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Blood Prophet
Custom Design
Designer the only weapon designed for the sole purpose of war, therefore it is the only weapon to give a person honor when they have been slain by it 17:16, 13 August 2010 (UTC)
Production information
Manufacturer Coventry Metal Works
Model BPA-015
Class Assault
Cost 30,555,333
Technical specifications
Mass 100
Chassis Blood Prophet CGGS
Armor 16 tons of Krupp 200 Ferro-Fibrous
Engine LTV400 XL
Speed 54Km/h
Jump Jets Anderson 398
  • x2 Hatchet
  • x2 Ultra AC/10
BV (1.0) ???
BV (2.0) ???


Mainly a city Brawler, this 'Mech was created in secret for Tyr's Elite by Coventry Metal Works for payment of a contract for the guarding of their factory whenever needed, also whenever needed the factory can call upon Tyr's Elite to send them a lance of 'Mechs to defend them. The Blood Prophet utilizes its jump jets and hatchets to destroy enemy 'Mechs in close urban combat. When on the open battlefield it uses its Ultra Autocannon 10s to keep the enemy away until it can weaken them enough for it to use its hatchets. The Blood Prophet was designed to inspire terror among its enemies through look and weaponry alike.


The Blood Prophet uses two Coventry Starblade hatchets when in close combat to destroy its opponents, it also utilizes its weight and jump jets to create the devastating Death from Above maneuvers, it utilizes it generous 16 tons of ferro-fibrous armor to its advantage to get up close to its enemies, but at medium ranges it uses its Mydron Excel Ultra AC/10s to soften armor.