s go in here and ask around.”

Drango South side

Elise was nervous even though technically she out ranked Master Sergeant Filomena Dionsio, Filomena had been in combat 10 years longer and had been with the boss 6 of those years. Although according to all the enlisted she should be really scared of Master Halder, everyone called him chief, he oversaw logistics, so you never wanted to piss that man off, and he had known the boss longer than anyone. Elise flung her long brown hair so that she could look straight into the prettiest woman she had ever seen, “Filomena, I don’t see much on this street, there is a pub over there though I bet there are guys in there that will tell all to, two extremely hot chicks.”

Filomena stopped in the middle of her tracks and looked at the young Lt. “You think I am hot?”

“Yes Filomena, I do, and you are hotter than me.” She said as she walked into the pub. Filomena followed the Lt. with a big ass smile on her face and said, “She thinks I am hot.”

Drango North side

Ethan and Dalton wander around the town not really finding a lot just houses upon houses.

Drango South side

The two women were playing pool and taking the drunk men’s money like it was taking candy from a baby. Little did these guys know that instead of just being a local woman with low tolerance for alcohol these two warriors were well verse in the art of drinking. Elise, when she thought all the guys were significantly wasted asked.

“So, Frank we just got to town from the capital, anything interesting happening here or anything interesting to do?” As she caressed his chest hair and looked at him like she wanted more, so much more.

Drango Town square

“Come on, Matthew, the girls at the antique store said that Father Charles would know if there was something strange or different in the town.”

“Yes, I know but he is a priest at a catholic church, you know I am a protestant, Catholics and Protestants don’t mix it is like water and oil.” Matthew said. “Oh, grow up silly man.”

With a sigh Matthew said, “Okay, I will try to ignore everything that’s in the building.”

As they walked into the church Haleigh notice the high arches and rich look of everything that was in the building. “Outside looks like a regular average somewhat poor-ish town. How can this church afford all this? I was never into church even though my parents were.”

“I don’t know, the churches I always belong to were small and used all the money on feeding the locals.” Matthew said.

“Who are you? Stop right there don’t take another step!” a disembody voice said.
A figure stepped out of the shadows with a long laser rifle as the light from the high arched windows filtered down onto the figure.

“Sir, we are looking for Father Charles can you please show us where he is at?” Matthew said.

“The one you seek is I” as Father Charles stepped into the light Matthew and Haleigh both took a step back in shock.

The man that stood in front of them was 6 foot 7 inches tall ripped in all ways that matter, blonde hair cut in a flat top style, a scare from left to right across the entire face, but the biggest shock was that they knew him.

“Col Booker, what the F! We thought you died in the invasion of Terra.” Matthew and Haleigh said together.

“Long story there, cubs, long story. The short story though is I did not die. Then later after my recovery just before General Kerensky left, he tasks me to get rid of all caches of weapons that he had to leave behind, which is why I am here now.”

“General Kerensky left us, left the Inner Sphere. He left what was left of the army to COMSTAR, why are you still following his orders?”

“Because I must, why are you here?”

Matthew and Haleigh separated and moved a few feet apart and then Matthew spoke, “Well we left when our unit was swallowed up by COMSTAR, we then formed a merc unit in hopes to help those in need. But then COMSTAR, believe it or not came to us with a proposal that we could not refuse, find the Star League warehouse here on Helm and transfer the items to COMSTAR so that they can secure it.”

“Well,” the colonel said, I know exactly where the warehouse is, and how the Marik commander has moved most of it in a high secure vault in the mountain. I could use you and your unit to destroy it. I have the location here on the map.”

Matthew looked at Haleigh and then started talking to the colonel moving slowly away from where Haleigh was. “Colonel, I am under contract, so I have to either show something to COMSTAR or have a breached contract, my very first contract by the way. I am not a fan of them, but I need to somehow honor my contract, also I know that most people worship General Kerensky, but I do not in my book, he left and took most of the means to defend the innocent lives that are now dying due to the greed of the House Lords.”

The colonel looked at them with unbelief, “He was your commander, I was your comm….....he stopped mid-sentence and fell to the ground Haleigh standing over him with her gun, she had clubbed him.

“What are we going to do with him now?” she asked.

“Take him with us.” Matthew said as he took the map from the colonel.

20 miles South of Drango

Matthew, Haleigh, Dalton, and Ethan were high on the ridge looking down at the Marik planetary militia guarding the entrance to the warehouse.

“Well, the militia commander looks ready for us. It looks like one company of light/med Battlemechs, two companies of armor, and a battalion of infantry.”, Matthew stated.

“Yeah, we got five heavy lances, about 5 mechs though still have some damage.” Ethan said.

“What’s your thoughts, Dalton?” Matthew asked.

“Well boss, two choices neither very good; One is a full frontal, the Second option is to wait them out see if the commander gets tired. Maybe he sends patrols out and we can pick them off slowly.”

Haleigh slapped Dalton’s arm and said, “Dude, what are you thinking we have a timetable I doubt we have time to wait them out.”

Matthew stared at his best friends, trusted advisors, and honorable warriors he just shook his head, and said, “Waiting them out is not an option. A frontal assault could work, but I have another idea. Let’s go back to the camp,” as they were walking to their liberated jeep from Father Charles, Matthew started to talk about the battle plan, “this is what we are going to do Ethan you will take your lance and…..”

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