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Outsider7724 Outsider7724 16 January 2021

Story posts to PDFs

I have taken the liberty of taking among biggest stories as better way to archive them and present them to people to read, making them into PDFs.

That being said, Fate Can Be Cruel - Book One is now a 647 page book with newly added introduction, cover art and couple maps other readers have made for it.

Another book has been 2ndAcr's earlier book, The Quest. This was a incomplete, but mostly done epic saga which was mind boggling 14,000+ pages of material with new intro art & maps of region which was carved out by the characters. It is nice to see good writing being saved. I feel little lonely no one else is here much but such is life.

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Outsider7724 Outsider7724 20 December 2020

Fan-Fiction Projects

This is part my effort to compile the various Fan-Fiction written by Cannonshop. Lordy it's expansive.

  • 1 Index
  • 2 The Administrator AU
  • 3 Alternative Ngoeverse
  • 4 Who Goes There? Series by JA Baker
    • 4.1 Full List of Stories from JA Barker

Post of the Ngo Saga Index

All Stories have been completed. Administrator AU - Post Jihad Era Story / Variant of the original Ngoverse - Succession Wars / Clan Invasion / Jihad Era Administrator - Book 1
The Advisor - Book 2
The Absolute Zero - Book 3
The Adjudicator - Book 4
Book 5 - The Silent Black Ocean
Book 6 - The Armada

All Stories have been completed Can you tell me where we start over? - Book 1 (Completed)

Silent Enim Inter Arma Link - Book 2 (Completed)

The Wind at my Back, Stars at my feet - Book 3 (Completed)

I used …

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Outsider7724 Outsider7724 19 October 2020

Wiki Links - For me

  • Navycraft Minecraft Wiki
  • NBZ: High Caliber
  • BattleTech Fanon Wiki
  • Schlock Mercenary Fanon Wiki
  • Naval Battlezone (Solmex)
  • Isekai Nonbiri Nouka (Farming Life in Another World) Wiki
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Loose cannon Loose cannon 6 August 2012


I have a short story I would like to contribute but I am technologicaly inexperianced and have no idea how to do so. Would some one minds showing me how? Thanks

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